Online Master's in Management and Organizational Behavior (2024)

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HomeOnline Programscol1Master of Science in Management and Organizational BehaviorOverview

Advance your career by gaining expertise in the human side of business. One of the first programs of its kind, Benedictine’s online Master of Science (MS) in Management and Organizational Behavior has been paving the way to organizational excellence for nearly 50 years. This renowned degree program is now offered fully online in both accelerated and traditional formats, allowing busy professionals like you to become part of Benedictine’s legacy of success and thought leadership.

Choose the Pace That Best Suits You

Choose from our traditional format of one course at a time or our accelerated learning team model. The rigorous accelerated program allows you to complete your degree in half the amount of time and progress together with the same group of classmates.

Concentration Options to Take Your Degree Further

Strengthen your place in the market by adding an in-demand concentration option to your degree.

  • Change Management Concentration – Change Management provides knowledge to prepare students for the world of change, and to leverage their human skills such as training and development. Exposure to the role of consulting, the ability to work and improve teams, and understanding the role of the organization development practitioner will be explored in this concentration.
  • Digital Marketing Concentration: Digital marketing uses social media platforms to engage your audience to build your brand. The concentration based curriculum covers topics such as increasing web traffic leads to impact sales, advertising on various platforms, publishing social media content, and listening to your audience.
  • Project Management Concentration: Project management and leadership are a highly sought-after skills spanning many industries around the globe. With increasingly intense competition, businesses demand timely and cost effective development plans. Courses offer the student an understanding of organizational behavior, effective team-building skills, conflict management and resolution, as well as skills to effectively manage the financial side of projects.
  • Talent Management Concentration – Students will develop the knowledge and skills in human resource functions, explore cutting-edge concepts in talent management, business intelligence, and ethics. This concentration is appropriate for students or working professionals in the Human Resources and Talent Management arena.

Watch a recording of the M.S.M.O.B Virtual Infosessionor register for an upcoming infosession to learn more.

Get a Closer Look at Benedictine

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of Benedictine graduates were satisfied with their experience as an online student.

11-20 hours

Average time spent by online students per week on coursework.

Maximize Your Performance with an Online Master's in Management and Organizational Behavior

Online Master's in Management and Organizational Behavior (4)

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic business landscape, your advanced understanding of individual and group behavior will help set you apart by providing you with the skills necessary to help maximize organizational performance and achieve company objectives. As you work your way through the Organizational Behavior courses, you will be able to use the concepts you learn to affect changes and drive innovation in your current organization.

Earning your MS in Management and Organizational Behavior online will prepare you to positively affect the human side of a company. You will come away from this master’s program equipped to:

  • Effectively motivate employees, committees and groups
  • Develop and initiate solutions to drive change
  • Assume the strategic lead on key company objectives
  • Design and implement policies on management issues such as workforce diversity, change management and ethical leadership
  • Spearhead strategic planning initiatives, manage labor relations disputes, lead negotiations and resolve workplace conflicts

Developed by Industry Pioneers - Taught by Experienced Faculty

The director of the MS in Management and Organizational Behavior program, Peter F. Sorensen Jr., Ph.D., is widely known and recognized as a pioneer in the organizational management field. The author of more than 200 articles, papers and books, Sorensen was instrumental in shaping the program's direction and has been developing leaders in the field since 1970. He and the rest of our highly respected and credentialed faculty are seasoned professionals who combine solid academic backgrounds with extensive practical, real-world experience.

Read About the Impact of Organizational Behavior

If you are interested in finding out more about how the learning outcomes in the onlineMaster’s in Management and Organizational Behavior play out in the real world, here are several articles focusing on skills emphasized in the program:

  • Organizational Leadership and Organizational Management: how they differ from and complement each other
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Organizational Development
  • Organizational Change and Restructuring
  • Human Resource Management
  • The psychological and sociological aspects of Organizational Behavior

Eliminating the Barriers Between You and Your Goal

No GRE/GMAT required! You may also waive up to four courses based on your professional experience.

Explore the MSMOB program that focuses on leadership strategies and practices for the real world.

Program Offerings

In addition to the traditional online M.S. in Management and Organizational Behavior program, Benedictine also offers the program on campus in Lisle, Illinois and as a hybrid program.

Learn Today - Lead Tomorrow

Take the next steps toward achieving your professional goals to lead, manage and facilitate change with an online Master of Science in Management and Organizational Behavior from Benedictine University. Call (866) 295-3104 today to speak with a Program Manager, or request more information.

Online Master's in Management and Organizational Behavior (2024)


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