Lisa Wilkinson Husband: Who Is Peter Fitzsimons? | WHO (2024)

Lisa Wilkinson and her husband have been together for almost three decades. Discover the man behind the famous woman and the juicy details about their relationship.

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Lisa Wilkinson

59-year-old Lisa Wilkinson is mainly known for being a remarkable figure in early morning television. Host of the Today Show with Karl Stefanovic from 2007 to 2017, Wilkinson generated significant buzz when she resigned from her ten-year-stint with the Nine Network in October. She then immediately signed on to Network Ten’s night time current events show The Project.

Always on the go, the lively brunette is also a journalist, the mother of three lovely children, and Peter FitzSimons’ wife of 27 years.

Who Is Peter FitzSimons?

Peter FitzSimons is more than just Lisa Wilkinson’s husband. FitzSimons is also a well-loved journalist known for his insightful sports column, The Fitz Files. He writes for the Saturday edition of the Sydney Morning Herald and has been a regular contributor since 1988.

He also writes about local events for the Sun Herald. According to television producer and comedian Andrew Denton, FitzSimons’ natural affinity for sports makes his work in sports writing one of the best in the business.

Although he’s known today as a writer, FitzSimons actually started his career playing professional rugby for the Sydney University Football Club and Manly RUFC in the 1980s. In 1985, he became the first foreign player to play with CA Brive in France, where he used his athletic build and height to its full advantage. His rugby career finally came to an end in 1990, after playing for the Australian national rugby team.

Recently, FitzSimons transitioned into other forms of media. In 2006, Peter FitzSimons co-hosted a breakfast radio show on 2UE Sydney alongside Mike Carlton. The Mike and Fitz Breakfast Show went on for two years, rivalling his former rugby coach Alan Jones’ radio show. Unfortunately, the ratings of the Breakfast Show could not keep up with the latter, and FitzSimons decided it was time to focus on his writing and his full-time job as a husband and father of three.

A Renewal Of Love

2017 marked Peter and Lisa’s 25th year of marriage. The couple renewed their vows alongside their children on the day of their anniversary, September 26th.

Middle child Louis walked Lisa to the altar, while daughter Mia served as her maid of honour. Their eldest son Jake was FitzSimons’ best man. The ceremony was attended by close friends and colleagues such as Channel 9’s Sylvia Jeffreys and her husband Peter Stefanovic. Family friend Mia Freedman was also in attendance to wish the happy couple all the best. Wilkinson says it was one of the most joyous nights of our lives.”

Why Does Peter Always Wear That Red Bandana?

While most people would ogle at how tall the former rugby player is, others have noted one remarkable thing about Peter FitzSinoms’ appearance – the bright red bandana he always wears on his head. He seldom appears in public without it, making a lot of people wonder about its significance.

Lisa Wilkinson Husband: Who Is Peter Fitzsimons? | WHO (1)

To fend off rumours of strange tattoos or scalp problems, Wilkinson shares the origins of this bandana in a sweet Instagram post, explaining that the bandana was a gift from their three kids during a family vacation to Cuba. According to her, the touching gesture “meant all the world” to Peter, and it was the perfect accessory to protect his head from the harsh Australian climate.

Trouble On The Project

A veteran television presenter, Wilkinson is no stranger to workplace drama. On the 10th anniversary of The Project, a thoughtless comment by co-host Peter Hellion allegedly made newcomer Wilkinson feel like an ‘outsider’ amongst her fellow co-panellists and long-time Project hosts Waleed Aly and Carrie Bickmore.

This reportedly caused Wilkinson to walk off the set, and the incident fueled speculations of Lisa leaving the show. However, these rumours turned out to be completely false. On August 11, 2019, Lisa dispelled the rumours by taking matters into her own hands on her personal Instagram account, telling her viewers to not believe any of it.

Wilkinson is still having a blast doing her work with Network Ten. In fact, many faithful viewers would attest that Lisa Wilkinson is the star of the show, and the network could not afford to lose her or her phenomenal interviews.

What Are They Up To Now?

Despite the many obstacles they run into in their respective jobs, Lisa and Peter still manage to shake off the stress and spend some much-needed quality time together, taking vacations to exotic locations with or without the children.

In the summer of 2019, Wilkinson and FitzSimons jetted off to Europe to experience the finer things in life and enjoy each other’s company in the pristine beaches of Positano. The two love birds looked youthful and happy as can be, proving that their love only grows stronger over the decades.

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Lisa Wilkinson Husband: Who Is Peter Fitzsimons? | WHO (2024)


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