Benedictine Celebrates its 2024 Graduating Class (2024)

  • Benedictine Celebrates Its 2024 Graduating Class
    Classmates, families, teachers, leadership and support staff joined in on the celebration

    (Ridgely, MD – June 18, 2024) – Benedictine is proud to announce the graduation of 10 students from its school on June 6th. The celebration took place on their Ridgely Campus and is a culmination of many years of hard work for students in overcoming challenges so they can achieve their greatest potential.

    “We celebrated 10 graduates who are moving on to the adult world this year.It was an evening made special with the smiles and enthusiasm of our students, the pride and excitement of their families, and the dedication and creativity of our graduation committee and staff - you reminded us all of the passion and love we have for our students and our mission!” shared Education Director Julie Hickey. “The celebration was a great example of our core values – Dignity, Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence.”

    Students were also celebrated for their unique qualities with awards given for the most determined, most compassionate, best laugh, social butterfly, best friend and best smile. After the ceremony, graduates gathered for a reception with family, friends and staff.

    Students with intellectual and developmental disabilities can join the Benedictine school as early as kindergarten and graduate when they turn 21. For more information about the Benedictine school, please contact the Admissions and IEP Coordinator at

    For more information about Benedictine’s job-ready workforce, please contact Adult Services Program Manager Robin McDuffie at For information on how you can support Benedictine and its mission, please contact the Chief Advancement Officer Claudia Cunningham at

    About Benedictine:
    Benedictine is a non-sectarian nonprofit service provider supporting close to 200 children and adults living with developmental disabilities and autism. Benedictine’s mission is to help the individuals they support achieve their greatest potential and highest level of independence.

    The year-round educational program is one of only 22 nationwide to earn a four-year accreditation from the National Commission for Accreditation of Special Education Services (NCASES). This program includes home-like living and learning options on the Ridgely, Maryland campus, for children ages 5 to 21 who come from Maryland and surrounding states. Benedictine also has 4 student group homes located in Caroline and Talbot Counties.

    Benedictine’s Adult Services program offers Meaningful Day and job training services for transitional youth and adults, ages 22 to 70+, who live in the community, and in 18 Benedictine adult group homes in Caroline, Talbot, and Anne Arundel Counties.

    Benedictine’s Easton Community Services & Training Center prepares the adults it supports to enter the workforce. Benedictine also collaborates with the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) to provide training programs and job search services for students in area schools and adults living in the surrounding community.

    Benedictine serves individuals from all over the state and Mid-Atlantic region and is one of the Eastern Shore’s largest nonprofit employers with 370 employees. For more information, visit

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Benedictine Celebrates its 2024 Graduating Class (2024)


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