40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (2024)

The top stops along the way from St. Augustine to Fort Lauderdale (with short detours) are Worlds Most Famous Beach Daytona Beach, McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary, and Fort Matanzas National Monument. Other popular stops include Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, Daytona International Speedway, and Henry Morrison Flagler Museum.


Fort Matanzas National Monument

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Sights & Landmarks

Fort Matanzas National Monument is an 18th century stone fort constructed by the Spanish on a salt marsh. The monument offers visitors an opportunity to take a boat ride to the fort and enjoy nature walks where they can observe numerous bird species. Visitors can learn about the area's biology from friendly rangers who possess extensive knowledge of the region. For anyone in the region or locals who have not yet visited, it is highly recommended that they explore this beautiful reserve.

Great visit to the Fort Matanzas National Monument! Make sure you arrive early to receive the boat ticket. They have a great nature walk where you will see many types of birds. The ranger on our tour was very friendly and had lots of knowledge about the area biology! After the boat ride to the fort they had a very nice volunteer worker that was doing a nature walk tour which was great we saw many birds including some Roseate spoonbill! I highly recommend anyone visiting the area or any locals who have never been check it out!

Tyler V — Google review

The actual Fort is accessible only via the Ft. Matanzas Ferry, and under guidance of a park ranger. It is off limits to kayaker and others who happen to be out and enjoying the area.There is no entrance fee, however, and the ferry ride is free. Best to arrive early, as ferry tickets go fast. Under the current pandemic guidelines, ferry capacity is reduced.I think everyone would enjoy a visit here. Tip: watch for sea turtles and other aquatic life while you're out there.

Mike Masters — Google review

Great piece of history and a hidden gem. Entrance is free but you need to arrive before 11am or there won't be any tickets available for the ferry ride to get to the fort. Parking is also limited so you will more than likely ride around waiting for a spot or park down A1A and walk to the park. Definitely worth the wait and walk, was a great experience for the kids.

Jane Doe — Google review

Beautiful and historic free park - really friendly, helpful staff and knowledgeable rangers!The short boat ride and tour of the fort are quick, so don’t worry if you don’t have a whole day to spend here - you could do it all in under 2 hours. There’s also a short nature trail to Matanzas Inlet - another free, cool spot nearby.We also saw some dolphins and typical cool Florida birds. Oh, and a lot of jellyfish actually.Tip: get your tickets early even if you want to do to the tour later - it’s not uncommon for all tickets to be given out by the middle of the day.Great time - we’ll be back.

Randy Abair — Google review

The grounds at this park were nice. It is a well maintained facility with clean bathrooms. I only gave it three stars because I missed the main attraction of this park....the fort. If I ever get back here I will update my review. They have six ferries that leave out every hour beginning at 9:30 and I think they may fill up fast. We got there at 3:20 on Saturday afternoon and the last boat was full...bummer. But there is a a nice little hiking trail. Oh, and they have vending machines. If your in the area and can get to the fort it's probably worth a visit.

Jeremy Jacobs — Google review

Very friendly staff, knowledgeable, and willing to help you , find your way. Show up early to get tickets for the boat ride across. This will ensure that you could go at the time you want. This boat ride is free. The whole park is free. And the tour is free. How amazing is that in today's time. Take your time to have a nice walking trail.

Timothy Thrasher — Google review

Last ferry leaves out at 3:30, I'd suggest getting there early to get free passes bc they run out quickly and space is limited. There's a nice nature trail that will take about 30-45 minutes to walk before or after your tour. And btw, no pets are allowed on the tour/ferry.

Robin Wheatcraft — Google review

What a great stop. Age 15 and under are free. $14.95 for those 16+. Lots to do to spend an afternoon walking around. Cannot imagine having to man this fort in August back in the days of use. It was an amazing site to see.

Tammra Schiller — Google review

Our little guy loved the splash pad! We went on a weekday so it was not super busy, but I imagine this place does get a lot of foot traffic. The beach access is convenient, they have family restrooms, outdoor showers and free parking.

Grace Mairose — Google review

This is my third time visiting. I brought my daughters and in-laws for a fun family outing. We saw all kinds of wildlife. People often do not realize that you can go down to the water where the boat docks while you wait. Fun, free, and educational. And afterwards you can drive across the street and check out the beautiful beach.

CeCe Cata — Google review

The grounds are nice, but I made a HUGE mistake. I didn't realize that I should get ferry tickets in advance, or at least be there early enough to get a (free) ferry ticket. When I got there the all ferry rides were full.I did mark this as five stars and DO plan to return with advance tickets in hand, because the park I was able to see was very welcoming and the Ranger was helpful and did not make fun of my faux pas!

Selena Nederhoff — Google review

My favorite beach! Fishing is fantastic here. Caught a huge red in October and March. Good place to go to see the sunset!

Steelerzgirl333 — Google review

Short quick tour. Boat ride across the river to see and learn about the fort and get some cool pictures. First tour leaves at 9:30am. Fun for something quick to do if your staying near by.

EC360 VIEW — Google review

This is a great fun little side trip if you’re spending the day in the area, even little kids will find some interesting things to see and do. The fort itself is small and they give you about a half an hour or so to check it out, lots of authentic gear there as well. The ferry you have to book in advance, it can fill up quick on the weekends and holidays. It’s a short, maybe five minute ride across the river to the fort. The rangers are enthusiastic, friendly, and filled with knowledge per usual, all in all it was a great way to kill an hour or two. There is a small winding shady walking trail next to the parking lot, which leads out to A1AA1A, where you can cross over to the beach.

Dave Witt — Google review

The Fort is free and is reached by an equally free ferry provided by park rangers. The whole thing is just over an hour, but a great use if that time. The 500 yard crossing is very attractive and can have a wealth of bird life on view, including ospreys. I loved the atmosphere of the little Fort. Note that it is first come first served. Ferries go on the half hour and if you are not ticketed by 20 past, expect it to be full. There is nothing to do for the hour if you miss the ferry except go to the nearby very exposed beach. There are a visitor centre (more a little bookshop really)and rest rooms though.

Mike Sweeting — Google review

Pros:*Free entrance*Kid-friendly*Free ferry ride to the watchtower*Excellent, free guided tour(great humor and really helped us to immerse ourselves in the time period)*Not too long! The ferry ride is about 5 minutes. The tour of the watchtower was about 45 min.*Excellent photo ops with cannons*A dolphin was spotted!*Several birds were pointed out(blue hering, osprey, pelican)*Jellyfish were spotted during the ferry ride.*Junior Ranger program earned my kids a fun badge with the fort's name on it. Just ask, and they will provide your kids with a free book/pencil to complete the assignment to earn the badge. It was a fun activity for them to complete on the ferry ride there and back.Cons: Ferry tickets are free, but they are first come, first serve and only available in person(not available online or over the phone). We came yesterday, but all of the times were full. So we came first thing this morning and had our pick. If you come from out of state to see this, make sure you arrive when they open to secure a ticket.You can bring an umbrella if it rains.Thank you to all who provided a wonderful experience for our family!

JJ — Google review

This free tour was so informative and so much fun. We arrived at 10:10 and got tickets for the 10:30 tour. You are able to talk down to the water while you wait on the boat. Our national park guides were so lovely. The fort is beautiful and the boat ride to and from were good.

Zharia Lennear — Google review

Loved it! We didn't realize the ferry goes only once per hour on the :30, so we showed up 5 mins before. We went to the office and they only had 1 ticket left. So, we were bunmed and walked toward the water, and the ranger there asked his buddy in the boat if there was room for 2 more. He said yes!!! Thanks, Rangers!Ferry ride was 5 mins, and the fort, though small, was really cool! If you're physically able, I'd suggest climbing up the ladder and going on the top of the fort. Nice views and fun! It's a 45-min round trip excursion and I thought it was great!

Alyssa Allen — Google review

FREE ENTRY.FREE FERRY RIDE.This monument is very cool. You get to go on a ferry ride across the way to the monument. Our guide, Caroline, did an amazing job explaining the history and relevance.We saw dolphins and other wildlife on our way over. Definitely kid friendly. Not wheel chair friendly. Steep stairs and ladders.Definitely climb to the top, up the ladder, and look out. It’s amazing something built in the 1700s is still standing today.

Adam and Miranda Senteney — Google review

Cute but short stop for a fort. Fort is accessed by a ferry which is free and ran by the National Parks. It was running every 30 minutes when we visited in Oct. We did not go out to the fort due to time constraints but I'm happy we stopped. Small gift shop on site and restrooms are near the parking lot. Lots of outdoor space including picnic tables and some trails to explore, one trail was closed during our visit due to construction. Birds were around and even saw a turtle. Mosquitos are everywhere too, bring bug spray.

PNW Nikki — Google review

The fort is very small and the ferry ride is very short over to the fort. The visitor center is also very small. They have nice restrooms near the parking lot and huge beautiful old oak trees and a picnic area. There is no grounds to explore around the fort. You have about 45 minutes to see the fort and can take the ladder to the top to see the roof but it’s a very narrow opening at the top of the later. Must be able to navigate the tight opening. We had a 5’10” ish 190lb 65 year old grandpa with us and he was barely able to get down the ladder. The rest of the fort is accessible to everyone by stairs. There is a small beach area you can explore but full of oyster beds so are only able to explore the shoreline.

Kelly — Google review


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8635 A1A S, St. Augustine, FL 32080, USA

(904) 471-0116


Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (7)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (8)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (9)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (10)

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State park

Nature & Parks


Washington Oaks Gardens State Park is a well-maintained park that offers various outdoor activities such as hiking and biking paths. Its beautiful gardens and live oak trees provide visitors with plenty of opportunities for photography, while the picnic area is known for its beach and sightings of dolphins. The park also features a rose garden, ponds and streams, a large play area for kids, volleyball nets, picnic tables, restrooms and even a wedding altar available for reservations.

We loved walking around the grounds! We found this looking to kill some time before our Fort Matanzas tour. Only $5 for a day pass, so we came back later in the day to see the rest.Beautiful rose garden, a plant sale in the morning, lovely little pond, huge beautiful old trees, butterflies and flowers. Gift shop has AC and cute locally made items.Take water and a fan and bug spray if you do the walking trail. It starts out shady but you lose all cover as you get closer to the shore, and it got HOT! We did the bottom loop and came back along the old highway. Saw a lot of wildlife.

Sally Clinebelle — Google review

This is a much smaller state park than most I've visited. Grounds are nice...the gazebo and huge oaks especially. Water features needed some upkeep though; foamy, green algae and stagnant water smell/think pond water (off-putting, but not terrible). Keep in mind, it is Florida and high temperatures and high humidity makes it hard to keep up with the algae! The little bridges throughout the park had some loose boards also. Lots of benches to stop and rest on. Restrooms available also. Good amount of parking and a small gift shop. Drinks and small snacks available in the gift shop at very reasonable prices (name brand canned sodas just under $1 each!). I do highly recommend crossing over A1A and visit the beach side of the state park. The $5 entrance fee covers both sides of the state park. Nice parking area, about 20 spots, with two port-a-potty "restrooms". The beach is made up of sand and crushed seashell. Very clean. The infamous rocks are a short distance from the beach access point. The rock formations are extremely fascinating. Pretty unique for Florida, not something you see on most beaches throughout the state. Makes for interesting and beautiful landscape pictures or wedding/maternity/engagement/spiritual (as in, capturing the essence of you and nature). I really enjoyed the rocks. Swimming isn't recommended there; submerged rocks and no lifeguards. Better to just go north a little to an actual beach. So, in my opinion, I wouldn't travel a long distance just to visit the gardens and rocks. It would be better as a stop on the way back, or through, during your main trip.

Michelle Coile — Google review

Very beautiful garden and walk that I wish I could've seen the rest of. The staff however is 50/50 with their cordiality as one ranger in particular pestered us for being misguided by confusing directions we were given to see the Cocina rocks and instead happened upon an employees only area without realizing.

Adam Kenski — Google review

Amazing, peaceful, scenic and recharges the spirit! A gorgeous park! I love going here. Definitely recommend walking the park trails - it feels like you are in the jungle! So many photo op spots and a lot of room so it doesn't feel to touristy. They have clean outhouses too. The gazebo is a must stop for photos and to listen to the water fountains.

Lorraine Toth (Pinupmakeover) — Google review

Five stars just because of 2 main attractions, Beach and Sighting Dolphins at the picnic area. Rest Park is well maintained, have Rose garden and lot of Oak trees ready to cuddle you in their shades.Whole bunch of photography spots. They do have Wedding altar and allow reservations for photography too.Quite enjoyable experience watching fishes in the little ponds n streams of water.They sell flowers and other plants too from their greenhouse.Have large playarea for kids, Volleyball nets, picnic tables, restrooms etc amenities.

Pramod Verma — Google review

This place is absolutely gorgeous. Truly a beautiful place where you can explore, run, relax, fish, take the kids for a stroll, have a picnic, or even a wedding! There was a beautiful small ceremony taking place there when I visited with my two little ones today. Facilities and grounds are beautifully maintained. Grounds overall are wheelchair and double stroller accessible, there is ample seating throughout the grounds, comfortable naturally shaded areas to picnic, pristine waters where a few people were fishing. This is truly a great visit and worth the time! It's beautiful background makes it perfect for both a romantic date or happy family picnic. 10/10 recommend! Admission includes the beautiful beach across the street and is only a flat $5. Definitely will be returning!

Ashley Ramos-Duffy — Google review

Beautiful place to spend some time hiking or enjoying the gardens.However, the beach of the park was closed due to the aftermath of the recent hurricane. Additionally, some trails appeared to be a bit overgrown, presumably as a result of the same hurricane.Despite these minor inconveniences, overall, it was a very pleasant experience

Ilya N — Google review

It's always interesting to learn about and see history. This park and it's beautiful gardens are very pleasant and interesting to walk through. Worth the visit just to see the wonderful oak trees!

Edward Prosienski — Google review

What a beautiful State Park. Lots of big huge Oak Trees. A garden. I will admit it was a bit hot and I probably will go back when it cools down a little bit but what a beautiful place to go. Across the street was the ocean and the other side was the hiking. The hike was about 1.7 miles

Linda Maloney — Google review

This is NOT a swimming park. There is two entrances. The one to the right takes you to the beautiful rock covered ocean front. The sand is EXTREMELY shell pieces covered. You will want some sort of footwear to even walk down the beach. The rocks are not slippery for the most part but the waves can get very large and dangerous and there are lots of holes in the rocks. My 8 year old was able to navigate it easily by himself but several other kids there got too close and got banged up by rocks. The left entrance is to the gardens where you have to pay a fee to get in. The gardens are quite small and there is zero entry to the water on that side and the visitor center is very small, but it is well shaded and very pretty. Worth going to see once in my opinion.

Kelly — Google review

This is a beautiful state park that is well worth a drive. There is a beach area annex with a large amount of coquina shells that the ocean tide splashes through.In the main part of the park, there are hiking trials, a garden, a small museum, a playground, picnic tables, and plenty of clean restrooms.The Gardens are absolutely beautiful, and a wonderful place to take a peaceful stroll and admire all the beautiful plants and their beautiful arrangement around the garden.I saw a gift shopped at the park, but when I visited on a Tuesday, it was closed.Dogs are welcome at the park. However, you cannot bring them into the garden area or on the beach.This park does not offer any camping, but it is a wonderful place to spend the day.

Courtney Ford — Google review

The park has two parts: one with a nice garden and lake view and across the highway is the beach. There are a few trails that you can walk in the forest. Entrance fee is $5 per vehicle and you can can purchase is from the kiosk or drop off in the collection box. The beach could get really windy and chilly during winter time.

Jenen Tan — Google review

This is a perfect Florida experience. $5 gets you in the state park. The gardens are beautiful and I can't help imagining how it would look each season. Pack a picnic, bring fishing poles and your camera. To walk the beautiful and well groomed trails is only about 1/2 mile. Highly recommend. If you are lucky, you'll see manatee (we weren't lucky).

Valerie Hanson — Google review

This park is a lovely walk through the gardens that borders the Intracoastal. (If you prefer a trail that is available too located closer to the entrance on the right.) There is a gift shop and bathroom across and next to the garden area. If you drive further down the road inside the park you will find bathrooms and picnic areas available. Dogs are not permitted inside the garden but are allowed in the picnic and trail areas.

Jenifer F — Google review

Beautiful park with nice walking trails. Magnificent oak trees with weeping Moss and a flower garden. Quaint little gazebo with a wrap around pond. Large lake water fishing area located in the back of the park for boating too.

Ocean Rain — Google review

A pleasant little park for a picnic, a longer place to walk the dogs, and a nice garden area (no dogs). Part of the original section of A1A is still there that can be walked on also. There is a playground and restroom facilities at the south end of the park along with a museum building along one of the walking paths. A nice day trip.

Ken Kirby — Google review

Washington Oaks is a lively place to take a leisurely stroll through the woods, tour carefully curated flower gardens, fish, play, bike, and just exist with nature. The rangers and volunteers are lovely people and care deeply for their park, offering events open to the public and participating in local wildlife conservation. The public beach access across the street is also part of, and maintained by, the park and is a local sea turtle nesting ground that rangers and trained volunteers help with.The restroom facilities are typical for a state park and are kept clean, parking is available in several parts of the park, and the entirety is very accessible.

Kevin Childs — Google review

this was my second visit to Washington Oak State Park. Last time was in the spring and I wanted to see it in the fall. It was just as lovely and not as hot! A lot of restoration work is being done, and the groundskeepers are working hard every time I go. I went to the garden section 1st and then crossed the street to the beach side where I discovered a very interesting coquina formation. I had not seen the first time. It is a bit of a walk so you will need to wear comfortable shoes. The restrooms were clean and easily accessible as was the parking. Note~ lots of bees in the rose garden if you are allergic

Paula Hamlin — Google review

Had a great walk throughout the gardens. We went a little early in the season, so the flowers weren’t all out, but the azaleas were blooming and the park is just gorgeous year round.

joanna spellman — Google review

Beautiful Sate park! If you haven’t gone go! Take a stroll along the water and fish 🎣 or bring a picnic basket to eat while you enjoy the views. I also saw that they do weddings and have plant sales periodically.

Gina Honold — Google review

Encompassing forest and shore habitats, this well maintained and relaxing park has been a regional favorite for decades. The formal gardens under the oak trees are spectacular, and the pavilion seems custom made for weddings. A local garden club utilizes the lovely green houses here and offer monthly plant sales to the general public. Hiking, fishing and picnic opportunities are to be enjoyed here as well and the entry free is very reasonable.

Wind Tree Studios — Google review

Beautiful views. Well maintained garden. Beach back open. Plants for sale once a month. Can book your weddings there. Saw dolphins today. Been there three times over several years and every time the fountains were in clean and made the gardens near them smell. Butterflies and bees love this place and I can't blame them with lots of variety of flowers.

NA NA — Google review


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6400 N Ocean Shore Blvd, Palm Coast, FL 32137, USA

(386) 446-6780

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Rooms and guests





40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (13)


European Village | Palm Coast

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (14)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (15)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (16)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (17)

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Shopping mall

Sights & Landmarks

European Village in Palm Coast is a vibrant destination offering a variety of experiences. With seven restaurants, including top-rated options, six bars, and local shops and salons, it's a one-stop spot for dining and shopping. The village also hosts the Palm Coast Farmers Market every Sunday, providing fresh produce and local goods. The European architectural style adds to the charm of this shopping destination.

The European Village was alive with vendors, shoppers and people out for a lovely Sunday afternoon!I treated myself to a delicious Indian buffet at 5th Element. I sat on the large, covered patio and watched the flow of shoppers as I enjoyed a wonderful meal.Live music entertained the crowds of people sitting outside pubs or milling about the many Sunday vendors. Wonderful atmosphere!As I left I noticed a large vegetable stand overflowing with fresh produce. That will be on my list for next time!

Diane Henssler — Google review

What a pleasant surprise!!Worth visiting for sure and I am sure that later on in the day, or early evening it is even more fun!!Different restaurants and cute little shops including A hair salon and a barber shop as well as a jewelry store!We opted for Indian today and it was delicious. The service was fantastic and the beer was just at the right temp.Our server Fidel (I hope I got his name correct) was knowledgeable about the area and answered all our questions.Visitors are just as nice because as we were walking around with our doggy bag from 5th element we could not believe this Italian platter that a family was just served as we walked by 😁 check out the picture of the Italian resultant so we exchanged compliments about our restaurant choices and for sure my Fiancé and I will be doing Italian next time and they thanked us for letting them how much we enjoyed 5th element Indian restaurant!We plan on visiting again and hopefully staying overnight so we can enjoy the food choices even more! I definitely recommend the European village! Check out the variety of choices with my pictures!

Kay Mall — Google review

Underwhelming. Went for the farmers market on a Sunday, online it says "Rain or Shine", but apparently it's only if the vendors feel like it. Drove 40 mins for 1 veggie stand, 2 honey stands, and Israeli food stand. Bummer.

Alyssa Allen — Google review

We stayed the weekend at an airbnb located there. Friday night was live music from Chillula, not sure who played Saturday night. Food was pretty good from the one spot we ate at. (Mezzaluna) it's a very neat and fun place to visit.

Shanna Whittington — Google review

Awesome place with lot of restaurants to choose from and shopping from small stores. You can definitely spend afternoon with food, beer and shopping moving around. Must visit place if you are traveling to or from palm coast Florida.

Ashish Daga — Google review

Cute atmosphere but not a lot of stores open when we were shopping.

Connie Brinkman — Google review

Beautiful spot, went for the vendors, but they are a bit on the high side. If you're into Lynyrd Skynyrd, gotta visit the Red, White & Blue bar/cafe. Got a super deal on frozen seafood!

Rich Chouinard — Google review

Eating venues are decent but choices are limited. Nightly free entertainment is fair and does not bring a crowd. The Sunday Marketplace runs till 4pm and can be quite busy due to the various vendors selling unique goods and services. Crowds start to taper off about 2:30 - 3PM

rick wize — Google review

This is such a beautiful place! Our Airbnb was stunning and we didn't have to drive anywhere for dinner. They have so many options. Was so glad for the vegan options.

Tiffany Adams-Khumalo — Google review

We stayed in Rm 416 view of court yard was great,lots of restaurants and on weekends bands and crafts in court yard.Our room was nice and clean would recommend this place.We went through ABB

rudy placenti — Google review

Love it an old European style with shops and great restaurants,band on Friday nights,crafts on weekends

Rudy Placenti — Google review

The idea here is awesome but many of the shops are closed during the week and the choices of shops are very slim in general. It was pretty disappointing since I love Europe and I thought it was such a cool idea to have an area like this in Palm Coast. But it’s boring to be direct. There’s a farmers market on the weekend so it may be more lively during that time.

Heather D — Google review

The concept of European village was wonderful. It's a beautiful place.But it's too small. Probably it will only take you 3-5 mins to look around. And nothing to do or activities. It's just worth taking a few photos. There are only a few restaurants (6 restaurants )and 2 or 3 stores. Once you saw it, that's it not worth the long drive. ...

Phia Velasquez — Google review

Best open open air place to sit outside and have a drink or bite to eat. SUNDAY has the Farmers market. And sometimes there is live music.

Christian Giusti — Google review

Cool, laid back vibe to bring in the New Year. BUT, the fireworks could have been stepped up a notch🤏🏾. Still a good time

Francesca Tonge — Google review


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101 Palm Harbor Pkwy, Palm Coast, FL 32137, USA

(800) 501-0645


Capt Ernie Brundage St. Johns River Tours

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (20)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (21)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (22)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (23)

Permanently closed

Boat tour agency


Tourist information center

Boat Tours

For Mother's Day, my family went on the river tour and had a blast with Captain Bob. He was funny and entertaining while also giving us the history of the area and information about the wildlife. We saw a baby manatee, lots of varieties of birds, and even an alligator! Highly recommended.

Caitlin Appleby — Google review

Captain Bob is everything that you can ask for in a tour guide; knowledgeable, friendly, with southern wit and incredibly entertaining. Maybe he will let you even drive the boat...

Rick Palacios — Google review

I have been on this tour six times over the last three years and it is always a marvelous experience. Anytime I have guests in town, we will be on the boat. Captain Bob, as always, is very entertaining, knowledgeable and accommodating. I always learn things about the flora and fauna and my guests have raved about the tours. Looking forward to our next trip for Thanksgiving time. Thank you Bob, see you again soon!

Tom Kendra — Google review

The four of us really enjoyed the River Tour today. Tina was very helpful making the reservations and Captain Bob could not have been nicer. The Captain narrated as he piloted the boat. He was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to listen to.Also made plans to have lunch at the Williams Landing Restaurant, located where you catch the boat. Great food, great service!

Dan Wattay — Google review

My husband, son and I took my father on this tour for Father’s Day. It is difficult for my dad to get around, so I called and discussed his mobility issues with Tina before booking the trip. She was gracious and very accommodating. The trip on the river was delightful and Captain Bob was fun and full of information about the river’s flora and fauna as well as local history. After we returned, we stayed and enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Blackwater Inn. Don’t miss this trip!

Marjorie Burt — Google review

This was a fun cruise with a knowledgeable captain. Lots of wildlife birds and gaters.

liz cress — Google review

The boat trip was everything I expected. Staff was curteous. The trip started on time. Our Captain Rob shared his experiences on the river and pointed out alligators, native flowers and told us about the slider turtles we saw. The air was full of Osprey! Very beautiful day on the river.

Cindy Prabst — Google review

Had a blast...we saw so many different kinds of birds and turtles. Saw gators of different ages. We even saw a manatee come up from the water. Rob was a great captain!

Janiss Okumura — Google review


(19)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (24)


(314)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (25)

55716 Front St, Astor, FL 32102, USA

(866) 349-0674


Daytona Beach Ocean Walk

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (26)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (27)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (28)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (29)

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Sights & Landmarks

Piers & Boardwalks

Located 295 feet from Daytona Beach, OceanWalk Daytona Beach offers accommodations with a restaurant and private parking. It also features an outdoor swimming pool and fitness center.

They lose a star for service because of the annoying, predatory, lengthy experience getting wristbands every time. I honestly should give 2 stars for it, but the only reason I won't is because every other employee is wonderful. The rooms are great for our needs (though I wish the 1 bedrooms were also available with ocean view), the amenities are satisfactory, the food and drink are convenient, and it is right on the water. We love doing mini staycations here besides having to deal with the wristband people.

Crystal M — Google review

I stayed at the ocean walk (south tower). Please do not book here. My family, 5 people were shocked. The service was poor and the room was not clean and dusty. I brought a cargo for my car and the security told me that it was too tall for the parking garage and suggested that I should remove it. I was okay with that and asked them if they had a storage unit I could place it in. They said that they have a storage unit, but they were used. They told me to either park my car somewhere else or take the cargo off and bring to the balcony. I didn’t want to park away from the hotel because it was far and inconvenient. I asked if I could have assistance bringing the cargo upstairs and they said no because the doorbell guy didn’t work for oceanwalk but for wyndham. I was very upset. The room smelled like dust and my son has asthma and was sneezing and coughing almost the whole time. The room was very outdated and old. The sofa was wore out and torn on the side. The bathroom was disgusting. The shower curtain was moldy, water pressure was very poor and the room only came with one roll of toliet paper. I asked for toliet paper at guest services and they said they would sent some for me to my unit. I waited an hour and came back down to ask again. They said that they would “talk to the owner” and then said that they couldn’t bring toliet paper to me, and they I went to talk to the security and they said to wait and then disappeared. I was very upset how my room only came with one trash bag and one roll of toliet paper for 5 people and 4 nights. When I went to the pool, they said that oceanwalk doesn’t provide towels and that I should use my own and the ones in the hotel room. This was not worth my time and money. I really do not suggest this place to anyone. Save your time and money somewhere else.

Kento Nguyen — Google review

I remember when this resort opened up. I live a couple of towns away. The place is falling apart. We told the lady at check in that I was disabled and they told us that they were out of rooms. We got a room the furthest away from the elevators. It was very upsetting they claim that the lazy river is heated and it’s not. So at night. If you want to go for a lazy float you’ll be freezing. I used to love this place. They need to use their maintenance fees correctly to fix up the place.

kyle corbett — Google review

By far the worst hotel experience I have ever had. They first cannot accommodate me in a room I already paid in full for. Then they only give me 1 parking space for a room that sleeps 8+ people. It's 5pm we are trying to check in and our room is not available until 7:30pm! Also when trying to get coffee they do not provide coffee to our specific room number. And when trying to check in they tried to over charge me by me paying again for a room I already paid in full for.Worst experience ever not looking forward for the rest of my stay here until Tuesday.

Jazzmeen Magdaleno — Google review

The place itself is great. Very clean and spacious. However, if you book through VRBO and the rental management company says VACASA, do NOT book that property!! There is some dispute between Ocean Walk and Vacasa and even though you'll be paid in full and have a reservation number, you will be turned away! 27 of us were displaced. We were notified upon check in that Ocean Walk will not honor our reservation even though we were paid in full and have emails/texts from vacasa with our room numbers. We were all turned away. Some of us had the reservations for 6-12 months! I would recommend booking directly through an owner if possible. Some of us booked through VRBO and the property we chose wasn't managed through Vacasa and those reservations were fine. Just be on the look out for if it's managed by Vacasa

Diane Martin — Google review

The Resort is good the only problem I had this year which I know was my fault. But when you leave something behind there lost and found can not find my items. I was told numerous time they always turn in stuff they find. Well I guess they were not so honest when they found my belongings. Call security numerous times and the last call I was told they would call me back no matter the out come. No call back was made 😡🤬advice make sure you double triple check your room before you leave.

Doreen Cantalino — Google review

The amount of people that have to share 3 elevators bc 1 is out of order is absurd.Be prepared to spend most your trip waiting on elevators.Rooms are sub par stocked, so being your own cooking utensils. Ice maker don't work.Just a mediocre service for the amount of money paid for the rooms.Never again

Marshall Monroe — Google review

This place stole money from me, they are dishonest .ln my stay my air conditioner in my room broke on 4 separate occasions. Kept having to cut vacation short to come back to room for a technician. Explained to the manager Daniel at the front desk I wanted to check out a day early because it just wasn’t worth the trouble no more as it was no longer a vacation. He apologized and told me that the money would be refunded to my credit card for the day I did not stay. Over a month later I’ve left messages and had to open a credit dispute which the hotel claims they’d never promised and denied. Morally corrupt. Be aware to this hotel shares this property without another hotel which the staffs are constantly at war with eachother. I witnessed an arrest at the hotel, the area is flooded with homeless because the staff only enforces rules on small children, and as mentioned above their word obviously means nothing. Please be aware before you encounter the same issues which my family did.

mr butler — Google review

Nice location, but the resort is all about selling timeshare to you. They hound you, and when you say no, they won't respond to you if you have a maintenance need in your unit. The units are old, and they have issues. They say that they have been renovated, but that is evidently untrue. Maybe they tried to fake it by using the 1970's furniture that was cracked and adding new table tops. This is not Wyndham quality. Someone in management needs to look at where the owners' money for maintenance fees are going. Definitely not into this resort!

Kimmy K — Google review

We booked unit 1601 last month and recently found out a family member has cancer and will need surgery so we can't take the trip. We requested a deposit refund and the unit owner refused our request. The trip is months away and they still said no. Buyer beware of unit 1601. If they are this inconsiderate I would look elsewhere and recommend that you find another owner to rent from

Stephanie Sams — Google review

Found a dried up bed bug and stain on the comforter. Someone came to “inspect” while we were gone and did not see it. We had to call the front desk multiple times. Our sheets were not changed. Eventually we got just 1 single flat sheet to cover ourself for the night. We never got another clean comforter and the old dirty comforter with the bed bug and stain was left in our room. Very disappointing experience.

Estefhany Sanchez — Google review

They take their bitter sweet time to get you checked for the price, that's for sure... but then have all day to talk about timeshares. But hey; common sense isn't a tool for idiots. That defintently applies to most of the employees here. Can't fix stupid. 🫡Also, whoever designed the check-in area out front must eat dirt or something. Absolutely nowhere to park while you're checking in. Like I said... can't fix stupid.

John B — Google review

Love love love this hotel but the problem is if you want a chair at the pool you’ll have to get up 2 hours early because people wake up at the crack of dawn to claim as many chairs as they can. Do the works do nothing about it. The photo shows a line to get chair 40 minutes before the pool opens

Cali Sheppard — Google review

Not the same place I stayed 10 years ago. First off the ladies at the check in desk could care less about the owner rentals. Wouldn't let me checking on time without a fuss, wouldn't let me use a large cart to unload without making me feel like a criminal. And don't bother asking for towels. The Ocean walk Shoppes are also a big disappointment, very dirty not maintained. Needs a new maintenance supervisor. This place was happening years ago. Sad to see it in this condition.

Mark Moore — Google review

Very nice location and amenities. If you're a sun bather, the beach gets sun all day, but the resort pool sunlight is blocked by the building in the afternoon.

Robert Counts — Google review

Just returned from Fall Break. This is a tough review to write as I've been coming here with our family for almost 10 years. It's always been our favorite place.We checked in around 11PM and the front desk person had gone home for the day so security did a temporary check-in that expired at 10AM the next morning. We had to check-in again early the next day. Small hiccup but annoying.The property has definitely gone through some decline. There used to be a large kids area down in the lower level with an activities room with daily activity for kids, a play room for toddlers, and a huge arcade. That is replaced with sadly the main focus: Timeshare sales. They did take a fraction of the arcade up a few floors. The once bar area downstairs has been remodeled but was never opened. There is a decent little food spot downstairs but they close early. All drinks and food are to be purchased outside at the poolside bar.I'll be honest and share some Pro's: Great location, great pool area, friendly bar staff poolside, access to the beach. The property focuses so much on timeshare and that is where they devote most of their money AND staff. There are also privately owned condos at this property which are not maintained very well, and we found out by staying in one this trip. The light in the bathroom was out, microwave rusted, curtains broke, garbage disposal broke, bathtub stained... it was numerous. BUT the worst part was that the beds were awful! I think they were the original mattresses. Nothing but old springs and they were sunken in the middle. My husband had to sleep on the couch. We eventually checked out early. We communicated this all to our owner (through Airbnb), but she said it was highly discounted room already. We spent $1400+ for 5 days.We also were used to getting towels from the desk downstairs and did so for 3 out of our 5 days. On day 4, my husband was embarrassed and mad because in front of the man who gave us towels all week, the woman said "I'm sorry those are for guests of the Wyndham Resort ONLY." He was instructed to go over to another desk of the privately owned condos and that person said, you have to use towels in your room. You are given different bracelets you are required to always wear on property that distinguishes you from a resort person or a guest of the private owned condos. I went online to see how much summer would be in a Wyndham Resort website and same rooms were about $4,000 for a week. SERIOUSLY!?! Wow. Sadly, my family will have to find another property to spend our time and money next year. Very disappointing. Daytona has been my second home for well over 35 years.

Scarlett Taylor — Google review

Beautiful place, stayed here for the weekend and it was great. the hotel has multiple pools and a lazy river which i spent a good amount of my time in and connects directly to the beach. The food there is really good as well, had the best quesadillas there. Would come back again. The room i stayed in was three rooms and had a patio, kitchen and living space with two bathrooms. There was a patio which gave us the prettiest view of the beach. The resort is also located on this boardwalk that has restaurants and other shops and activities. Additionally, the resort itself holds events everyday other than monday which is cool. There’s a also an indoor pool which hosts movies from time to time which i found interesting. Overall had a great time and would come back again.

Sofia Vasquez — Google review

Avoid units 2023 A & B! I paid more here than I have *ever* paid per night for lodging because I wanted to treat my family to what I thought was a special place. Don't make the same mistake!Vacasa, not Wyndham, manages these units. They appear not to have done any maintenance in years (& not much cleaning either). Their photos are deceptive, so I'm sharing some of mine.Reached out to Vacasa on day 2 of 2. They offered to send maintenance but we didn't want to waste our little remaining time waiting for workers who may or may not show. All this should have been fixed in between bookings, not at the expense of the customer's time.Left message for local manager after missing her call, but she never returned my call.

D Fernandes — Google review


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(588)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (31)

300 N Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32118, USA

(888) 387-5727

I'll never travel to Fort Lauderdale without this trip planner again

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40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (32)

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Daytona Beach Main Street Pier

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (39)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (40)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (41)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (42)

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Sights & Landmarks

Piers & Boardwalks

The Daytona Beach Main Street Pier is a popular tourist attraction that features seafood restaurants and arcades. It is located on the boardwalk near the ocean, and visitors can enjoy sunbathing, car racing, bicycling, and other activities on the beach.

The pier itself is not a huge deal, but the beach is beautiful...so different from other beaches I've visited in South Florida. Visited here in late March and the water was definitely cold and not exactly in swimming conditions. However, the kids enjoyed playing in the sand as it was a beautiful day. Being able to drive and park right on the beach was also pretty cool. Would definitely return.

J C — Google review

It's a huge beach, everything is clean. I rested under the bridge and saw a lot of people walking around. It was very fresh being down there.I didn't swim because of the strong waves and also we found some jellyfish on the sand, they're dangerous.Near the beach, you'll find many stores to get souvenirs and different stuff.There's a slingshot and other attraction if you want to take a ride..

Francisco Ochoa Ingl?s F?cil (Pacho8a) — Google review

We visited the Main Street Pier on a weekday in January, 2024. It was pretty much what I expected in most regards. I have been to quite a few piers over the years, and they all have the similar qualities being over the water with great views. So this one was pretty much the same. It was a cool and partly cloudy when we visited, with temperatures at the beach in the 70's to 80ish in the afternoon.This pier had a large Joe's Crab Shack restaurant in the middle of the pier. Other piers like the Santa Monica pier in California also have restaurants and such to a larger (and better) extent. In this case, the crab shack is basically the only building on the pier. Where as the Santa Monica pier has many choices. So the Main Street Pier is nice, but not overly large and with limited things to do on the pier itself.The Main Street Pier seemed to be in need of some maintenance, in my opinion. The wood seemed to be aging and looked to be in need of some replacement. I'm not saying that anything looked unsafe. Only that it looked like it could use some work. There were quite a few places where there were what seemed like patches on the decking, made of materials that looked nothing like the wood decking.We were interested in the restaurant, but they didn't have a menu outside available to pre-view. As such, we passed and ate elsewhere. So I cannot say how anything pertaining to the crab shack was, other than the lack of the outside menu.The pier had quite a few folks fishing off the pier on the ocean side, for the obvious reasons. But there was still a fair amount of room to take in the views and snap a few pictures. The fishermen kind of kept to themselves, but didn't prevent other folks seeking views or such.I don't know for sure, but there might be restrooms in the crab shack building. Although they are probably only for the crab shack customers. Like I said, I don't know since we didn't go inside. Although there are public restrooms right at the beach end of the pier at the park. They seemed fairly large and adequately clean when we visited. Although I will point out that the area was quiet that day. It might be different when the crowds increase.So all in all, the Daytona Beach Main Street Pier is a nice place to visit when you're in the Daytona Beach area. No it is not perfect and far from the best pier I have been to. But it is definitely worth a walk on. We also were not asked to pay a charge to visit the pier. Well other than our paying to park our vehicle near by at the park.

Sponge Bob — Google review

We visited this spot during Christmas and one of the best beach area in east Florida. We walked around the beach it was cool breeze and relaxing. Enjoyed beach side rides and foodMust visit spot if you travel around east.One thing to note is parking , it will be difficult to get parking as sun goes down better you reach early to access metered parking

Mahantesh Paramaj — Google review

This pier is amazing during sunrise! The sun rises in front of you and the vast of the ocean leaves you in awe. Breathe taking views!! The walk is not bad at all and there is free parking everyday until 9am. So get there early to see the sunrise! You will thank me later.

Ronny Sison-Ayala — Google review

Clean and very spacious. Umbrella 🏖rentals $40 for the whole day. Good deal 👌 stores and food nearby.

Raymond Tucker — Google review

Free public pier, not crowded at all. Plenty of space to stand and watch the waves crashing in. Tried to observe the sea life but no luck due to rough waves.Couple of bars/pubs serving drinks and food. All clean and friendly. Live music on the roof top with plenty of comfy seats.

Alex Preston — Google review

A lively and fantastic pier on Daytona Beach! Plenty of shops and restaurants to choose from! Safe, clean and very beautiful! Prices are fairly reasonable for a Florida beach. Not very crowded as it was on a weekday evening. Plenty of attractions and hotels nearby. Staff and employees were very helpful and very friendly! Very beautiful at night! Highly recommend making a visit here if you are in the Daytona area!

Kylie Mangini — Google review

I wish there weren't awful hatt Preachers right out in front of the hotel where I was at. But I sure had fun with the Hare krishnas when those awful people tried to attack. I do feel bad that your race car Beach is almost non-existent because of sea level rise. All of the stairs have been taken out because of it except for one set where the hate preachers are.

Lauren Hill — Google review

We visited during an off season and the beaches are fairly clean. Parking was easy and there is a lot of shopping. A must do to see spectacular sunrises!!

Heather Meehan — Google review

This pier was nice. The Boardwalk was nice too. The parking is $2 for an hour (it goes up from there, but I only paid for an hour). Dogs may be allowed on the boardwalk, but they are not allowed on the pier. To walk onto it is also free, and it closes by 7pm. You do not need to go inside the restaurant to walk onto the pier, there's a walkway right near the entrance that will take you around. Fishing is $3 per person I believe.

Mary Booth — Google review

Daytona Beach offers plenty of places to eat and drink. The beach is amazing. You can pay to park on the beach for $20. Keep an eye on the tide times. Parking outside of the beach is difficult unless you go to main street and park in the public parking and walk down. (Approx 10 min walk) Main street offers plenty of small shops , food and drinks. Go on event dates like Bike Week and it's really good fun and full of bikes showing off their mods. Well worth visiting if visiting. Parking in the local multi story will cost you $10 for the day. Overall if your in the area or thinking of visiting it's a nice afternoon/ day

Mark Connolly — Google review

The pier is surrounded by plenty of ships and restaurants with a restaurant directly in the middle of the pier. It has a small splash pad right below the entrance for small children. You can fish on the end of the pier and they have signs posted of what type of fish you might catch along with which ones you can keep and which ones you are required to release which I found very useful. There were several people fishing and we enjoyed watching them. It is a pretty long pier that gives you nice views of the ocean, beach, and the condos and hotels that are on the beachfront. If you enjoy taking pictures, the pier is a wonderful place to do so! It offers beautiful landscape, nature, and waterfront photo ops, so don't forget your camera or make sure that your phone is charged because you don't want to miss out on capturing some beautiful views!

tina lowery — Google review

Such a FUN place to go to! 😃. Lots of great shops and restaurants, the Ocean 🌊, and some great history as well! If you're near this spot, GO. Really great place 😃

michael cramer — Google review

Daytona Beach Main Street PierWe came here in 2018. Such a beautiful place. Nice waters. Great weather. Many people. Good food too.Highly Recommended

Kalvin Hang — Google review

The pier was not overly full when we visited midday the day before the Daytona 500. There were just a few people fishing, and it was a nice little walk.

Kameron Ackermann — Google review

Perfect spot to spend time with friends and family, there are several places to eat and have something relaxed, plus nice view...

JuanCarlo Rengel Tepedino — Google review

Fun, upbeat environment. Friendly staff. Good food at both restaurants. Definitely plan to return.

Kristen Bourgault — Google review

We had a great date night long the shore! Ate at The Roof restaurant above Joe's crab shack. Beautiful views at sunset, from the rooftop.

Tera Gallinger — Google review


(11223)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (45)


(1362)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (46)

1200 Main St Bridge, Daytona Beach, FL 32118, USA

(386) 671-8000


Worlds Most Famous Beach Daytona Beach

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (47)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (48)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (49)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (50)

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Nature & Parks

The beach known as "World's Most Famous Beach" is a popular spot in Daytona Beach for tourists to take photos. With miles of coastline, the area is home to many different attractions and festivals throughout the year.

HOURS: The beach is accessible and free for pedestrians and bicyclists 24 hours a day, depending on tides and weather conditions. Driving and parking on the beach is open to vehicles from sunrise to sunset from November 1 through April 30 and from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm (out when the tide comes in) from May 1 through October 31.Parking is $20 a ticket which you can use for the whole day.PROS: You park 25 feet from the waterfront. Aqua ocean views. Mixed demographic, all ages. Bathwater warm water.CONS: Absolutely nothing. A must visit!

C NYC — Google review

Been coming here for 40 plus yrs. Still amazed at the size of this beach. It's never crowded, anytime of the day. It's a gradual walk into the water, no drop off. Perfect for kids. Lots of places to stay and eat. The pier is so much fun on a Saturday night.You can't beat this place!

Alistair Renshaw — Google review

Save your money not worth it.. unless you bring everything there is nothing to do here. The water is nice and the beach is relatively clean but other than that it's not worth it. It's packed and loud, no shade or any attraction, not really any where to get food. and despite the fact that on the website it says there are designated areas where you can take your dogs there are none and you will get kicked off the beach, after they take your money and let you on it

dana Grush — Google review

Miles of old worn-down and poorly-aging condominiums dot the highway. The place needs a major face-lift and more recreational and modernized dining options. Some of the high rises are so close to the waterline, it looks like they are about to fall in. In December, this place is a ghost town.

Travel With Trey — Google review

The ‘Worlds Most Famous Beach Daytona Beach’ sign is nice and all but really the beach is pretty good and totally worth a visit; don’t just snap the sign and leave. Mostly blue water, light sands and great to see everyone social distancing. waves looked fairly gentle, a lot of fishing and a lot of families having good times in the sun. Beach umbrella rentals doing a roaring trade when I was there.

R Churches — Google review

Awesome views with great beaches. Very convenient to drive on beach and park not having to drag coolers, umbrellas, etc.

Dillon Lee — Google review

A beautiful beach ⛱️ it was worth stopping g by and swimming 🏊‍♂️ in

GASPAR PEREZ — Google review

Very clean beach, never crowded and the water is always fun to play in. If you are lucky enough, you can catch dolphins swimming near the shore in the morning.

Mike Bilenki — Google review

If you are planning to visit this beach, do not search “Daytona Beach” we got confused as Daytona beach is a city name. You need to search by including “World famous” in it, and it’s for a reason! You can drive in your car around the shore for $20. The beach is very clean and calm. If you have enough time do spend an evening there, you will never get bored of this calmness. We saw all kinds of people having fun, camping, dancing, modeling and making best of their time. There are limited parking outside the entry gate, it’s better to take ticket and drive at the shore. A must go if you are around Orlando


Daytona beach really surprised me! I loooved getting to spend time in the water and just relaxing. Very chill and family vibes. The sand is white and the water is clear enough for me. I would definitely go again and visit!

Ronny Sison-Ayala — Google review

Came by to walk the pier and check out the food. The whole beach smells like smoke and garbage. It feels super dirty so you won’t have an appetite. The beach did look like a great spot to play in the sand and had great waves.

Kate Stepherson — Google review

I normally avoid this are of Daytona, it is where the party seen is. Although I went today seeing how last minute we decided to go watch the sunrise so we did and then hung around the beach for a few hours. The beach was dirty the people that go there to party unfortunately do not clean up after themselves! There was a man passed out in the sand as well, clearly from the night before and yes I made sure he was alive and gave him some water and he went back to sleep without a care in the world. Do your part and clean up your trash.Otherwise it was a great trip. We enjoyed the sunrise and we spent a couple of hours getting some vitamin D. Kudos to the workers on the beach they where out early picking up the trash and emptying bins doing their best to clean it up so BIG THANKS for that. I would advise going further away from the boardwalk for family’s just my opinion but as always we had a great time.

Lilmisskml — Google review

Driving on the beach is a different experience. But other than that, nothing special about the beach. Very congested place. Unclean beach. No easy access to showers or washrooms. People blasting music with loud speakers and smoking everywhere. Can’t even breathe fresh air at the beach due to the cigarette smell. Jacksonville and St.Augustine beaches are so much better. Daytona is an overhyped place.

Naren — Google review


(2249)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (51)


(4747)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (52)

838 E International Speedway Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32118, USA


Daytona International Speedway

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (53)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (54)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (55)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (56)

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Car racing track

Sights & Landmarks

Auto Race Tracks

The Daytona International Speedway is one of the countrys major racing meccas and is home to the iconic Daytona 500. The track offers various tours that last from half an hour to three hours, with some VIP experiences even offering a lap or two around the track at high speeds. The race itself takes place yearly in February and is known as one of the most exciting races in the world.

What can I say, amazing venue even just for the tour. I say just but the time taken by the staff in the tour and the details provided were amazing.The museum is great to see too and invokes the spirit of Indy perfectly. Would highly recommend.

Richard Greeves — Google review

I got great seats and the fanzone experience but it wasn't the VIP I truly wanted. Drivers don't sign autographs for kids anymore. That was kinda disappointing. Race was great. Prices not bad at the concessions.

Danielle Weightman — Google review

It was an excellent experience to go to Daytona and be inside the most famous track in the world, we went to the Jeep Beach festival, it is a “crazy pod” the volunteers and everyone who was there were happy, the vibe was spectacular!!! Daytona here I go again

Diana Lesmes — Google review

Posting review late, we visited here on September 17, 2023Highly recommend coming here, either for a race or to experience the tours! I was a little kid in a candy store, this place is amazing if you're a race fan! I recommend doing the tour, lots of great information that I never knew about!If you don't do the tour, definitely go visit the museum! They don't just have Daytona cars in there. They have a little bit of everything! Very cool! I wish we would've had more time to see everything in the museum though, we had to catch our tour bus by a certain time. The gift shop has something for everyone, so don't leave without stopping in there. Overall, I'm very happy we came here even though it wasn't race day! We'll be back though!

Stephanie Ellis — Google review

This place is more organized than my local school district, amusem*nt park, and boyscout troop combined. Everyone is so incredibly nice.Our experience is a memory for a life time.

Debra Benton — Google review

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Been coming here 20yrs. The new stadium vs the old is so much nicer! The escalators to the top of level 3 are the best thing ever!!! No more climbing stairs. Plus the fact that you can bring in your own soft side cooler wow what a great way to spend the day watching some racing. Cars, trucks and motorcycles there is always something great to see here. Buying your tickets in advance can certainly save you some money.

John Lake — Google review

They've really improved the fan experience over the years here. You can't have a bad time at DIS even when the weather isn't optimal. We had the coldest weather for the Rolex 24 and I'm not a cold weather girl but I braved it and had an awesome time with my Mom!

Georgiana Hatcher — Google review

This is the closest racetrack to us. I like to go here for the several car shows they have during the year and for the museum. This is the best time to visit as there is plenty of spaces to park then. If they are having a race make sure you get there early as it will fill up quickly. The museum is real nice and you can see the history of the track there as well as some of the cars that raced on it. This is also the place to buy your souvenirs.

John Haddock — Google review

My grandsons and I took the tour of the Speedway. It was awesome! They are big race fans and enjoyed being able to get on the track. This tour is worth the $25 tickets. It also includes the museum.

Annette — Google review

This experience was awesome. We got the tickets to take our boys to see the museum and take the tour of the track. It was well worth it. Our kids had so much fun, and we were so happy that they enjoyed it. It was a bit pricey, but honestly, it was worth it, especially seeing my kids' faces.

Crystal Baker — Google review

A must for car enthusiast! The tour is awesome!! Our guide was very knowledgeable, got to see most of the track, even had some cars going round the track. Lots of great auto racing history in the museum

Daniel Perez SR — Google review

I loved attending the Rolex 24 race! I've also taken the Speedway tram tour a few times and really enjoyed that experience as well! I don't even know anything about racing.😉 The tours are a little different every time depending on what is happening at the track. Always plan ahead because tours can sell out. I highly recommend any activity at The Daytona International Speedway!

Stacey De — Google review

This racetrack was much bigger than I thought the pictures don’t even give it justice! I was supposed to attend the Daytona 500 this year but because of the rain they had to postpone it till the following Monday so I had to go home. However, even though the Xfinity race and the Daytona 500 race was postponed because of the rain, I still enjoyed my time and got to see race cars up close and got to see how they land in their positions. It was an awesome experience. Will come again when the weather gets better.

PhatGyrlSnoop — Google review

I won a chance to drive my own car on Daytona International Speedway through a loyalty rewards program called Marriott Bonvoy. I drive a Suburban daily, so I did the only sensible thing I could think of, I rented a 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 3LT with every bell and whistle on it Chevy has and had the time of my life! We were supposed to only get four laps each on the track, but a few of us got lucky and got five in! It was something I'll never forget. All of the employees went out of there way to make sure we were all having a great time, top notch from start to finish!

Dereck Kelley — Google review

We love the tour. It was interesting and entertaining. I learned so much and lots of pictures opportunities. The museum was also great.The train ride takes may be 1 hour, and there are spots you can go down to explore, take some pictures 📸 .The museum and souvenir shop are until 5 pm.The tickets vary in what tour,race, events, or experience. We just got the regular tour one, which is about less than $30.We enjoyed our visit.Hopefully, we will experience the race 🏁 next time.

Phia Velasquez — Google review

Truly a cool place for all gear heads and car enthusiasts. Enjoyed attending the Turkey Run car show. So much to see, all on the inside of the track. Really cool getting to walk on such a famous track racetrack! Didn't have to pay for parking either.

Kaleb Curl — Google review

One of the best experiences I had on my Florida visit! Most people are not aware that you can actually buy tour tickets that will take them directly on the actual race track (near the start finish line!) which is super cool as you get to experience the track by being actually on it!

Ajit Mali — Google review

First time to a race. It was cool ! I loved the seats we were in it was a great view. Bring your own snacks and drinks its pretty expensive to buy food.Fun day except for the accident. 😬

Julia Salvucci — Google review

The tour guide was very knowledgeable. He gave many opportunities for pictures to be taken. Staff even assisted everyone with picture taking.We got to see a handful of cars do laps around the track. The facility as a whole is very well kept.The only downside is that I felt a sense of "bait of switch" with the supposed photo that was noted to be included in the tour.Multiple pictures ARE taken,and you have the opportunity to choose whichever you like at the end of the tour.HOWEVER, you get presented with different options of your pictures to PURCHASE 😬. If you don't buy it,they give you a card with a QR code to SCAN and download/upload..🤯 The advertising clearly says that a picture is included..but they didn't specify as to HOW..so fyi..but despite that, I'd return there hands down. Oh and the guide gave helpful advice about attending when actual events are happening! That itself will be helpful for anyone 🥳.

JUSNATURAL. — Google review

The Nascar experience was incredible. If you can really try and pick a package that is longer than 8 minutes. I did the 32 minute package and don't regret a single thing! All the people helping you are professional and friendly. The ladies running the souvenir booth are awesome.

Scott Bennett — Google review

My husband and I took the tour. You get so much more for your money. The people are so nice and helpful to answer all your questions. It is so much to see, and you get your picture taken. They can print it there, and they also give you a card to scan and order it.

Umeka Waters — Google review

We visited for the Magic or Lights. Our family really enjoyed it. It seemed much longer than other displays we have visited which made it a good value for the money. The staff was friendly, and the picture ops very nice. We will definitely be back next year and hope it's a little different each time.

Miranda — Google review

One of America's most iconic sports venues. Attended the 2024 Daytona 500 but spent the day before at the museum and on the midway. My son and I had SO much fun and thoroughly enjoyed race day! But you can go to the museum and to take a tour when there are no races and learn about racing rich history, not just NASCAR. I will be back!

Joe Schilp — Google review

Went to Daytona 500. What a wild ride. We had 2nd row seats and it was intense. I wanted to experience the most intense experience and we got it. However you will have a better viewing experience from the top rows.All in all I really enjoyed it.Once in a lifetime experience don't care to go back. It's far more enjoyable on TV.But it was an intense and insane experience in reality

Random Someone — Google review

I just happen to be traveling and working in the Daytona Beach area on Bike Week so I decided to shoot across the street from where I was working, to the Daytona Speedway to check out all the vendors and awesome bikes. I commend the event for all of the signage and barricades that they put up. Everything was easy to navigate and there were NO QUESTIONS on where you could and couldn't enter or exit at. It was quite the awesome sight and experience! Everyone I met or spoke to was super cool and approachable. (Yes..even some of the bikers that were a little long in the tooth...they were all awesome people!) Good energy, good vibes, good people, great bikes, great times! Everyone should experience this, even if you don't ride...you'll enjoy it!

Richard Morgan — Google review

Went with friends to take the tour. We had a great tour guide “Dave”. Very knowledgeable. Made the experience worth going. Sold us all on the sport and we will be coming back for a race. Thanks Dave !

Mojo Jojo — Google review

For all the car enthusiast out there this is a once on lifetime experience if you get to go to Daytona 500 even if you’re not a big NASCAR person it’s really cool to see the speed and the culture at this racetrack. The track is beautifully maintained and the grandstand is well built where everything is very visible at the venue is also extremely friendly

Chris V — Google review

Went for the Daytona 500 and will for sure go back. Track is huge. Lost of different levels for different views. Seats were honestly not bad. Free wifi was pretty fast to be honest. Really good connection. Bathrooms were clean. Parking is obviously madness but it’s expected with events of that size. Entrance was super easy. 10/10 in my book.

Kameron Ackermann — Google review


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(3760)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (60)

1801 W International Speedway Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32114, USA

(800) 748-7467


Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (61)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (62)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (63)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (64)

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Outdoor Activities

This zoo features a wide variety of animals from endangered species to primates. It also has an Insect Zoo and a Children's Area with animals that you can feed and pet. The zoo is located in Sanford, about 40 minutes north of main tourism districts.

My family has an annual pass here to the zoo, we have for the past few years. As a parent of a 6 & 3 year old, this place is wonderful and a great bang for the buck. The Sanford Zoo itself is not very large in comparison to other Zoo's but it does not takeaway from the awesomeness of it. They have enough exotic animals as well if you are wanting to see such animals. Giraffes, cheetahs, rhinos, black bear, and a few other cool ones. If anything, we like that it is small and quaint. They have a kids splash pad, which is a great thing in the summers. Best of all, they sell beer and wine at a few stalls!

Daniel Cha — Google review

Honestly we did not know what to expect coming here for the afternoon. Buying tickets in advance, like other reviewers have said, is a fantastic idea. It makes the check in to the zoo quick and painless.Parking is free and easy! So many spots and not far to walk to the entrance. The grounds are absolutely beautiful. Just walking through the gardens and zoo was peaceful and relaxing.The zoo itself is great for the cost of admission. We even saw some of the snakes being fed, which was pretty cool! A lot of the bigger animals (bears, cheetahs, etc.) seemed to be taking it easy, so not sure if they are more active in the morning and that would be a better time to go?The facility was clean, no trash noted along the walking paths, and there is a splash zone for the kids, so bring swimwear or a change of clothes.Souvenirs (yes, because the kids will ask) were fairly priced for a facility that works on conservation; I think a toddler shirt was $22.Overall a great experience and we will definitely return when the little one is older, as I know he will love doing that zip line!

Stephanie Forbes — Google review

I LOVED IT!Extremely worthwhile. Sadly it was extremely hot when we got there so some of the animals were taking refugee inside their habitats.Please remember to wear sunscreen!The best part was that I got the chance to feed the giraffe, this comes at an extra cost of 6 usd apart of the entry fee.We got an ice cream before leaving, soft serve that was really good.

Stéphanie — Google review

Really nice zoo, the whole zoo took about 90 minutes to 2 hours to explore and that was taking it at a nice pace.They have a lot of birds that are relatively close to where you can stand, with a few of them not even fully enclosed so you can look at them without a fence in the way.During the morning the animals were relatively active. They have a splash park for children.The entire zoo is shaded, with tree cover absolutely everywhere. The entire walkway is wooden paths which is nice. They have a nice little botanical garden area.They have a wide selection of animals like black bears and cougars and cheetahs and monkeys, rhinos. A few things that the Jacksonville zoo doesn't have.There are plenty of benches situated all over so if you do get exhausted you can have a place to sit.Water costs $2 Gatorade cost $4 and any canned drinks from the vending machine cost $4. I won't say to bring your own water and drinks but probably a good idea.The snack bar is relatively fairly priced, they also have alcohol in case you want to drink when you get here that is 9 to 10 bucks per drink.All in all it was a good experience and I would recommend heading over here if you are in the area. Tickets only cost about 20 bucks, 40 if you get the souvenir cup and a meal. A burger cost about 12 bucks and comes with fries.

Cameron Lennox — Google review

Had an amazing time and loved seeing the beautiful animals from other parts of the world I would never have otherwise seen! I got to feed a giraffe!! It was so beautiful and so cool to see! The rhino and cheetah was very neat as well! My son loved it, my daughter being only 3 months old I think loved it too hahaha but me and my husband enjoyed it as well and will definitely be going back! Beautiful wildlife.

Casey Rocco — Google review

Take a walk through the "jungle" and see all these amazing animals, birds, reptiles, and spiders. See a bear or two, a bald eagle, and otters. Take a ride on a zip line and have a bird's eye view of the zoo. You can feed a giraffe if you so desire, reasonably priced. If you have small kids there is a little play area, so they can burn off some steam. There is an opportunity to find snacks along the way. Don't miss out on an opportunity to see the Asian Luminary along your journey.

Jen G — Google review

Decent sized perimeter spaced zoo. Not as many animals as I thought but fun none the less. If you buy your tickets online; before heading over you save about $2 per ticket. The entry experience was quick, fast, and easy. The staff was wonderful. Everyone was extremely friendly. They have a zipping lining excursion and trolley. It’s about 30 minutes from east Orlando. Snacks are priced well. They have a park area for the kids to play as well as a splash pad. Very clean and easy to navigate. Many of the animals were sleeping but I’m sure the heat played a role in that. Please if you are visiting in the summer time come prepared for the sun. Bring your sunscreen , bug repellent, head coverings, plenty of water and portable fans if you have.

Brianna Marie — Google review

The Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens had an event on a Friday evening that my girlfriend and I attended. I've never been to this zoo but it was great to see the various animals they have here. The giraffes and cheetahs were a first time for me to see and so close in person. The parking could be better, and many people take up more space than necessary because there are no defined spaces. The parking lot also has many pot holes that could be better filled. The train wasn't running on my visit but it would have been fun to take a ride on depending on the views. It was raining and someone got a flat tire. Sadly, only 1 employee seemed to care to do anything to assist so me and a few others helped the individual change their tire in the pouring rain. That being said, I'll probably go back to enjoy a little more time without getting rained out.

Alex — Google review

Today was my families first time at this zoo. The Botanical Garden was great and the animals were great as well. It was a nice hot day which is perfect for an outside outing. The only negative side to the zoo is they have keeper shows all around the zoo but they aren’t very specific about the location and duration of the show. Thankfully one of the staff members, Dawn assisted us with some facts about the enclosures we were interested in. We also took the train ride which was super cute and we all enjoyed it. Overall it was a great visit.

L. A. Barnes — Google review

We bought our tickets online months ago, a little disappointed. We arrived at 9am when it is supposed to open. We were arriving as some employees looked like they were arriving. The parking confused me, entering the zoo confused me as well. Things were marked, but not clearly enough. Some animals weren't in their enclosures yet because staff members were cleaning enclosures out. And the whole African section of the zoo was closed for renovations. Which that is a good bit of the zoo. The reptile house was air conditioned which gave you a break from the humidity, but some enclosures at the corners were hard to see into and some things weren't in the correct exhibit. Restrooms were clean. Gift shop is small, but everything is reasonably priced. Took us about an hour to walk through the entire zoo.

Heidi Kuhn — Google review

Small zoo but nice seems like they are expanding most animals are close enough to get a great look at. There is a tree top obstacle, though it doesn't run through the zoo. There is also a train. Walking around is very easy they even have a splash park to play in. All in all it was a great zoo and we really enjoyed it. Purchase your tickets online you will save a few dollars, although it really was not expensive either way.

Karla Thompson — Google review

Beautiful quaint zoo. Staff very friendly and knowledgeable about the animals. Easy walk to get around and see everything. Even a small water zone for kids to run off energy and cool down. Highly recommend.

Doreen Trout — Google review

So didn't really get to go for the zoo itself but the Asian lantern festival that was being held. The lights were something to see. They were amazing! Even in the dark you can tell the actual zoo itself seems nice and decently sized though

Chabeli Montanez — Google review

Great wee zoo, not the biggest but packed with plenty to see. All the animals on show looked healthy and happy with clean and spacious cages. A nice touch was all the fans in the cages keeping the animals cool, which they were taking full advantage of. There are boardwalks all around the zoo, so no muddy or wet feet. They were replacing lots of the wooden fencing when we were there so it will look really nice when finished. There is a cafe and food booths in the zoo for food and drink. There are changing rooms available for the kids who get wet playing in the water fountains. Toilets are available. There is air conditioning in the gift shop, bear viewing room and exhibition centre. Lots of free parking outside the zoo. The highlight was getting to feed the giraffes ($5) for 3 lettuce leaves. There is also the chance to feed the animals in the petting zoo but this does run out quick so best do that early in the day.

Berglas71 — Google review

Beautiful place. Need more benches in shady spots for resting. Kids loved it but the heat kept animals inside (smart animals). Checker board in the rain was the best part kids said. Also snacks and drinks were crazy expensive!

Lottiefla — Google review

I love the zoo and botanical garden. I took my Grandson there, and he really enjoyed it. There are wooden walkways through the entire park, making it accessible for everyone. You are provided with a map at the entrance, and there are signs posted to guide you through the exhibits.I like the fact that everything is scaled to a child's eye view, so they can enjoy the exhibits all by themselves. There are plenty of areas to sit, rest, picnic,play, or buy food.There is a $2 discount if you buy tickets online. Seniors are $18.95, ages 3-12 are $16.95. Next visit,I will buy my tickets in advance.

Brenda Ruzbasan — Google review

It was great. Low key, lots of fun animals. The splash pads were a great idea for the kids to have some fun running around. A bit of a bummer the train is an up charge. One heck of a snake exhibit.

The Mike Metzger Team — Google review

I went here for the Asian Lantern 🏮 Festival and was not disappointed. It’s so beautiful and so much though and time went into these light sculptures. I recommend going at the 7:00pm time slot because the lights are in their full glory and there are snacks and some food you can get there too if you’re hungry. By far worth the $22, amazing place to get some photos.

Ciara Myers — Google review

I purchased tickets to this event for yesterday. I ended up throwing out my back and was so upset that my family and I couldn't go. I gave them a call and replied to my ticket confirmation and asked if they could extend my tickets. Didn't think they would though.A short time later I received a call from a nice lady who was compassionate and kind. Told me they would allow us to come another day up until the display ends.I rescheduled to today with hopes my back would cooperate and was sent new tickets for today's show. How incredibly nice of them to allow a last minute reschedule.My husband , Mom and I had a Wonderful time. Thank you so much for being so accommodating 🙏.

Marlo Denning — Google review

Weekday visit was great. Not too many other guests. Although there were a number of school classes attending, the zoo staff kept them to one side of the paths. It was also interesting to listen in on the information they shared with the students regarding the various animals.Was delighted to see not only animals to view, but encounter experiences, a water splash for kids and playground area.We didn't dine at the zoo, but will add information after our next visit.The Asian Lantern Festival is currently taking place, so the displays were erected. It was a surprise to see how colorful they are before being lit. Can't wait to see them at night!It's easy to purchase tickets online, thus avoiding any lines at the ticket booth.

DJ Stephens — Google review

A Delightful Day at the Sanford Zoo! 😱My recent visit to the Sanford Zoo left me thoroughly impressed and delighted. From the moment I stepped through the gates, I was greeted with a sense of excitement and wonder that continued throughout my entire experience.The zoo boasts a wide array of fascinating animals from around the world, each housed in spacious and well-maintained habitats that mimic their natural environments. From majestic lions to playful primates, every exhibit offered a unique opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures up close.One aspect that truly stood out to me was the dedication of the zoo staff to animal welfare and conservation efforts. It was evident that the animals were well cared for and that their health and happiness were top priorities. Additionally, the educational programs and signage throughout the zoo provided valuable insights into the importance of protecting wildlife and their habitats.Aside from the incredible animal exhibits, the Sanford Zoo also offers a variety of amenities for visitors to enjoy. From scenic walking paths to interactive experiences like feeding giraffes, there was never a dull moment during my visit. The on-site dining options were also excellent, offering delicious food and refreshments to fuel my adventure.Overall, my day at the Sanford Zoo was nothing short of spectacular. The combination of breathtaking animal exhibits, educational opportunities, and visitor amenities made for a memorable experience that I won't soon forget. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a family looking for a fun day out, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of the natural world, I wholeheartedly recommend a visit to the Sanford Zoo. It's a gem of a destination that offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Dimitri D. — Google review

We enjoyed our visit to the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens. The walk around the zoo was lovely and watching the Spider Monkeys interact with one another was a highlight. Unfortunately, some of the animals' habitats were empty when we went. Nevertheless, we liked what we did see. The Reptile House is great, and there is a nice water splash area for kids with changing rooms.

Carol Ann Jason — Google review

We had such a blast there. It definitely is a lot bigger than I thought. They are very military friendly and give a discount. Driving to the front may seem a little tricky. When you drive up you will see a train station for their adorable little train for the kids, that's where you park and go past the station and you will see the front entrance. Once inside you will be able to explore everywhere definitely take your time and there are many animals to see. The staff was super friendly and they are everywhere to help. You get to feed a giraffe which our son absolutely loved. Definitely a place we will go again.

John Camacho — Google review

Very nice place to visit with family. Very clean, well maintained. The collection of animals is small, and we only needed about 3 hours to see everything. For a small fee, you can feed giraffes or have a close up encounter with Indian rhinos. This is more of an attraction geared toward locals as opposed to the tourist giants that Orlando is famous for.

Louis Jones — Google review

4.5! 😉Don't look for larger mammals at this zoo.No 🐘 Elephant.No 🦁 Tiger.No 🦓 Zebra.Check the website to be sure it's what you are expecting. However, it is still great for small kids and adults like me that ❤️ Zoo Exhibits either way!Otherwise, the park was BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED, clean, and organized! The Herpetarium was a HUGE HIT with my group! We were able to get some great photos!Unfortunately, the 🦏 Rhinoceros on the roster was not available when we were there. 🥹❗️I feel like this kind of information should be provided before our money is accepted.ENJOY A FEW OF THE 📸 WE TOOK! 🥰

Erica Atlanta Homes — Google review

The Asian Lantern Festival is an experience that is truly out of this world! My recent visit to this event left me in awe and thoroughly entertained.From the moment we arrived, it was clear that this festival is something special. The vibrant lantern displays and the magical atmosphere created an enchanting environment that captivated us from start to finish.My family and I had an amazing time exploring the festival. The intricate lantern designs and the artistry behind them were truly impressive. It's a visual feast that you won't find anywhere else.What sets this festival apart is the unique and otherworldly experience it offers. It's a journey into a different realm, and I felt transported to a place of wonder and delight.I highly recommend the Asian Lantern Festival to anyone seeking a one-of-a-kind experience that's truly extraordinary. It's a testament to creativity and artistry that will leave you with memories to cherish. Thank you to the organizers for bringing this incredible event to life!

Sunil Govind — Google review


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(813)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (68)

3755 W Seminole Blvd, Sanford, FL 32771, USA

(407) 323-4450


The Breezeway Restaurant & Bar

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (69)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (70)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (71)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (72)

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Bar & grill

The Breezeway Restaurant & Bar, located in historic downtown Sanford, offers a laid-back atmosphere with an open patio area where you can enjoy signature co*cktails and Southern-inspired dishes. The restaurant features a scratch kitchen that prepares multi-course meals using fresh ingredients and raw foods. Guests can dine in a chic nautical interior or on the charming open-air patio surrounded by tropical greenery and a fountain while listening to jazz, country, or modern music.

Great vibe inside and out with good value for money! The outside seating was full on the sunny Saturday afternoon we visited - but we were happy to get a table inside with AC :-) We found the menu great for our needs and while service may not have been the fastest, it's a place to relax and the staff really friendly

Steve Malcolm — Google review

Oh my gosh! This place was absolutely amazing and the food was to die for! So delicious! The shrimp was amazing, my burger was amazing, it was all amazing! Definitely no lack of flavor here! My drink, excellent! Highly recommend, hopefully will be dining here on my next visit!

Sarah — Google review

What a pleasurable experience! First as smoker I appreciate the fact that you are allowed to smoke on the outside. I had the shrimp and grits it was AMAZING. You had choice of sides but very limited and nothing that really went with the shrimp and grits so I got fries. The wait staff was really nice. I would totally return again. Oh and they have proper pint size glasses unlike “The Station”

James Wishart — Google review

Came out on a Wednesday looking for a bite after exausting the Willow Tree (which I recommend if you haven't been yet.) Got the fresh catch grouper which was 1/2 pound for 15.99 and felt worth the price.The atmosphere was relaxed and the weather was good. There were a few patrons at the bar and the bar tenders were very lively and talkative and overall enjoyable to be near. Our waitress was nice if a bit relaxed.Food was good and the prices are pretty okay I think. The swamp water co*cktail was great - tasted like a pina colada just like the waitress said.Its hard to find good grouper away from the coast but it was pretty good. Not the best but not bad. The tartar sauce was good but I wanted more lol.

Jae B (fadewalkin) — Google review

What a gem! We stopped here for lunch before heading to the airport and we all loved our food. We had the cheese steak sandwich, fish and chips, mahi mahi sandwich and the fish sandwich. The servings were very generous and everything was delicious. We can't wait to go back. The decor is nothing fancy, but they have a beautiful bar and fantastic covered outside area.

Cathy Morris — Google review

One of the biggest and best Cobb salads I’ve ever had! The in-house made dressings are another selling point! If you’re looking for salad in Sanford, this should be on your shortlist.

Nick Cangemi — Google review

Cheese curds were great! I also liked the fried green tomatoes. Over the apps are really good. Great for watching the game nat the bar on Sundays.

Christopher Childs — Google review

Beautiful atmosphere in the later evening with the street lights. Super fast service and excellent food! I ordered the big fish sandwich meal with the blackened haddock (minus the bun), cole slaw and side salad. Their house ranch dressing was delicious! My husband ordered the blackened mahi over dirty rice. Highly recommend!

Caitlyn — Google review

The food has frequently been hit and miss here but we thought we'd give it another try. The "chicken salad salad" was excellent as was the grilled chicken salad. Good beer selection and good people watching on the outside patio, Cool breeze blowing through, great food today.

Greg — Google review

OMG what an awesome experience! Our server was great! The food was delicious and jaw hit the floor when we saw the portion size. Sat outside and it was just great. Can't wait to return. Make sure you're hungry when you order the Sanford Special!

Jeff W — Google review

Wish I could give it a 4.5, but am considering to change it to a 5* if our next trip to the breezeway is better than this one. So the original beer I ordered was not in stock so I had to get second choice. My gf asked for the homemade potato chips but fries came out with her meal. A third round of unrequested drinks came to our table by “accident”, but we didn’t really have any place to go so we just took them anyways. There was a small bone in my fried chicken sandwich. A little annoying but I could tell it was very fresh. The food is always good when we come and the service is usually very solid. As you can see there’s big portions too. Will change to 5* if our next visit is better than this time around, which I’m sure it will be.

Adam Skove — Google review

Came here for dinner while we were in the area. Great co*cktails! I got the sangria and enjoyed it. For food we got the nachos with chicken. They were good, but a bit pricey. I've never had nachos with kettle chips so it was unique. We then got the Sanford Special with a couple extra set ups. Easily enough to feed 4 people, it's a huge amount of meat! The atmosphere is really nice sitting outside. Had a good time!

Muniba Khan — Google review

We enjoyed our lunch on the Breezeway patio. The space is fun, the food was good, and our server was uber friendly and helpful (and a real hustler).

Tod Bowen — Google review

Been a patron for many years! Hadn't visited in over 2yrs, we live over an hour away. This place gets better every time we visit. Brought several friends from out of state-and we were thrilled that the quality of food and the service are still TOP NOTCH! Highly recommend!Our waiter, who reminded me of Benny from the movie Queens Gambit, was awesome! I'm positive he introduced himself, but because of his resemblance to Benny...I just can't remember what he said his name was!

Diane Bauer — Google review

It was a delight to have lunch with a friend (and her pup) at the Breezeway! We both had the fish and chips and they were delicious!(They do need a new coleslaw recipe, tho)We look forward to go there again when it's a bit cooler out! 😎

Mary Lou Quercioli — Google review

Loved the place. Gives off good ambience. The place has outdoor seating as well. The food was really great. The staff are friendly. Thumbs up for their service. Really decent seafood restaurant. Most of the dishes are at market price. Right in downtown Sanford. The streets outside have plenty of free parking.

Shehan Sahibdeen — Google review

Coming from Minnesota it is always a treat when we can have a seat outside for lunch. Heading back to Minnesota after a fairly chilly but still rewarding vacation with relatives. This will be our final meal in Florida until we return next year. Our wait staff Julie was very attentive and friendly. The cuisine was prepared properly and being able to sit outside was a bonus for sure.

Roberto Hendy — Google review

Had a great lunch with family. We sat inside as it was a little cold. Had the sangria, which was very refreshing. Fried green tomatoes were great as well as the smoked fish dip. Staff was super friendly. Place was very clean. Downtown is a very nice Quaint shopping area and the breezeway is a great stopping point to enjoy a good meal at a decent price

Robyn Stahl Ormond Beach Realtor — Google review

Lively and cute place to enjoy a beer or swamp water with music playing and the little birds chirping. My waitress was such a doll and took good care of me. I got the curds which were okay. A burger, med rare with cheese, and fries, it was delicious. Both came out pretty quick and at a good temperatures.

Skyblue Chambers — Google review

I ordered the sausage gravy with two biscuits. I would not recommend this dish. It seems like they have tried to make it somewhat fancy and they would be better off just doing the regular sausage gravy with biscuits as I think it would be delicious that way. However , they added a spice of some sort and then it is slightly yellow looking. It was also very salty. My friends ordered a BLT, a grilled chicken sandwich, and french toast sticks and all of those were very good though. Very good service and nice ambiance.

Rebecca Bruce — Google review

Really good food and a pretty cool place to go. The restaurant staff was nice and the food came out perfect . I would definitely recommend trying this place if you are ever in the area . They have something just about everyone would like. Kudos! I will definitely be coming back here In the future

Denny Buckler — Google review

One of my all-time favorite sandwiches, the breaded pork tenderloin, is fabulous! Also, the place has a good vibe and great service. I've been here a few times and they do not disappoint.

Mary Atkinson — Google review


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112 E 1st St, Sanford, FL 32771, USA

(407) 878-1284

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Harry P Leu Gardens

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (82)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (83)

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Botanical garden

The Harry P Leu Gardens is an exquisite botanical paradise just minutes away from downtown Orlando. Filled with vibrant flora, the garden is a popular tourist spot for those interested in gardening or nature.

This is one of the gems of Orlando, that not everyone knows about surprisingly. 50 acres of botanical gardens with many different areas and types of plants and flowers to admire. Years ago we were lucky enough to be married in the rose garden, and it was absolutely stunning. They have sections for so many other things as well as many events. This time of year they have their annual plant and flower sale, which is a sight to behold. So many vendors come in and sell high-quality often uncommon plants.In the vegetable garden, they had specific offerings of vegetables and herbs that you take home and grow. There are numerous trails throughout the garden, some secluded some open. We’ve enjoyed coming here many times and just sitting and admiring all that is present. Definitely check it out, and take a look for the many special events, like movie night which is always a good time.

M Roman — Google review

Really beautiful space located just outside Orlando. We came to see the Dinosaur Exhibit at Leu Gardens and we were really impressed. The gardens were very well maintained, easy to navigate, and great signage located around the property. There was enough shade to escape the afternoon Florida sun and wide walking paths around. Really enjoyed the quality of the dinosaurs and information located about each. We found numerous animals from grasshoppers, birds, snakes, and insects and really enjoyed our time there.

Graig Smith — Google review

Beautiful gardens!! Lots of walking. The walkways are plentiful, wide and paved beautifully for those who need accessibility. Doors are automatic, plenty of ramps and the attractions (it’s Halloween in a few days) are accessible.If you love plants, camellias, roses, small lizards, birds, fresh air, this os the place for you.There is a welcome center with bathrooms (there are also bathrooms outside, they are well marked on the map), and plenty of parking. We missed the museum tour, but spent several hours in the botanical garden.

Tatiana Hoover — Google review

A beautiful set of gardens in OrlandoThe entrance is located at the intersection of Corrine Dr and N Forest Ave. The park takes up 50 acres on the south side of Lake Rowena. There are two parking lots. One is near to the main building and one is just to the south. Together they can hold about 150 vehicles. The entry is through the main building and costs about $15/person. The gardens are used for events. The day that we visited, there was a wedding event set up outside the house on the south of the grounds and the reception was set for the main building. It seemed a perfect place for it. The gardens are self-guided and have lots of paths to follow. Recently, they have made a “dragon” challenge treasure hunt that is a lot of fun. People have to find clues and decrypt the message that leads you to the treasure. The gardens have large dragons and night-time lighting for these very large creatures. The gardens are beautiful and have many paths and descriptions of the many plants around the grounds. Overall, this is a wonderful set of gardens that is very pleasant to walk through.

Ward Dougherty — Google review

We loved it. It's huge and organized into different gardens (map is helpful). Tours of the house are only between 10am and noon, but there's lots to see without that. All of the paths are paved,wood, etc, which is nice for maneuverability (and you don't have to worry about your shoes). They have events here, so we'll probably be back 😊

Kat Bird — Google review

They have beautiful gardens. Full of lovely colors! Pathways are very clean always and it is always peaceful there. Going on walks with family is special there. The last time we went we did a dragons & fairies scavenger hunt. Kids love it and the dragons are large sized and impressive!!! The fairy houses were on trees. Leu Gardens put up these fun events from time to time. Last time we got to see part of a wedding in progress and got lucky to run into the beautiful bride in white by herself and we got to tell her how beautiful she looked! Very kind staff too. We were not turned away when we forgot our membership cards with Bok Towers once as they are affiliates. Nice lady up front still let us in. We go there so often. We always love it there!

Lyn MPM — Google review

If you enjoy strolls through beautiful vegetation you will enjoy this location. Right now they have a dinosaur exhibition going on that is a fun activity to do. Don't forget to bring your camera as there are many photograph opportunities. The trees provide plenty of shade so you can enjoy your stroll without getting cooked by the Sun. There is a nearby lake so look out for native wildlife species.

John Haddock — Google review

I'll start this off by saying im not a garden person. I go because it's my gfs hobby, and that's about it. I actually loved this place. It was truly amazing, and i will be coming back. You have to see it for yourself. It's a fairly small walk. Maybe an hour and a half to 2 hour walk to see everything, and when we went, they had dinosaurs there that were expertly done, really looked real. I'd highly recommend for anyone looking for an experience like this.

Michael Mayo — Google review

I love this place and the only reason I gave it a 4 star is because if you’re a wheelchair user, you do need a power assist or someone to push you. The terrains absolutely breath taking and the wedding venue possibilities are endlessly potential. However the up and down and large range of trails makes it difficult to be in a manual chair. I would def go back, and plan on getting a membership soon. The fairy door experience held in the fall is such a fun day date with kids!

Trixie Amberly — Google review

I loved the serene paths the Gardens had. There were several walking trails and places to sit and just breathe. There is plenty of shade, too.I went alone and although I didn't have trouble with parking I noticed on my way out that parking was full. Also, there were renovations going on when I attended, and I really wanted to visit the local shop inside, but again, it was cordoned off and closed for renovation.Overall, I really enjoyed my outing, and the low price and drive were worth the trip. It was very family-friendly, and I even enjoyed a short chat with the grounds keeper.

Deanna Weatherwax — Google review

Best botanical garden we have been to. So much variety, especially for October. Beautifully laid out. Easy to walk everywhere. Small private trails and larger roads. Planned on an hour and stayed for three, and would have stayed longer if we had the time.

James Dale — Google review

Every year I visit Leu gardens during their dazzling lights and it never disappoints. I must say this year was just the same, they always add more events and things to see and I absolutely love the showcase. I have visited the garden during the day and it’s truly a beautiful and tranquil place to seek solace and enjoy the beauty that is the garden

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1920 N Forest Ave, Orlando, FL 32803, USA

(407) 246-2620


Exotic Animal Experience

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (90)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (91)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (92)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (93)

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Outdoor Activities

The Exotic Animal Experience allows guests to have close encounters with some of the world's most interesting animals. Visitors can choose a group experience, private visit, or special package that allows for more time with the animals. The park is clean and accommodating, and the staff is knowledgeable about the animals.

Me and my boyfriend did the ultimate experience here and it was worth every penny! It’s a very relaxed and fun environment where you get to hold and hang out with all the animals. All the animals are very sweet and social, you can tell they get a lot of love and are so well taken care of. Leslie and the others that work there are very nice and made this such a wonderful experience. I have already told all my friends that if they are ever in Orlando they have to go!

jamie doty — Google review

What an awesome experience!!!! You will not regret it! The staff here is wonderful and the animals are amazing! Our group had so much fun meeting all of the cool animals and the experience began as soon as we arrived. Definitely a must do when visiting Orlando! Also loved that even with the group option it was still an intimate setting.

J Donner — Google review

Wow what a once in a lifetime opportunity. Would recommend anyone who loves animals to visit. The animals were healthy and friendly. The staff was knowledgeable. The facility was very clean and we were welcomed into all the living areas of the animals. We held lemurs, sloths, spider monkey, bush baby and more. Incredible and unforgettable. Would visit again.

Tammy Althoff — Google review

The staff was very polite and knowledgeable about all of the animals. Everything was very clean and presented professionally. The animals seemed very happy and loved interacting with people. It was really a one of a kind experience.

Ali-Jah Chahrour — Google review

Absolutely amazing place! The staff are incredible, very knowledgeable and truly love the animals. This is an experience of a life time and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to go! The owner genuinely loves her animals and it is evident in everything from their habitats to how the animals clearly love her and the staff. I highly recommend going you will not regret it!!!

Jennifer Boucher — Google review

Giving 1 star due to unprofessional customer service and inaccurate details on website. It states “No Appointments Booked Over 30 Days in Advance.” I tried booking on April 20th for a May 19th (Thursday) appointment and was told there were no more spots available. Wish i knew to book months in advance. I’m very disappointed I can’t go during my stay in Orlando , I was looking forward to the experience.

Kyra — Google review

We brought our son to the Exotic Animal Experience for his birthday on May 1st.. We had such an amazing experience. The staff is absolutely wonderful. They are friendly and very knowledgeable of the animals. For me, what I loved the most was seeing how much the animals love the owner and staff. You can tell the animals are so happy and so well taken care of. I’ve been to other animal experiences and have felt rushed. It was the exact opposite here. They really make sure each person gets adequate time with each animal. The property is very well maintained and very clean. I really like that the owner only books small groups at a time. It gives you room to spread out on the property and feel like you’re alone with the animals.We had an issue paying and had to stay behind about 20 minutes after the experience ended. The staff was so understanding and so willing to help us get the issue resolved.Thank you so much for allowing us to come visit and spend the day with your fur babies! It was such a special experience that we will never forget!

Emily Vincentz — Google review

We went to the zoo yesterday! It was my 3 teen girls and I. We did the group experience first...it was amazing! We got to interact with animals you typically wouldn’t get to interact with. Zebra, camel, lemurs, sloth, kangaroo and more! Leslie, Garret and Jodie were very knowledgeable about all the animals and gladly answered all questions. The animals were very active and well kept! They have a huge area that they live in, play in and it’s very clean. You can tell how much Leslie loves her animals. Her dogs were awesome too! My daughter did the simply sloth experience after the group experience for a graduation gift. She was in heaven! She got to hold, snuggle and feed the sloth. They also offered a great deal on photos. It was nice to be able to interact with the animals the whole time and not have to worry about taking pictures. As an animal lover it was great to go to a zoo and actually see happy well taken care of animals:)Thanks again for an amazing experience!

Christine Spahr — Google review

I was looking for something different and hands on for my daughter's birthday/5th grade graduation. Well, this was it! You can tell the animals are very well cared for and several have a very special bond with Leslie. All the tour guides were super friendly and very knowledgeable. Leslie is wonderful and you can tell how much she loves what she does. We will definitely be looking to do this again. From Baby Girl, the most welcoming camel you have ever met, to the fun and rambunctious lemurs, you will truly enjoy your time spent here!

Desiree Danger — Google review

What a experience!!!!!! So happy we didn’t listen to some of these reviews! The animals are so sweet and loving they really love their owner and care takers which was really awesome to see. The animals really are well taken care of. I noticed some complaints on the owner saying she can be a bit mean. That wasn’t the case with our group she was very informative what people have to remember is these are her babies she going to protect them as much as she can if you simply listen you will have a awesome time like we did! At the end she brought out a new addition to the family that was just born. I would highly recommend this tour well worth every penny! Thanks again for such a awesome experience! You have a great staff!

lisa — Google review

I took my wife here to celebrate her birthday and it was fantastic! We did the basic group visit. We were grouped up with about 10 or so other people. Courtney guided us through the different animals and gave us lots of information about all of them. Even though we were in a larger group, they made sure that everyone got plenty of individual time with the different animals. I never felt rushed. First, we got to pet a zebra and a sloth. Then we got to actually go into the lemur's pen and interact with them! My favorite part was getting to play with the kangaroos and bottle feed some of them. They're so gentle and friendly! The entire experience was incredible! You can tell that Leslie really cares about every single one of her animals and takes great care of them. I cannot recommend this place enough!

Joe C — Google review

How this place has anything but 5 stars, just proves why animals are better than people most of the time. 😂There is nothing I can say sufficiently in the characters allowed in this review. This is not a Zoo, it’s an experience. Leslie loves what she does, and it shows immediately. The staff are passionate, and happy. The animals are comfortable, and relaxed.There is no pressure or exploitation of any of these animals. Leslie is authentic, and loving to her pets. (She is quite possibly on saint level, with how great with people, after taking care of these animals so well all the time.) So any review talking negatively about her, was likely missing the entire point of this experience. The Animals.What you see here is epic, and special. What you experience here is unique, and inexplicable. Call, and book. You will not regret it, I promise you. My wife and I had an incredible time, and can’t stop commenting on the obvious care, and passion this place contains. They have something special here. For the experience you receive, you will leave feeling truly good inside, knowing that the animals are happy, loved, and you are helping them to continue being cared for.The energy from the animals, and the people, remind you that there is in fact so much good in this world. The opportunity to experience these beautiful, exotic animals, without feeling as though they are prisoners in cages. These are NOT zoo animals, they are Leslie’s pets. What a difference!!! Thank you again Leslie, for letting people into your “home”.

G Caccioppoli — Google review


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(407) 383-6766


Jungle Adventures, A Real Florida Animal Park

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (96)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (97)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (98)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (99)

Zoos & Aquariums

Animal park


Roadside zoo in a park-like setting featuring tours, river cruises & gator feedings.

A gem of a place. This place is really nice but the staff made it wonderful. The animal handler that day was perfect. Our day started rough, separate issues from this place and the staff really hoped make it something truly special for our kids. I know Rachel was working the gift shop but I never got the handlers name. They were amazing. Thank you!

Stephen Kalicki (Seadweller43) — Google review

Great experience for the price. You can bring 4 for around $50 and easily kill a few hours if you get there before 3 to do everything. Also located right off I95 so it’s convenient. They offer military discount as well. This is definitely one of the nicer gator parks we’ve been to in Florida both layout wise as well as staff

Koa Henderson — Google review

We went here today for my daughter's birthday and had an amazing time! If you can plan to attend every show and free activity I feel there is plenty to do, see and learn. Kaylee (I think) did all of our shows and had so much knowledge to share about all of their animals. Our little one got to feed the alligators, turtles, monkey and deer. Then she got to hold a gator and snake for free 😁 also a plus all the enclosures were very clean, the food was well stocked and the animals looked very healthy. Thanks everyone!

Ashley Young — Google review

This is the place you want to visit. Old school Florida cool at it's absolute finest. It's not polished and slick, it's perfect, exactly what we were looking for. Super friendly people, and very knowledgeable. Birds, gators, snakes, and monkeys, even a beautiful cat. They clearly love all the animals and treat them well. They answered all our questions and we learned plenty. You'll be glad you stopped in. If you're looking for Serge A. Storms, this is the kind of place you might find him visiting.

John N — Google review

What an experience this place is. The gentleman that was our guide was EXCELLENT! Not only did he have a vast knowledge of the animals they care for, he also was happy to share his knowledge of the area.The alligators were really cool to see. The boat ride was a lot of fun. Both kids and adults had a great time.THANK YOU!

Eric — Google review

Myself my daughter and my grandson had soooo much fun 😊 our guide was amazing and it was way more than I expected. Seriously impressed with his knowledge and his patience and his kindness with the children... I felt like the animals/creatures were so well taken care of... It was so evident in the animals. It was truly an experience!! I had passed this place multiple times throughout a 20 plus year, but never stopped until just recently and I'd go again and again. Thank you Jungle. Adventure for a wonderful time/experience 💕

Maria Velazquez — Google review

Finally got a chance to go here and it was amazing. It's not a big park but you can spend a good 3-4 hours and not be bored. The staff was very nice and the tour guide, Trish, was great. Loved the swamp cruise - I forgot I was in Orlando for a few minutes. Hundreds of gators in the swamp, also you can see some other animals like tortoises, python, turtles, Bobcat, parrots etc in the park. If you want to escape the theme park craziness and see real Florida in Orlando, this is a good place.

S Perna — Google review

My boyfriend and I had a great time. This was a wonderful look into real Florida. We love to support these side road educational attractions. There were so many of them back in the 50's and 60's. A must visit!Our young lady guide was fabulous. The price was extremely reasonable.If your looking for fancy, glitzy and plastic this probably won't be your kind of place. If you are seeking a raw natural Florida environment then you will love this place. The weather in November is just spectacular.I highly recommend the retractable silver gator claw backscratcher from the gift shop.

Doreen Young — Google review

This place is so rad. The animals are well cared for and they all have plenty of space to move around freely.One thing I really loved (didn't think to get a picture of it though) is that the wolf enclosure is kinda secluded from the rest of the zoo. I've been to other zoos where the wolf enclosures are on busy walkways and the wolves always seem stressed that way. It's really nice to see wolves here that actually don't seem to mind being in a zoo!I didn't get the name of the guy doing the tours and animal displays, but he was really great. Very funny guy, and he knew a ton about all the animals. Probably one of the best tour guides I've ever had.Definitely 5/5 overall. Go here, you'll love it

Trent Kelly — Google review

We had a great visit to Jungle Adventures yesterday. The park is small, and what I call "old Florida." You're not going to find fancy theme park polish here. What you do get are close up animal encounters with some of Florida's critters. The Florida Panther was a favorite, as was the alligator feeding. The boat ride was very interesting and relaxing. Nice boardwalk over the alligators.Good way to spend a couple of hours.

Rae Augenstein — Google review

What an absolutely gorgeous place! They have been around for 60 years now and have an astonishing amount of gators. The boat ride through part of the lake area where they live was very serene with the large trees, and mossy green top layer surrounding these massive predators. The boat is run on a super quiet electric motor which is super cool in my opinion. The staff there is very knowledgeable about the animals as well as the establishment so asking questions is a must for the full experience! I learned some and had a great time.

Sydnie Collins — Google review

Had an incredible experience! Would highly recommend! We got to hold and pet lots of different animals including a baby gator! We also saw the gators get fed and jump out of the water! And got to go on a boat ride to get a closer look!The staff was really knowledgeable especially Alex! She gave all of the talks we saw about the animals and fed the gators herself too!Will come again next time I’m in the area! Great for groups of friends and would recommend getting feed bags to give to somemof the animals on the property!

Sid Hillman — Google review

Jungle Adventures is such a fun and amazing place to see what true Florida looks like with 300+ gators. They offer an animal show, boat ride, gator feeding, and native American village talk which is so informative and fun! Along with all of the gators they have various animals, many of which are rescues. I 100% recommend Jungle Adventures. This is one of my favorite places to go and I am always bringing new friends and family here spending at least 2-3 hours in the park. 🐊

Isabelle Hair — Google review

It's best place to explore for all the age groups. They have a wildlife show, the instructor Alexandra shared information about native floridians, alligator feeding and a boat ride and Alexandra shared interesting facts about the animals, she made the whole experience better. It's a lot of fun and a lot to explore. They have bunch of crocodiles, a wolf, Florida panther and bunch of birds.

Avdhoot Mahamuni — Google review

We went here on a random whim one day at it was BEYOND all expectations. Myself, my two friends and my toddler (2yo) went here and we all had a blast. We got hands on experience with some animals as well as up close and personal with gators in the swamp. We got to see them feed meat to the gators as well as a boat ride through the swamp. They offer military discounts up to 50% off or BOGO. My ticket plus a toy was only $20. Please please go here! It is so worth it.

MK — Google review

This place is awesome. Have visited twice and will continue to visit semiannual. What makes this place special is they offer everything the more well known gator parks have but without the large crowds. Everything is included with park admission meaning you don't have to pay extra to hold/take a picture with a gator or go on a boat ride through the swamp. The staff are very friendly, In fact they don't really feel like staff at all but more like uncle Randy or aunt Karen taking you and the kids around to see all their cool animals. The visit today was marred by unfavorable weather but the tour guide did everything possible to make sure me,my family, and other guests in the park had a memorable experience. At other similar parks it is up to you make sure you show up to the scheduled times of the events/shows but here it seems that they make sure every person that walks into the park leaves with experiencing all they have to offer. All in all this felt like a VIP experience for a standard price.

Kenny Wenk — Google review

I was honestly pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this place. I went with both my little kids and we just enjoyed everything so much. The staff is super friendly. The animals are so visible and entertaining. Probably one of the best places I have been to and we are military so we have been to so many places. The jumping gators was super cool and the boat ride is relaxing and safe for little kids. I was nervous about that. But it has rails all around. I will definitely go back and take my parents too.

Barbara Brown — Google review


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26205 E Colonial Dr, Christmas, FL 32709, USA

(407) 568-2885


Kennedy Space Center Store

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (102)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (103)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (104)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (105)

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Aerospace company


The gift shop Kennedy Space Center Store at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is a place where visitors can buy souvenirs and gifts related to space exploration. It includes items like T-shirts, caps, mugs, and other memorabilia related to Apollo and the shuttle programs.

Amazing day , long queues and didn’t get to see everything. Best to buy the reduced price 2 day ticket especially on launch days.

Simila Cyprus — Google review

A must for science fans. The museums are great. I really loved the bus tour. Takes you out to the launch pads and to the Saturn V exhibit. Next time I'll go to see a launch.

Mike Settle — Google review

All kinds of cool gifts and stuff to bring home.

RPM Repair Performance Maintenance — Google review

Took the day to explore this place and still did not see everything. I took someone's suggestion and reserving the bus that takes you yo the other side where you cannot drive yourself too and I went early. Made it back in time to explore the Atlantis!That was lots of fun especially taking a ride in the simulator. I don't like adventure rides bit I took a chance with that one. It was ok. I actually expected more but that's probably after hearing the details of how it is on an actual rocket take off. HahaFor every exhibition you visit they take your picture. I swear I wasn't going to get any but that swear couldn't hold up when I got to the space center and the Atlantis... They did a good job!Parking was $10 . I paid $62 to skip the line but I git there 30 minutes after opening so there wasn't any line plus it was on a Monday. Stay hydrated and have fun. The food prices are reasonable.

Herbs For Lyfe — Google review

AMAZING!! I would highly recommend visiting.The cafe on site was worse than hospital food. There was a restaurants. Unfortunately I did not go to it. They had other options of food areas as well.It was amazing to learn and experience everything here. I felt like there is not enough time I'm one day to see it all.The tour guide on the bus was amazing and even educated us on the wildlifeI would highly recommend visiting this place

Hanna Taylor — Google review

Kennedy Space Center (KSC) was an amazing trip. Purchased multi day tickets. Definitely was an unique place to see and experience. Really want to make it back down again to see an rocket launch. So much to see and do. Recommend the multi day pass get there early and the take the bus tour to the Apollo/Saturn V Center. Then back to the main Visitor Center. Great for the entire family.

Timothy Bach — Google review

This was a trip down memory lane. The last time I went there was in 1979. It sure has changed...much more touristy and theme park like but my family enjoyed the time at KSCOnly reason for not 5 stars is I felt to many people did not abide by safety regulations set by CDC. Signage was posted but very hard for park to enforce.g

D Lopez — Google review

Truly a one of a kind experience. To see the human race taking its first steps towards the stars.How can I give it anything less than 5 stars? I shall miss this place.🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Lísa Ásgeirsdóttir — Google review

I have lived in Orlando for 21 years, I had never been in this place and had high expectations and today I decided to go with my family but the truth is that I was terribly disappointed because the entrance is very expensive for what the site offers, the truth is that the park It stayed in the past, the park does not have good signage and nothing information is limited to giving one a map but you have to look for it in the information office, the lack of biosecurity measures in the park are terrible for example, the dispensers of antibacterial gel. They are NOT working or empty, there are few things to do in the park and the show times are disorganized, the videos and stages are old and out of date, the children's play site is very basic small and it is only for children under 5 years old . I could continue writing and I would not finish telling you how bad this place is, I do not recommend it because the entrance is expensive the place is old outdated boring small and the food it offers is bad and expensive, in short, do not waste your money and your time.

Pedro. Muriel — Google review


(152)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (108)


(351)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (109)

9339 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827, USA

(855) 433-4210


Airboat Rides at MIDWAY

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (110)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (111)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (112)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (113)

Boat tour agency


Sightseeing tour agency

Tour operator

Boat Tours

This was a great tour around the river and wetlands. The captain pointed out lots of examples of the local wildlife including birds, gators and plants/trees. It was educational and a great ride.Headphones allow you to hear the captains explanations over the noise of the boat and wind.Holding a gator at the end was a great touch and connected us to the wild gators we saw on the tour.

Art Stanton — Google review

This is a hidden gem. A relaxed, educational and fun time with a cool take off spot. The store has cool swag and a gator picture. It's Florida at it's best. Good people, good time and easy to book.

Daniel Ritchie — Google review

Captain Tony was awesome. We all had a great time. We saw alligators, different birds and even cows. I highly recommend it. You can take your phone and get lots of great pictures.

Jennifer Proudfoot — Google review

The airboat ride was a lot of fun. We were able to see several alligators, including some very big ones. We also saw a lot of different birds including eagles. Captain Sammy was funny, informative and made it an awesome experience. We were a family of 8 which also included teenagers and grandparents and we all really enjoyed it. We also all liked holding the alligator. This was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it.

Andrew Novack — Google review

Amazing experience with an awesome airboat captain. Way better than any 60 second amusem*nt park ride. We saw loads of wildlife and had loads of fun skipping across the water with the wind in our faces. And of course we got to hold a baby alligator at the end. Will definitely be back next time we're in the area!

Mark Schleimer — Google review

Had an airboat tour with Captain Sammy, and what a great experience! She was funny, safe, full of knowledge, and made sure we all had a great time. We saw over 40 gators big & small, tons of wildlife, and a great trip. After we got to hold a baby gator and see some of the other animals they have on site. Money well spent and worth the drive as this was an unforgettable experience. Awesome job Captain Sammy!!

brad l — Google review

We had an amazing adventure with Midway. We had some friends in from out of town who wanted to see alligators. We saw so many gators, as well as beautiful birds and a magnificent landscape of marsh and cypress swamp. Our Captain Tony was so friendly and knowledgeable. We even were able to hold a small gator at the end of the tour. I will definitely use Midway again. Thanks!

Christine Posada — Google review

TLDR: This tour is well worth the money. You will not be disappointed!My friend and I went on the one hour airboat tour, and we could not have had a more enjoyable time. I have been lucky enough to travel the world and see many areas, but this was by far one of the prettiest places I have ever been. There's so much to look at - gators, manatees, birds, and even cows. The water is so pretty, the trees are cool looking, and the guides are super knowledgeable and passionate about what they're doing. Our guide would stop and get us as close as possible to the gators (without causing them any distress) so we could take pictures. He did this throughout the tour if he saw something really interesting, unique, etc.As an added bonus, the building where you check in has different types of snakes, a huge pig (who loves belly scratches), birds, and more, which you can see and, depending on the animal, touch. There is also an area with multiple baby gators, and at the end of the tour you get to hold one of them and take a picture.

Haley Gray — Google review

Believe the reviews! We had a trip planned to the Space Coast and decided to try an airboat ride before we headed back to the airport. I scoured local places and read the reviews and was sold on Midway. We had an amazing time - calm but fun, peaceful but exciting! Our captain, Justin, was a great guide, answered tons of questions, and made it a super chill experience. Come for the gators, stay for the pig, birds, cats… Highly recommend!

Fadra Nally — Google review

We had Captain Sami and she was AMAZING!!! My kiddos, although a tad chilly said later it was one of their favorite parts about our vacation. We saw cattle with their calf - gators - gorgeous views and tons of birds. Great experience and completely worth it, holding the baby alligator at the end was cool too.

Victoria Dietz — Google review

We had a great time! Our guide, TONY was the best! Lots to see, gators, cows grazing in the water up to their necks, herons, hawks, eagles, pink birds, black birds! Cypress swamp was beautiful! We were down here for the race but this was truly at the top of the list for the weekend! This needs to be on your to do list.

Shamus Harris — Google review

Absolutely loved this experience. We just moved to Florida and this was a great way to learn more about the state. We got to see so much wildlife, and got to be in nature. Our guide was amazing. She was funny and didn't kill us so I'd say that's a plus. Kind welcoming people with a sense of humor. 10/10 recommend 👌

Kaelyn Hops — Google review

We had THE BEST time at Midway! We spent 5 days in FL doing many excursions and everyone agreed that this was our favorite!! Our captain was fun, kind, and so knowledgeable! She even stopped to take pictures of our groups and answer questions. We saw a ton of gators, cows, and birds! We all loved holding the alligator at the end too! So much fun! Highly recommend!!

Danielle Betti — Google review

We absolutely loved this place. Our schedule changed and we ended up arriving 2 hours early, hoping to get out earlier. They made special accommodations for us and took such good care of us. My kids also loved all the animals while we waited for the ride and our tour guide was amazing. For sure one of the most memorable days of our trip. I’ll come back here every time we visit Orlando. Such a fun experience!

Josh Robbins — Google review

Captain Sammi was the best! She had us out on the water for an hour and 15 minutes. The whole trip she was giving us fact after fact about everything we saw out on the water. We saw a lot of gators and birds, we had a bald eagle fly right over our heads it was incredible. At the end we got the chance to hold a 3 year old alligator it was an amazing experience and I highly recommend to anyone who loves nature.

West Brunswick — Google review

I’ve been many times in the past few years and it’s always amazing. The beauty, wildlife, gators and Captains are the best there is. Thanks Captain Tony and Sammie. We bring all our guests here. Online booking makes it easy.

anne bowman — Google review

Very fun experience. You get to hold the bird and there’s animals like cats and a potbelly pig. The airboat ride is fun and the guide, Tony, was very entertaining and informative. Very relaxing at times and gets fun going up in speed. You get to hold a small alligator at the end!

Sean Green — Google review

Orlando is not just parks. A must if you want a wild but safe experience!! 🐊 🚤☀️My kids enjoyed it too.Captain Chris made it an unforgettable experience.

Alejandra Concha — Google review

We came without a reservation but we were able to make it on the next boat with a group of 5. It was about 50$ per person, it may be cheaper to get tickets online ahead of time. Our guide was amazing and knew a lot about the area ! He was fun and we did the last tour of the evening. The views were beautiful and we would do a boat tour again for sure ! To our guide : thank you for the memories !!

Kortney DeMent — Google review

Very pleasant experience. Would recommend. The hour tour is just the right amount of time. We were able to see beautiful wildlife and extraordinary beauty in the cypress marsh. Our Captain was pleasant and informative. We left feeling very happy we took the tour.

carolgilmo — Google review

Airboat Rides at Midway is a great way to see wildlife in the Florida waters. One hour gives you enough time to see gators, cows and birds. The airboat itself is smooth and a fun ride for you and your family. The guide, Captain Justin, was super friendly and knowledgeable. You are given headsets to hear the captain who explains the area and lets you know what to see. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who likes boat rides and wildlife.

Daniel Carro — Google review

It was nice and sunny dayOut boat tour started morningAnd we saw many alligators coming out in the sun and other native wildlife during the tour.It was nice experience

Dhiraj Kharche — Google review

Fantastic experience. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining. It wasn't very warm so most of the animals were hiding but it was still a great ride. You can hold one of the parrots and an alligator too.

Jennifer Serpico — Google review


(2029)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (114)


(584)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (115)

28501 E Colonial Dr, Christmas, FL 32709, USA

(407) 568-6790

I'll never travel to Fort Lauderdale without this trip planner again

Learn more

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (116)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (117)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (118)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (119)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (120)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (121)

I will never travel to Fort Lauderdale without this app againAvailable on the App Store


Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (123)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (124)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (125)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (126)

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Nature & Parks


The Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center is a 57-acre research and educational site featuring a network of nature trails, a lagoon, and saltwater tanks. Visitors can explore the building's interactive games, learn about Florida's water and animals in the museum, and take advantage of restrooms on-site. The attraction offers a chance to feed stingrays and invertebrates while observing large saltwater turtles and fish up close. Admission prices are $8 for children and $16 for adults.

April 2022 - what a great place. The kids loved this place and we had a hard time getting them to go. In the building they have some games you can play. Restrooms, a little museum about the animals, Florida water, ect. Very cool place to visit and we have no wait. Their is a trail but we didn't go that far. It was really hot outside for us with 3 daughters under 10. I highly recommend this place.

Brian D — Google review

Such a great Place! Years ago they were tiny but just as great, now they have built and expanded so many beautiful and truly enriching experiences on the property. There is a beautiful gift shop when you walk in ( be prepared to want to shop, truly I wish I had for that in my budget it’s like a mermaid emporium) and then they have a stingray touch pool just outside that we’re you can sit and learn about them and also touch them- including toddlers which was very cool. My little 2 year old darling was so excited by them and would have jumped in if I let her ha! Next to that is an interactive young childrens area- both are outside. Then the newest attraction is a big “air conditioned” building with another interactive room with puzzles for older kids and then a nice small little museum type walk through that introduces you to our local marine ecosystems which was done really well. Again my toddler could not get enough and we spent a good hour walking through it several times over! Everyone is very nice and informative as well. Outside that is a huge estuary I guess you could say. A man made giant “ lagoon “ as it’s called there or big pond that has a huge walk around deck ( which also leads to some pretty cool wildlife trails) and in it you’ll find all sorts of big ocean life including turtles, stingrays, and even nurse sharks which was pretty cool to us!!!I explained all this so that hopefully someone reading this can see how worthwhile it is to go here! You and your kids will love it!

Kaleigh Cook — Google review

This is a great place to spend the day with your family. There are interactive and very informative displays throughout the grounds, with many "hands-on" exhibits for all ages. The staff is very knowledgeable and will teach you many things about the creatures you will encounter in each exibit. From the walking trails to the gift shop, we were extremely impressed with this park.Highly-rated for a visit!

Joseph Widmer — Google review

Amazing place to learn about and see Florida marine wildlife! They have stingrays in a touch tank you can feed, a huge pond/aquarium with tons of fish, sea turtles, an octopus, and a nature trail. Well worth the $16 to get in. The whole experience was great and the programs were lots of fun. This is a great place for the whole family to check out. I'll definitely be coming back here.

Isaac Rampton — Google review

Really neat place with a stingray feeding experience, touch tank of several smaller aquatic species, and a large model estuary with nurse sharks and recovering sea turtles that you can learn about and see. Great for little kids to be exposed and learn. Fair pricing and free entry for active duty and veterans as well.

Abraham Mendez — Google review

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Excellent place with lots of information. Kids loved it but we did too. Sting ray touch tank very cool. Very clean and very cool place. Highly recommend.

Jessica Vaughn — Google review

This has been something we wanted to do for a while and it was worth the wait. The grounds are well kept and there is a lot to see. Nice combination of indoor and outdoor things to see.

Buddy 5G — Google review

Very pleasant place to visit. Charged 8 dollars per child and 16 dollars for adults. The children were able to feed and pet the stingrays and invertebrates. View the very large saltwater turtles and fish. It was easy to spend 2 hours. Very informative.

mark james — Google review

Great place to visit and spend the afternoon. The Center isn't huge, but my family and I had a nice time. We were able to pet and feed stingrays, view their lagoon with fish, stingrays, sea turtles and sharks, explore the exhibits and a wonderful view of everything from the top of the Ecocenter

Tim Ross — Google review

We had a awesome time! Very friendly & informative! Tons of stuff for kids of all ages to do & participate in! The sting rays were the best & the presentations on the sea turtles was great!

Serena Davis — Google review

Amazing experience! They are making sure animals are safe and live in an environment similar to the wild one. Very interesting museum to visit, they have a lot of activities. Worth visiting

Anastasia Hrunova — Google review

This is a very educational spot to spend some outdoor time. Really big lagoon with rays, fish, and turtles all swimming about. There's plenty of educational placards and displays as well as different talks given. Take a walk on the nature trail through the mangroves (best enjoyed after liberal application of DEET) and see their oyster reclamation project. A big plus is that active duty military and veterans get in free.

Mike Puig (teenado658) — Google review

My wife would likely disagree with the five stars due to the smell in the Nature Trail, but I thought it was a fun experience.Great access to animals of all kinds. Really interesting exhibits in the park.In my opinion, the VERY SMELLY Nature Trail is a 3/4-mile walk through an actual marsh. The methane gases due to decomposing detritus (and who knows what else) are REALLY strong, but it was lots of fun.

Daniel Farris — Google review

Love this place. Brought my grandsons here and they enjoyed it. Lots to learn for all ages. When you first get in you get to pet the stingrays in the stingray tank and then you can watch them feed the fish in the big estuary. Highly recommend. Will be back

Kimberly Lopes — Google review

We love bringing the kids here. We brought my mother and grandfather here last week who are from PA and they loved it. If you follow the trails all the way out, you see the water and if you are lucky enough you may see some hammerhead's swim by like we did.

Tiffany Bowman — Google review

Great time coming here with the Wife and Kids, Turtles were gorgeous and fish were stocked well. Bring your polarized glasses to see more down deep!!! Prepare for a wild sanctuary nature walk, bring waters!

Christian Heil — Google review

The amount of knowledge you learn is unreal. We spent the whole day there just learning from the shows and then walking through the building. Really enjoyed the atmosphere and the nature walk.I do suggest bringing something to snack on and drink as they only have water.

Erin Jenkins — Google review

Nice little exhibit that is very educational about smaller aquatic life. I would say it would take about an hour to go through. Has cool fish tanks with a small octopus. I would say after going through this place would be best for kids.

Curry7 Eagles — Google review

Loved the history lesson the damming and canalization of Lake Okeechobee. Learned a lot about local sea life and their efforts to help sea grass and oyster repopulate in the area. The kids all admitted it was worth leaving the beach and was super fun! Must-see in Stuart!

Bobbi Shepard — Google review

Absolutely amazing. Definitely stop in. Wonderful staff. Great experience and knowledge. Love that's a non profit so your money to pay is going straight to the beautiful facility.

Lacey Steil — Google review


(1569)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (127)


(721)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (128)

890 NE Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL 34996, USA

(772) 225-0505


Elliott Museum

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (129)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (130)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (131)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (132)

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Local history museum


The Elliott Museum is a contemporary museum showcasing art exhibits and interactive displays that document the cultural history of Florida. It features an exceptional car collection, as well as historic collections, making it a must-see for those interested in Florida's past. The museum also includes a gift shop on its second floor, where local artist works are available for purchase. With accessible facilities such as handicap access and elevators, visitors can fully enjoy this treasure coast gem at an affordable price with senior and child discounts available.

We definately enjoyed the Elliot Museum, an exceptional car collection, Art Collection and historic collections. Florida history buffs will love this place.At Stuart BeachSmall Cafe on 2nd floorGift shop with local artist works for sale.$8 Adult AdmissionSenior and Child discountsHandicap access and elevator.

blake elwood — Google review

Great experience and even the younger kids remained engaged. Very nicely laid out and everything was maintained well. Would love to come again and spend more time checking out the rotating car display. Also, very veteran friendly with admission.

The Family — Google review

The Elliot museum is a very cool looking modern building near the beach. It has a rotating exhibit that feature local artists and photographers. It has some interesting historical information about people and places in Florida. There is a large collection of old cars, trucks, bikes, motorcycles, and an airplane. My favorite part was the old general store that is from the late 1800's.

Jaydude007 — Google review

What a gem! Right here in Stuart, FL. Interesting and educational with a friendly, professional staff! Met so many nice people there. If you like planes, trains and automobiles this is for you!

Deb Killian — Google review

What an excellent museum! It was definitely bigger than I imagined. I drove 2 hours to come check this place out. It was worth the drive. So much history here. Great collection of automobiles. I loved everything about it. I highly recommend if you are in the area or looking for something to do.

Michael Jimenez — Google review

I stopped here on the way home because Steve, out at the refuge, suggested the combo ticket. Although I think the museum focuses, foremost, on motor vehicle technology, then history, I think I like the… Well, you can see from the pictures what I like the most. I had a great time here and I will be back. Especially because there are a couple of paintings that I want to buy from the gift shop

mie coe — Google review

One of the best museums on the treasure coast. You can see many many very vintage cars that are very cool and even some of the first electric cars ever made. I would suggest anybody going here just for the history of Stuart sewell's point in the surrounding areas. Class act all the way.

John Bartley — Google review

This is the oasis in Florida. What an amazing museum of cars and antiques. Cool stuff, great information, and lots of learning today on our journey to lunch on the beach, a good 1 to 2 hour distraction.Cars, boats, models, trains, and a couple of cool facts!

Joel Zaidspiner — Google review

I hadn’t been here since the new building was constructed 10 years ago. The car collection is certainly a highlight, as is the system that allows you to select and bring down cars from the upper levels for a closer examination. However there are other impressive displays as well, including a wonderful selection of paintings by The Highwaymen.

Andrew Hale — Google review

First time here, always see it on the way home and since it’s my birthday today decided to check it out. The car collection is very nice, beautiful cars, the way they have them set up I can stay here for hours as I am a car enthusiast. The paintings are gorgeous and found out about THE HIGHWAYMEN and their art 🖼️ wonderful wonderful… I would love to come back with my son, perfect place if you want to see some very cool things.

D.A.C — Google review

Very cool museumEspecially if you like old cars.

Rebecca Hurwitz — Google review

The Elliot museum's car collection is primarily model A and T older cars, but there are several more modern cars to enjoy.The real amazing part of this collection is that nearly 50 cars are racked in an automated storage system. Each car requested for viewing is brought out of the three story racks and placed on a revolver turntable for viewing. A technological marvel worth the visit.The staff were pleasant and willing to show me many requests for specific cars.I enjoyed it immensely and recommend a visit if you are in the Stuart Florida area or passing nearby on travel.

Tim Russell — Google review

This museum was a pleasant surprise. My family and I enjoyed it immensely. We were in town and looking for indoor activities and came across this gem. Staff is extremely friendly. The car collection is quite impressive. I loved the Everglades through pictures section.

Jeremiah Ramberg — Google review

Great place to learn about local history. Wonderful collection of old cars, baseball history, and artifacts from the past.

Ana Micheli — Google review

Great museum with rich history of the Treasure Coast. Great selection of cars with a cool system to take a car off a multi-level rack to a display. Just pick the car and the device rings the car front and center and gives you a 360 view.Interesting display as this is a replica of a steam engine that was produced in my hometown in upstate New York.

Joe Rubino — Google review

Awesome King Tut display but the rest of the museum is really something. A variety of historical items from the area and well worth the price of admission my fellow travelers.

Bucket 4443 — Google review


(702)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (133)


(604)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (134)

825 NE Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL 34996, USA

(772) 225-1961


Bathtub Beach

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (135)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (136)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (137)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (138)

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Beach pavillion

Nature & Parks


Bathtub Beach is a family-friendly destination with a unique feature - during low tide, the reef creates a shallow pool resembling a bathtub. This makes it an ideal spot for young kids and those who want to swim without worrying about the tide. The beach offers limited parking but provides amenities such as a gazebo, shower, and bathroom. Additionally, Bathtub Beach is handicap accessible with designated parking and wheelchair-accessible sidewalks leading to an overlook pavilion and sun deck.

Bathtub beach is awesome if you have young kids or want to go into the water and not worry about the tide. The reef is a great barrier and during low tide creates a shallow pool, which is why it is named bathtub beach. Parking is very difficult most days and is very limited. It does have a gazebo, one shower, and a bathroom.

Chad Rockefeller — Google review

Beach is wide with hilly beach. Sand is coarse (shells). Very clean. Sections of the beach have nice shallow waters for children so it's very popular. Also near the very end of Hutchinson Island. A rock reef off shore breaks with waves ... Very pretty.

Linda Crook — Google review

One of my favorite beaches. When the tide is low, you can appreciate the shallow water and small pools are formed making it safer for young children. Water visibility also becomes crystal clear. Great beach to find all size shells.

earthzen — Google review

A Handicap accessible beach!! YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY! There’s parking with sidewalks accessible for wheelchairs. There’s an handicap accessible overlook with a pavilion and sun deck. The beach is perfect for new and casual swimmers. The reef creates a lovely pool and sandbar.

Brian P — Google review

Found a late bloomer! This baby green sea turtle was struggling on the shore & I rescued him! FL FWC officer came & took it to the marine wildlife rehabilitation. Then I found this huge shell! What a wonderful beach, even on a cloudy & cold day!

Rosemary Daniels — Google review


(587)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (139)


(554)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (140)

1585 SE MacArthur Blvd, Stuart, FL 34996, USA


Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (141)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (142)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (143)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (144)

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Wildlife refuge

Nature & Parks

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, located in Jupiter, Florida, is a refuge and nature center dedicated to preserving the region's indigenous wildlife. The humble sanctuary has kid-friendly trails that allow visitors to explore woods and wetlands while observing alligators, panthers, snakes and birds in their natural habitat. One of the best features of Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is its informative talks given every few hours where visitors can get up close with the animals.

Don’t come here expecting a San Diego Zoo… then you’ll have a great time! While it is small and humble, Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter is always a joy to visit. It is completely free (and therefore relies on essential donations) and one can see a variety of native animals like alligators, panthers, snakes, and birds. Possibly the best part are the informational talks given every few hours, in which you can see animals up close! Highly recommend!

Aditya Narayanan — Google review

Cute little place where they help local wildlife for rehabilitation. They had a small variety of animals to look at and some beautiful owls! I love how natural the exhibits looked because of the property they were on. Lots of shade which was nice on this hot day. The kids will love it here! My favorite were the deer. So cute and loving! No entrance fee but they do accept donations. I had no problem giving some cash knowing it will go to the animals. Parking was free as well. Come check them out!

Michael Jimenez — Google review

5/5 for their sanctuary work. 3/5 as a tourist attraction.The old location was incredible, nestled in thick cover, with lots of animals to see and many docents to answer questions and share stories -- we spent a couple hours there last year.The new location is much more accessible for wheelchairs and strollers, though the incredibly heavy doors do not have handicap accessible push buttons to open. It would be tough for young kids and anyone seated to spot many of the animals in the outdoor habitats, and the reflective glass of the mammal rehab building was impossible to see into without lining up multiple people to create a shadow while cupping our faces to the glass. About 40% of exhibits were empty. There were no docents around and no signage explaining the animals -- you can scan a QR code if you don't mind spending your whole visit reading a phone. We got through everything in 35 minutes. We came on a February afternoon, 78 degrees and some clouds, and without any shade on the property (aside from inside the reptile building and welcome center), it was hard to escape the heat on the concrete paths. That being said, I think the visit was worth it for the adorable otters alone. We're hoping that in a couple years things will have grown/evolved enough that this will be a more inviting tourist attraction once again!

Sarah Shapiro — Google review

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary takes care of the rescued animals & birds till they are fit to return to their natural habitat. We have been there couple of times. Its a pleasure to visit there.

Dipankar Basu — Google review

A great place to see the local wild life up and close and personal! 🦉🐻🦜They have great educational shows as well. A great place to bring the whole family for the afternoon. This is our 4th time here and we enjoy bringing people here. They have a nice gift shop and the whole place operates on donations! So don’t be a stiff! Donate! ❤️😃

Rolland Stromsness — Google review

A total gem of a place. My family and I enjoyed learning about the rescued wildlife. Many birds, reptiles and even a couple large cats to see. My favorite was the big bear. Very peaceful, wonderful staff. We walked around for about an hour and spent some time in the education room which is fun for adults and kids!

Nancy Hayssen — Google review

The sanctuary is a great place I bring kids. They are very educated on each animal and there is all kinds of species. PLUS it is a non-profit organization so it’s free, but of course, excepts donations.

andy rohrer — Google review

This is not a zoo it's a sanctuary where they rehabilitate injured animals to hopefully be released back into the wild. It's educational a place where kids can learn about the animals. It is small but wonderful. They have a small walking path where animals are visible.This is a great place to spend an afternoon. They are run on donations. Please donate 🤗❤️

Borrowed Time99 — Google review

Enjoyable walk through with many animals native to Florida and other places. We'll kept and walking trails marked. No cost, but they appreciate donations. Worth your time and little effort.

John Hartman — Google review

Great place to enjoy FL nature and see some local species up close. Plenty of staff available for education and direction who genuinely care for the animals and were clearly passionate about wildlife rescue. Their location is moving to Jupiter Farms in Fall 2023.

Amanda Y — Google review

We had a great time at the opening last weekend. Was very busy and I don’t think the staff were ready for that kind of turnout. That said, it’s a great small sanctuary to explore Florida wildlife up close. We will be back for sure.

jack watson — Google review

Great experience. Took family (and toddler). No tickets required, just make a donation of your choice. Good variety of animals. Decent size. They provided a free educational show where they brought out several animals and taught the audience about the animals and the work that the sanctuary does. You get to walk through a variety of different outdoor environments.Only downside is if you go when it rained in the last few days, the paths can be very muddy. Can be tough to move around in a stroller if you have a toddler (made it work though).Tip: wear shoes that you don’t mind getting dirtyFun experience for the family. Would recommend.

Jimmy Brennan — Google review

Busch Wildlife is truly my happy place. This Sanctuary is filled with so much love, attention, and work from the staff to make a beautiful sanctuary for the animals to thrive and for people to learn and escape. From children to grandparents, Busch is a magical place for all ages to enjoy and will certainly help create core memories for the little ones. Learning about animals, how to identify them, protect them, and learn about our environment are all vital lessons that e all can learn over and over again at any age. This is one of Jupiter's greatest gems and is an absolute MUST for any resident or visitor.

Grace Marrero — Google review

Very nice place. Good to bring young kids. They do an amazing job saving animals. The entrance is free, but a donation is required. The money goes to save the animals. There is a small playground on premises.

Simona Chenault — Google review

We really liked the previous location, new one may be better for children but seemed too commercial. The work they do is what's great about this rehab facility, and you can still visit for a donation rather than a high admission cost. Still very new facility and may be better once settled.

Bruce Turk — Google review

The sanctuary I'd beautiful and the animals are well cared for. It is a fascinating space to learn about native wildlife of Florida. The main goal is to help abandoned, sick, or injured animals so they can return to nature. If they can not, they can stay at the sanctuary. Amazing!

Diane Campanello — Google review

I was met with a wonderful woman explaining what they do there. You receive a map and on your way you go. It’s very educational here. I love ❤️ it. They have a ton of animals and birds to see. Definitely I will be back.

Bonney B — Google review

Beautiful centre! Brand new, outdoor wildlife rehabilitation sanctuary. I saw animals that I've never seen before.Pro's: lots of parking. Lots of washrooms. Friendly greeter at entrance who explains what they are, what they do, and how they are funded. Which leads to the entrance fee: it's donation-based. Please, don't be a jerk, and donate fairly. We were 5 adults; we donated $50 but in retrospect, I feel like I should have donated more to support this centre.This centre is educational, and provides some hands-on experiences for kids (indoors). There is an amphitheater with daily events/educational talk which has shade and washrooms. There was a winding path with animals on each side, and sectioned. I felt we observed each station a lot longer than usual because there were many different species living together in their area. Kids really enjoyed the snake building. So many different species to check out.Con's: you don't know any history of the animals you're observing. You don't know if some are being rehabilitated or which ones live there, permanently. I missed the scheduled time for the amphitheater; there's only 1/day.We spent about 40 minutes there. I did notice a play scape being constructed, so that would be fun for the kids and would stretch out the visit to a 60-90min outing; perfect.We will definitely return.

Emily Carruthers — Google review


(1489)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (145)


(777)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (146)

17855 Rocky Pines Rd, Jupiter, FL 33478, USA

(561) 575-3399


Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (147)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (148)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (149)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (150)

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Sights & Landmarks

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum is a historical landmark which features guided tours of an 1860 lighthouse and a small museum displaying the area's rich history. The brick lighthouse, designed by Lieutenant George Gordon Meade, has been under the Coast Guard's jurisdiction since it was built. Visitors can explore the park's beautiful trails and pier to enjoy scenic views of its surroundings.

This is a wonderful place to visit for history buffs and lighthouse fans.$12 admission gets you access to the museum, and the lighthouse itself. It's 35 steps up to the base, then 106 steps up the wrought iron spiral staircase to the top. The views and the 160-year-old Fresnel lens are worth the climb.Guided tours are informative, but not mandatory.Nice little gift shop, too.

Chuck Simmons — Google review

This park is absolutely beautiful and very well kept.The banyan tree is breathtaking!The trails and pier is new with beautiful views.We went into the lighthouse. We are here in February. It is 80° today. We waited about 25 minutes to go up. Not bad at all!There are over 100 steep steps going up with landings for resting. There are also 30+ steps to get to the lighthouse itself so be aware of your ability before you pay the money.The staff is knowledgeable and polite.Definitely recommend!

Erin FoxDoan — Google review

We loved the Wednesday sunset tour. Our guide was so entertaining and knowledgeable. We loved climbing the circular stairwell to the top. The property is gorgeous!

Corinne Kahn — Google review

What a great experience! I've always wanted to go up a lighthouse and finally got to do it here. The history behind the tower and land was very interesting. The views at the top were beautiful. This place is definitely a place you want to visit. I do advise if you are handicapped, have bad knees or ankles or weak legs, you will not be able to make it to the top. It has 105 steps to the top of the ladder plus an additional 30-40 steps to the base of the tower. Parking was free. Restrooms on site. It was hot today so bring drinks because all they sell is water on site.

Michael Jimenez — Google review

Second time visiting in 10 years and still worth the day trip!The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and ready to help in any way they can. The attendant as we waited to go to the tower gave us a lot of fun and engaging history behind the lighthouse build out as well as the majestic trees on the property!105 stairs to the top worth the huff and puff lol as the views from the top are priceless! Very well kept grounds and a fun way to spend a Sunday!

Erika Obando — Google review

The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum was a great experience to learn about the history of the area and for its scenic views. The lighthouse climb is accompanied by a walk through the grounds, views of the inlet, and a thorough explanation of the historical significance of the area. There is a $12 fee to enter the grounds and climb the lighthouse. The guided explanation kind of dragged on, as most were eager to just climb the lighthouse for the views. Regardless, it would be a fun experience to bring your family to the lighthouse and take in the views. I recommend this location for a fun afternoon and something "different" to do.

James Dobson — Google review

A great place to learn more about Florida history. Nice grounds, museum and walk. Gorgeous view at the top of the lighthouse. Interesting indoor museum. Nature within you reach ❤️

Catharina Masumoto — Google review

The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum is a true gem that deserves a resounding five-star rating. Stepping onto the grounds of this historic site instantly transports you to a bygone era. The lighthouse, standing tall and proud, offers panoramic views of the surrounding natural beauty, including the glistening waterways and picturesque landscapes. The museum itself is a treasure trove of fascinating exhibits and artifacts, providing a captivating glimpse into the rich maritime history of the region. The knowledgeable and passionate staff further enhance the experience, sharing intriguing stories and insights that bring the history to life. A visit to the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum is an unforgettable journey through time, filled with educational value, breathtaking views, and a deep appreciation for the maritime heritage of this remarkable area.

Monica Nieto — Google review

Had a wonderful experience. Seen some manatees from atop the lighthouse swimming along. The tour guides at the top and before entering the lighthouse gave some great information. Beautiful spot to check out if your in the area. Go early.

SurfratNY — Google review

What a great historical place to visit. The lighthouse itself was super neat to go up and experience. Amazing views from the top. You definitely get a workout climbing up all those steps so make sure you are able to climb a 100 plus stairs. No one under 48inches is aloud to climb. The view is amazing as is the the information they tell you about it. A couple cute museums on the property that make the visit even cooler to see. Very informative staff who give an interactive explanation of how they lived back then and so much more. Would highly recommend not just for vacationers but for locals who have yet to visit it.

Sarah D — Google review

Been to over 20 lighthouses and this is one of my favorites! Did the tour of the grounds & museum. Tour guide was friendly and well educated and view of the lighthouse was beautiful. Super awesome tree located on the bottom of the lighthouse grounds, but didn't get any pictures.

brittney wandsnider — Google review


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500 Captain Armours Wy, Jupiter, FL 33469, USA

(561) 747-8380

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DuBois Park

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (160)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (161)

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Nature & Parks

Dubois Park is a stunning recreational area situated on the waterfront of a lagoon. It boasts an array of amenities including beach frontage, boat slips, and a playground. Visitors can enjoy various activities such as swimming, walking, running, biking, fishing and exploring the waterways. The park offers breathtaking views of Jupiter inlet and Loxahatchee River. Furthermore, it provides safe launching spots for small boats while keeping swimmers at bay.

DuBois Park. A great park and inlet with extensive options for recreation/entertainment. With great views of both the Jupiter inlet, as well as the Loxahatchee River, this park is beautiful. Additionally, in terms of recreation, it has it all. A safe space to walk, run, bike, swim, and fish. The beach and trails provide excellent coverage, and the waterways are quite interesting. Lastly, the pier and boat slips offer effective ways to launch or keep small boats, as well as fish, a safe distance from possible swimmers. Overall, a great park.

narolc — Google review

Such a beautiful spot! Perfect place to go swimming, exploring, kayaking, or fishing. Lots of picnic tables to have a cute picnic. Stunning views. Definitely recommend visiting!Side Note:Dogs are allowed on the walking paths but not the beaches.

Jenni Sosnow Realtor — Google review

Went here to relax and enjoy a day off and I liked it. Chilled, family friendly and no noise. Sand has lots of shells and water has small waves. No pets allowed.

Anna Trimmel — Google review

Fantastic beach for the kids. Super impressed with this city park.When the tide goes out, it's so shallow you can walk out almost to the bridge.Bathrooms. Playground. Picnic tables. Lifeguard in the summer busy times.Cross the bridge to explore me, or go to the old museum house.Bring your own kayak and go up the mangrove creek.

Alyssa Shepherd — Google review

This park was beautiful. I had heard about it for a long time and finally got around to visiting it. It was perfect for the kids. It's a lagoon so it is protected and shallow. The water is clear and pristine. We were all very impressed by this place. Has multiple bathrooms throughout the park and showers. There are tables and BBQs scattered throughout the park as well.

Chad Rockefeller — Google review

What a great place for families with small children. The water is calm and shallow and clear. There are many places to park and places to grill out as well. Hard to find parking spots at busy times though. Located near the DuBois house that you can take tours of in the middle of the day on Wed and Thursdays. Also you can see the Jupiter lighthouse from the park. So much fun!!

Samantha Semrad — Google review

1. Parking was free and plenty, which is unheard of in South Florida. I had to check if I was not imagining it.2. The shallow swim/snorkel area for kids is amazing. Adults are welcome as well. Nice way to cool off and spend an afternoon.3. The inlet is beautiful for a stroll or boat watching.4. The beach itself is not that great, but overall the park is worth the visit.

Faisal — Google review

Peaceful, tranquil, absolutely beautiful! This is the best beach so far that I've visited since moving here. And did I say shade! Yes, there are trees surrounding the water. And as I'm sitting watching the water, what comes swimming by? I said sting ray and was corrected it was a manta ray. When I walked over to the beach where people were fishing, right there in the water was a manatee. This is by far my favorite spot!

Stef B — Google review

Our favorite inlet! Perfect to take the kids (young and old). We hosted two birthday parties here. Or just an all day affair. Parking Is horrible during summer and holidays. But worth it if you can get there early and secure good spots. ( keeps it from getting too crowded)

Charnece Parrado — Google review

Great for kayaking, new pirate ship playground, free parking,history, located in the mangroves of Jupiter inlet♥️🧜

Michele Winn — Google review

Perfect to fish and then cook those fishes on the grills at the park 😅. Beach is quiet and clean.

Marianela Cruz — Google review

This is my new favorite spot!! Beautiful place to spend the day. The water is crystal clear. There are 2 beaches within the park! Both u can walk for miles! The sand is clean and soft! And if ur into it tons of beautiful seashells! I saw people finishing there. There’s a beautiful light house also. Grills and tons of tables everywhere. This park has endless things to look at and do. My favorite thing is that there is free parking 🅿️!! I’ve been there twice already, once during the week and once this past weekend and omg what a difference!! My suggestion is never go on the weekends it was ridiculously crowded, and Parking was a pain. But the weekday was empty and peaceful. Either way I loved it and it is worth checking out 😊

Venus — Google review

This park is wonderful for families with younger children to play in the water. There is a playground and plenty of sand to build castles. They have restrooms on site too. It is very crowded on the weekends and when school is out. We love this beach.

Rosie — Google review

A great park to spend the day for some great water activities. The pirate ship playground was still not available on our most recent visit but there is so much to do with the littles it’s really just bonus play. Suggest getting there before 10 am on the weekends to grab one of the coveted picnic tables and before 11 for a parking spot. Likely earlier for holiday weekends if you are brave. Water is great as it is protected from the wake and surf of the inlet so it’s a great spot to lounge or spend the day with your kids. We love this park.

jack watson — Google review

Great beach for kids. The water is not deep and there are no stones in the water. My 2 years son had a blast. We came here every day of our vacation. There is a changing room, also picnic tables and a barbecue area. Great place for a walk also.

Simona Chenault — Google review

This place is so cool , safe for the whole family, bring your food grab a grill or bring your own and get cooking. Soak up the sun ,chat, dance or just have a splash around it's a very chilled atmosphere.We don't have anything like this in the UK and have been here so many times over the last 20 years making memories is great.

nina russell — Google review


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19075 Dubois Rd, Jupiter, FL 33477, USA

(561) 966-6600


McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (166)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (167)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (168)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (169)

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Animal rescue service

Zoos & Aquariums

McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary is a refuge for more than 170 animals. They offer guided tours and interactive programs for children, but reservations are required. The animals appear to be well-kept and healthy, and the staff are organized and friendly. Restrooms are available on-site, but visitors must be escorted if they need to use them during a tour. Guests must stay with the group at all times and touching or handling the animals is allowed at their own risk as stated by signage in the area.

We had Such an awesome experience today at the McCarthys wildlife sanctuary. I highly recommend it. We took a two hour guided tour and learned so much about all the animals. Our guide was awesome. You can tell she loves the animals. They are all well cared for and their habitats are all clean. Thank you, we will be back again.

Andrea Braunstein — Google review

We had the best time! Jeremy was our guide and he made the tour so much fun and educational! My three boys LOVED being able to learn about the animals at the sanctuary and interact with them! We can tell that Jeremy sincerely loves and cares about the animals there. The enclosures were clean and the animals appeared well taken care of- which made us happy. I appreciate the sanctuary takes in the animals that their owners abandon, and their efforts to educate people to be more responsible when choosing to have exotic pets, and about finding a way to coexist with wildlife in harmony. Human is the number one cause of extinction of many species, and we need more places like this sanctuary to remind people of the importance of conservation.We would definitely come back when we visit the area again!

U Anderson — Google review

I would highly recommend visiting McCarthys Wildlife Sanctuary during your stay in south Florida! The staff were very knowledgeable and amazing, it’s easy to get to and the grounds were clean and beautiful. Not to mention, the animals seemed very happy and enjoyed us visiting!

DaLena Elliott — Google review

My husband and I came here to see all the animals! Jeremy took us on a great tour and genuinely cares about the animals and provided the group with great facts about the individual animals and their species. I would definitely recommend coming here, rather than other places that have wild animals as this place rescues and rehabilitates animals and does what is in the best interest for the animals!

Tracy Marotta — Google review

Great sanctuary! Things were well organized, plenty of parking just outside the main gate. Our guide was well informed about the different animals, and there was even a chance to get up close and personal in the reptile house. There are restrooms, and a gift shop on site.

Kassandra Rodriguez — Google review

Found this little suburban sanctuary on Tripadvisor and it did not disappoint. Tours are only available by calling them direct and only a few days a week at limited times. If you like small group tours, this is for you. The animals are very well cared for, even spoiled and I’m glad they have a place like this they can call home. Definitely a must see in the West Palm Beach area.

Lisa Burton — Google review

Very clean and healthy looking animals! organized and kind workers. It was a fun experience and I would recommend checking this place out if you want a little more personal settingSigned up for the tour on Friday. They have restrooms here but if you need to go during a tour you'll be escorted back. You stuck together as a group and are not allowed to wander off alone. Looks to have plenty of parking outside the premise. once inside, they have tables to sit underneath the shade as well as water bottles to buyYou're allowed to touch the animals and handle them at your own risk as stated by the signA very cool place that takes care of the animals here

Kealani-Nicole Young — Google review

This Wildlife Sanctuary is amazing!! Our tour guide, Bianca, was the best. She was very friendly and informative. I would definitely return.

Crystal Almanzar — Google review

The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and you can tell that the animals are very well taken care of. Super informative and fun experience, regardless of age. One of my top must-see places every time I'm in West Palm Beach.

Mira S — Google review

Amazing wildlife refuge. Had such a great time on the tour with Alexis as our tour guide. Very friendly and informative. You get to learn not only about the animals but their individual backstories and how they arrived there. Such a great place. I can't wait till my son turns 5 next you so I can bring him as well. Did I mention they let you hold some of the animals. Super cool experience for a family or a date.

PatrickGonzinvesting — Google review

Paw-some! Very informative. Although they have short hours, this is for the benefit of the animals. Members of our party held several different animals, like a kinkajou, turtles, snakes and spiders. This was the closest I ever stood near large cats, lions, jaguar, panther, etc. they also have a liger that I did not know existed.

Suzanne La Plante — Google review

Had the best time here!! Staff was so knowledgeable and the animals looked very well taken care of. It was such a great experience and would definitely recommend! Great for kids as well.

Sydney Espeut — Google review

Amazing tour of the facilities. Super clean, fantastic animal encounter. Friendly host/guide. Definitely a must visit place. I will be back again.

debora holt — Google review

Great experience seeing the animals, including a number of big cats. It's not setup like a traditional zoo, so your tour is just a handful of people and you can get very close to the enclosures which makes for excellent photos. Proceeds from tour go to helping care for the animals so it's a great cause as well. They also engage in animal rehabilitation. Highly recommend.

Anthony M — Google review

We took our kid as a birthday gift from family members. We absolutely LOVE IT! Bianca was our tour guide. She was AMAZING! The whole family will enjoy this experience. You learn so much and will see animals that otherwise, you would probably never encounter(like a liger). The stories behind every animal are also so incredible. Bianca is very knowledgeable and kept the visit very fun for all the kids. We got to held and touch different animals.We've been living in the Palm Beach area for years and we didn't know about this place. I'm happy we got to see it. I highly recommend it!

Eliana Faller — Google review


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12943 61st St N, West Palm Beach, FL 33412, USA

(561) 790-2116


Henry Morrison Flagler Museum

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (172)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (173)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (174)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (175)

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History museum


The Henry Morrison Flagler Museum is a sprawling stately Gilded Age–era mansion house built for an oil tycoon, which features art from some of the most talented artists in the West Palm Beach area and beyond, as well as interesting historical exhibits. during its heyday in the early part of the 20th century, it was generally agreed that Palm Beach rivaled more traditional overseas beach destinations like Monaco and the French Riviera in terms of wealth and aristocracy.

Always a great time!! Had not been in 10 years and love that they have acquired old pieces to the museum. Please don’t “rush” through the museum. It’s full of history and wonderful treasures.My only complaint is that I was there at 9:50 waiting for opening. The lady setup the Exit booth instead of the entrance booth. Staff shortage due to ‘Covid’

Ads_ Yacht_Stewardess — Google review

So happy we made a stop here while we were in town!This house and the grounds are gorgeous. We did the self guided audio tour using the provided audio tour wands and they were exactly what we were hoping for.Each room offers unlimited things to look at in amazement and also learn plenty of historical key moments that helped shaped early America and South Florida.The ticket prices are priced exactly what they should be. I’ve seen some other reviews calling the ticket prices steep. I couldn’t disagree more with this statement.Expect to spend at least two hours.

Ceej Ceej — Google review

A beautiful museum filled with a story to tell. It is kept mostly the same as Mr.Flagler left it when he died. Beautiful art and instalation can be seen all around the house. The house is a 2-story house and looks more like a mansion on the water. On our tour, we got an amazing guide that explained all the stories so well that I was in total owe how much I learned from such an amazing day. I would definitely recommend coming to this place and exercising the beauty of the mansion in person. Below, I am sending some pictures from our tour. My favorite one is the godfather clock with Father Time.

Oskar Finneran — Google review

Absolutely beautiful house!! Everything in it feels and looks so elegant and rich!! You can tell how much work and detail was truly put into this place when you spend a good 5 hours here lol thank you to everyone who played a part in keeping the doors open and the history alive! I definitely recommend seeing it in person! Great for the family :)

Chomps Eats — Google review

This place is top notch! Do your research about the Flagler's before you come to fully appreciate their legacy in the Gilded Age. There is a small history room in the mansion, but that area was packed! Otherwise, we loved the home. It was $18, including a headset. It's grandeur is out of this world!!!

Nicole Kirian — Google review

A really stunning museum. The details in this house are truly overwhelming. There is also an audio tour to go with it. The mansion is on the water and the view from his house is beautiful. In the glass building/ conservatory there also one of his train cars. Definitely check this place out. A level of opulence that one very rarely sees.

Kristin Kosmides — Google review

Architecture inside and outside, friendly staff, setup, gardens and its views is to step into an Era and take a peak into history of affluence.The locomotive carriage gives us a peak into bygone days of luxury, elegance and comfort.The gift store also is neat to visit with unique quality gift ideas.Thanking the director for the hospitality towards myself and my friend so we could see the locomotive which we had missed on an earlier visit due to a musical show, held on their premises.Honorable act from the staff.

Nausheen Khan — Google review

Very beautiful mansion which worth a stop. The parking is free but the entrance fee is $26 per adult which includes an audio book which has a lot of good information about the house. We especially liked the entryway and the ballroom. Theres also great views from the back of the house and an event space with some amazing windows with pretty neat train car you can go in.

Francis — Google review

Very interesting museum to visit. Really well-maintained. There’s a free parking lot up front. There are maps, audio guides, tour guides, and informational signs throughout the home.There’s an antique rail car available to visit. They also offer afternoon tea by reservation at select times of year. The tea was great! Beautiful presentation and flavors. Not massive portions but great for a casual meal. Museum admission was included in the afternoon tea price.

Elizabeth Hadden — Google review

A real Florida treasure. The grounds and estate are beautiful. Well worth the cost. Our tour included a free audio guide.

Franklin Markley — Google review

This was our first visit. At first we were skeptical due to the high admission fee - $26 is a lot to visit a mansion (it’s much more than we pay in Europe for similar experiences). But the house is absolutely stunning. We attended the complimentary guided tour and our guide Ed did an amazing job. He presented the interesting facts very well, seemed to be very knowledgeable and had an answer to every question. He also was quite entertaining and easily to understand - if you are a non-native like myself, you know what I’m talking about.The bonus exhibition about the Wild West was also super interesting and I learned a lot today.

Raphael Ke — Google review

The first time there, I definitely will go again to see the artwork. The craftmenship of the ceilings and the advanced technology they use to make beautiful masterpieces.

Ana A — Google review

A must see !Suggest have the tour with Ed Lamont very knowledgeable and entertaining.. Flagler was a very important man for Florida..Thank goodness for Granddaughter Jean William's to keep it from being Demolished. It will be here for years to come..Yesterday was special..It was the anniversary of his death " A celebration of Life" May 20 1913@10:00am

Jennifer Sutphen — Google review

A must visit you feel like you are in Europe. Absolutely stunning. Make sure you do the FREE tour so worth the explanation. I will be back for when they decorate for the holidays.

Stefanie M&M — Google review

Beautiful place with lots of interesting Florida history! Highly recommend taking the decent-led tour. Make sure you take time to sit in the coconut grove and relax - so quiet and peaceful. Wonderful place to visit!

Rebekah Carlson — Google review

Incredible! What an amazing place. The staff was very friendly & kind. You aren’t allowed to bring in a backpack however they tell you this before you ever purchase a ticket. I was able to check my backpack for free & security looked after it. (Which is kind of nice that I didn’t have to carry it around.) Each room has so much detail and a lot of information you could honestly spend hours here. I personally believe that pictures don’t do it justice, it’s much more breathtaking when you visit in person. All in all a wonderful place, I spent about 2.5 hours there & would highly recommend.

Jovana Vukmanovic — Google review

Beautiful museum, but too expensive compared to others that are similar. Coming from Saint Augustine, my daughter and I have visited all the museums in our area and none are this expensive and they all have much more to see. My daughter and I have been to many museums all over the world and although she is 7, she knows how to act.One security guard followed us around and made us feel very uncomfortable at one point she yelled at my daughter while she was walking down the stairs saying "be careful or you will crack your head open". Another time while we were sitting filling out the scavenger hunt paper she came up to us again and said " how many times do I have to tell you" we didn't even know what she was talking about, and could barely even understand her. She really put a damper on the experience and left a bad taste. I really can't believe how unnecessarily rude she was!

Melania Atzori — Google review

I really enjoyed my visit today, but there are a few things visitors need to know:1) they are currently working on several galleries upstairs (Dec 12, 2023) and have blocked part of the area normally open to visitors. Because of this, you have to use the elevator to access the back rooms and bicycle exhibit, and use the stairs to access the front bedrooms and exhibits. The height of the first floor ceiling means climbing 1 1/2 flights of stairs. If you have health or mobility restrictions I would suggest checking with the museum to see when the entire floor can be accessed by the elevator.2) While the cafe does offer “picnic boxes” to eat on the grounds, they do not offer anything that is gluten free and visitors are not allowed to bring in their own food and drink.3) The lighting in many of the rooms is very dim, especially on the ground floor, and can be a challenge for anyone with impaired vision to enjoy what’s being displayed.Overall, the mansion is amazing. A true American Palace, with lavish and ornate detailing on every floor, wall, and ceiling. Then there’s the furniture and artwork which is all that an apparently endless supply of money can buy. I visited in December while the mansion was decorated for the holidays, but the splashes of red and green were subdued by the extravagance of the home itself. I’m very glad I made the trip, and would highly recommend this historic treasure to anyone else.

Kat — Google review

A beautiful museum inside and out. The self guided audio tour (which is included in admission) really enhances the experience and allows visitors to double click into aspects of gilded age and South Florida history based on your interests - I loved hearing more about social customs of the time. Some might enjoy the detail on specific antiques and art in each room. The grounds are also lovely, and I noticed they do a high tea - will definitely be back for that!

Lisa Pelish — Google review

This is an outstanding historical venue! The Flagler Museum is a great way to learn about Henry Flagler, founder of Standard Oil, and the man who pretty much built Florida. Time period is the Gilded Age (1870's to 1890's) when economic growth, industrialization, and immigration were at all time highs. This is the time when electricity was ramping up as well.Admission includes a nifty, hand-held audio tour-wand device that describes most things in the house. You can also download the presentation to your phone and play through your ear buds. You can also sign up for a docent-led tour.It's a great story! I highly recommend that you do the self-guided tour and give yourself time to soak it all in!

Bill Golden — Google review

A magnificent mansion from the early 1900’s is almost impossible to fathom how it was built when there was absolutely nothing in Florida. The opulence expressed in the architectural style and contents of the mansion reminds one of any European castle. Although a bit pricey, $26 per adult, it’s definitely worth visiting if you’re in West Palm Beach.

C B — Google review


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(1531)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (178)

1 Whitehall Way, Palm Beach, FL 33480, USA

(561) 655-2833


The Square

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (179)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (180)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (181)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (182)

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Shopping mall


Rosemary Square is a large, upscale shopping mall in the city center of Mission Viejo. The mall has a variety of stores, including high-end brands like Gap and Victoria's Secret, as well as budget-friendly options like Banana Republic and Macy's. It also features art installations by world-class artists throughout the common areas. City Place is a smaller, more compact shopping mall just minutes away from Rosemary Square that contains similar shops and amenities.

The Square is a picturesque area that is lively with shops, restaurants, and activities. The center of the entire area boasts an enormous tree lined with LED lights that change colors.During the summer, they have active water spouts in the ground for kids to play in. They also bring out snow machines as well.In winter, they have a variety of food trucks make an appearance with warm holiday snacks.The restaurants around here are all incredible and not super fine dining, allowing it to be accessible to all.The shops are more on the higher end.Parking is so simple, and I personally recommend parking in the Hibiscus garage. It’s affordable and connected right to the entire area.

Nik Rama — Google review

What a Lovely place! This place is wheel chair accessible and super pretty. They have loads of water features and the pathways to feel fully present and take in the scene. A light feature/ fake tree next to the main event space and loads of monthly events to plan for in the Square. Totally Worth a drive.

Katerin Luquetta — Google review

This place is an entire vibe. Tried the vegan ice cream and enjoyed the beautiful tree with the changing lights. So many shops and people are bustling about in a very relaxed atmosphere. Wished we had more time to take it all in.

Mona G — Google review

Went here today for the Arts Festival and really enjoyed it, primarily because it was outdoors with sun and much cooler temperatures today. Lots of artists and some beautiful artwork. Bought a French Bulldog statue that I couldn’t pass up. Considering some other art as well. This is a beautiful shopping area with different activities aside from just shopping; and restaurants are in abundance. Beautiful fountain in the center of the Plaza. Parking was expensive!

Douglas W. Bush, M.A. (Doug) — Google review

Beautiful place even just to walk around. Plenty of public parking for a fair price, they even have valet parking if you dont want to spend time looking around. Super clean with some nice store and restaurant option. Really well maintained and easy to navigate.

Marcin Mojek — Google review

Beautiful place with amazing luxurious boutiques, among restaurants. Walking around was great.There is a beautiful fountain where you can sit around and take a break from your shopping. While doing so, try there 'to die for' ice cream made with cashews and coconut milk.

Ariane Dupin — Google review

Beautifully landscaped and great for a nice walk. Lots of great restaurants but not too many stores to look at. $10 for parking about 2 hours is a bit high we thought.

Francis — Google review

What a wonderful place. Regardless of the time of day, this place is simply enchanting. The glowing tree is spectacular, and all the choices for dining are stellar. I personally love El Caminos and those nachos! Great for people of all ages.

Robert Galarza (Queenskid24) — Google review

Very clean and beautiful shopping area.You can definitely spend a good deal of time here. Hotels are close and there are plenty of dining options. There are a few really nice apartments here for rent as well. I definitely will come check this out again in the future.

Brandon Britt Smith (Travelin Smitty) — Google review

Wow! Let’s first complement the gardening in this area. I know they have to spend millions of dollars just in the landscaping alone. It is absolutely gorgeous! All of the areas are super classy and well-kept. The vibe is so amazing. It definitely gives me cantina vibes more on the cultured experience. All of the beautiful variety of plants and flowers as well as the artwork on all of the streets and walls are beyond beautiful! What a day. You could literally walk the circle go to lunch go shopping and spend an entire day here! I know I did!

Samantha Moore — Google review

More than the shopping and restaurants, Rosemary Square is simply a good place to walk around. The palm tree-lined promenade, shady archways, and cool fountains are bustling with people at all times of the day. It is also convenient to visit, with easy paid parking available at the nearby Hibiscus Garage. Highly recommend when you’re in downtown West Palm Beach!

Aditya Narayanan — Google review

Was a serene moonlit night. The weather was amazing, and the Square had such great ambiance. So much better than in the past. Love the new look and feel.

Angie Allen — Google review

Great place to hang out as couple, friends or family with kids.The primary feature is the beautiful fountain in the square where the kids spend hours having fun playing with water while parents can enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many restaurants there.They also have some shows for kids and live band on weekends.(Check the monthly schedule on their website or at the square for more information).Not only this place is outstanding, the area around is fantastic as well.Buildings are colorfully painted with greenery walls adding on the beauty of this place.

NISRINE AMMOURY — Google review

It was nice. Their Cheesecake Factory is better than our up here. They have an LED tree that changes color.

Teddy Bear (Skechers) — Google review

It’s a shopping and dining district encompassed in a square region of bustling West Palm Beach downtown; thus the name The Square was born, I assume.It’s vibrant and full of youth. Seems to be safe and most shops and restaurants are elegant. But there are Starbucks and H&M to satiate people with not so deep pocket. Parking situation isn’t horrible.But I would not go out of my way to visit this place. If I happen to be near The Square during my visit to West Palm Beach, then visiting this place definitely makes sense.

Richard Yu — Google review

Nice space with stores, restaurants and entertainment. It’s an amazing place to visit with family and friends. Great pictures are always taken!

Claudia Burkitt — Google review

I love coming here to people watch and grab a bite or a drink with friends. It’s such a beautiful space for the entire community and the plants all around make the space very zen. The city is also doing a great job maintaining it, thank you.

Bianca Astralaga — Google review

I love The Square, The Wall, Uptown... All of Clematis. There's a great selection of restaurants and shops, and the atmosphere is amazing. Family friendly, dog friendly, yet still a great place to have a few drinks, dance, and let loose.

Kp. Yo — Google review

I'm really not sure how to rate this. I think this place used to be called city place and it had a lot of beautiful upscaled stores and not as many restaurants as it does now. All of the stores that I liked are gone. And it's just walt wall restaurants and destruction. I am very unhappy with this change nor will I ever be going back.

Danielle Pike — Google review

A fun place to go for all ages. Daylight is better for children and nighttime for adults. The one big artificial tree has LED leaves. The changing colors are mesmerizing.

John L Dawson, Ed.D., Real Estate Broker — Google review


(10425)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (183)


(2487)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (184)

700 S Rosemary Ave Suite 200, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, USA

(561) 366-1000


Worth Ave

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (185)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (186)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (187)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (188)

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Notable street

Sights & Landmarks


Known for its high-end boutiques, restaurants, and galleries, Worth Avenue is the premier shopping street in Palm Beach. It's a charming ode to wealth and style with Mediterranean-inspired architecture that's endlessly charming.

Even if your not shopping, it’s so much to get dressed up and take a stroll down the avenue

Jennyrose Ball — Google review

Fun street to explore. Lots of free galleries and metered parking available. Really enjoyed the shops, streets and galleries

Ovelia Alvarez — Google review

Worth Avenue in Palm Beach is an absolute delight and a must-visit for anyone who appreciates luxury, elegance, and a unique shopping experience. This iconic street exudes charm and sophistication, with its beautifully maintained Mediterranean-style architecture and lushly landscaped courtyards and vias.The shopping experience on Worth Avenue is unparalleled. It's home to a fantastic array of high-end boutiques, designer stores, and exclusive shops that offer everything from haute couture fashion to exquisite jewelry and fine art. Browsing through these elegant stores, I was impressed by the quality of the merchandise and the impeccable service. The shopkeepers and staff were knowledgeable and attentive, making every part of my shopping experience enjoyable.Beyond shopping, Worth Avenue also offers a great selection of fine dining restaurants and cozy cafes. Each culinary destination provided a delightful experience, from gourmet dishes to casual bites, all in a charming and inviting atmosphere.What's truly remarkable about Worth Avenue is the sense of history and culture that permeates the area. Walking down the avenue, I was captivated by the historical landmarks and the fascinating stories behind some of these buildings.In conclusion, Worth Avenue is not just a shopping street; it's a destination that offers a blend of luxury, history, and beauty. Whether you're there to shop, dine, or simply take a leisurely stroll, it's an experience that epitomizes the elegance and charm of Palm Beach.

Viktor Tinev — Google review

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere on the coast of somewhere beautiful

David Grand — Google review

It was really fun to sightseeing and shopping. You can free park for 2 hours . There are many restaurants and street shops and brands

라나스트레치 Stretch By Lana — Google review

Catch the sunrise at the clock tower as you look out to the serene beach and blue waters at the beginning of this world class, refined, couture outdoor strip of luxury boutiques, dining, and little alleys that transport you to Europe without ever leaving the states. Make sure to give yourself a leisurely block of time to stroll this magnificent avenue.

Kaity Yang — Google review

Great place to take guests from out of town.

Robert Winegardner — Google review

Cleaning sideways and curbs keeping it clean!! We take pride in our work!

Tabitha Lem — Google review

Strolled the area with my friend and dog before the stores opened on a Saturday morning and it was beautiful. The street ends at the water where you can lay or walk on the sand and watch surfers. The shops are very ritzy and expensive. The street is very clean. Lots of cute shops in little coves.

Michelle “Shelley” Stepp — Google review

Very nice place

Deepak Bansal — Google review

Visiting west palm beach, worth avenue is a must see. Lots of galleries, shops, and restaurants.Enjoying this area is guaranteed.

Matin Hemati — Google review

One of the most amazing places ! The whole island of palm beach is another world!

Cameron Collins — Google review

The most high end street in Florida, lots of branded stores, few restaurants and a display of fancy cars. Nice to walk around and have a nice coffee with the richest people of Florida. Clean and safe place,it's a must to go.

Mauricio Suarez — Google review


(96)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (189)


(1111)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (190)

Palm Beach, FL 33480, USA

I'll never travel to Fort Lauderdale without this trip planner again

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40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (191)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (192)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (193)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (194)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (195)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (196)

I will never travel to Fort Lauderdale without this app againAvailable on the App Store


Palm Beach Zoo

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (198)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (199)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (200)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (201)

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Zoos & Aquariums

The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society is a large zoo in West Palm Beach, Florida. It is home to over 700 different animals from all over the world, including some of the rarest and most popular ones. The zoo has a variety of exhibits, including a rainforest section and a permanent exhibit on Florida wildlife. Kids will love the interactive fountain in the center of the zoo, and parents can appreciate all of the educational programs that are offered throughout the year.

Update on 1-3-22: I went back when it wasn't so crowded (you were right; winter break was the reason). The animals were very active and I was able to see more of them this time. The zoo staff gives informational talks about the animals outside their enclosure which is a nice touch. I had a very pleasant experience. I will be back again12-27-21:It's crowded. Kinda small. Monkeys were far away on their island so couldn't see them too well. The tiger was out so I got to see him walk by a few times. The birds and reptiles were plentiful and colorful so that was fun to see. There's a splash pad and playground for kids to play on so that was cool. It's was an OK zoo.

Laura Dumitras — Google review

It’s a decent zoo,it’s not too big. There is a splash pad by the entrance. As hot as it is it definitely is a treat. We explored the vicinity in our wet clothes so it wasn’t as hot. I like how each exhibit discusses where the animal is from, the age and most of them are named. Most of these animals are rescues or were born in this facility. The whole place is well kept. There is a gift shop similar to most overpriced gift shops. The food is ok. You can bring your own. I packed fruits and water for my troop. There is a special going on until 7/31/23 ( 2 kids in free with a paying adult) there is an age limit though. Overall this is a nice place and I would be back again.

Winnie J — Google review

The zoo was small but worth a trip there. They have a variety of animals, mostly small, which is appropriate for their size. Tiger, Florida panther, and of course, crocs! We did a special visit (extra cost) with the Otters, behind the scenes, and you get no contact feeding. Was fun! Fountain for kids to play in. Wheelchair accessible to main zoo. Restrooms, vending, gift shop. The staff was great and very helpful and informative.

Joni Stevens — Google review

Had a lot of fun, hadn't been her in like 10 years, it's now really nice and well kept. The sloth had just had a baby an we were able to see it get fed. I think the zoo has gotten a lot better that the last time I was here. Will definitely come back.

Fernando Lengua — Google review

I come from a state that has a free zoo so I was totally surprised at the cost. $148.00 for 4 adults. Still, I give it a four-star because it's very well set up for viewing a wide range of animals in natural settings. They also had areas for children to play and use some energy. One thing to consider is parking...you may want to arrive early in the day as it does get quite full.

L “Ljs” S — Google review

Had the best day there! Saw so many animals. My favs were the Koalas and tiger! We had lunch there as well. Best burgers ever! Friendly staff. So much to see! A definite for the kids. Will definitely go back next time I'm in Florida.

spanbeauty35 — Google review

This is a beautiful zoo. We went on a Tuesday around midday. There are a wide variety of animals to see. The grounds are lovely. The staff are very friendly and can answer questions about the animals. The food prices are quite high, so try to pack snacks to eat in designated places.

Lisa F — Google review

Great place to visit! I'm a local Floridian but hadn't been to this particular zoo. Brought the whole family for just shy of 2 hours which was plenty. Crowds weren't too heavy but the heat (early July) was hot! The entrance of the park has a large children's area with splash Park and all of the trails start there and are named according to their animal origins. Very clean place and tons of different animals to visit. I would go again for sure.They have several larger cat species that were very cool to see.Parking wasn't an issue for us but I could see larger trucks or vans having a tight fit. Very easy to find by taking southern Blvd exit 68 east off of North bound i95.

Matthew fann — Google review

What an Awesome zoo with Big Opportunities to see large animals!! Really makes you feel like you are in a jungle!! Remember to drink plenty of water. Wear sunblock and ABSOLUTELY WEAR MOSQUITO REPELLENT!! And Remember to pack clothing to Change into because the Splash Pad was so fun and refreshing!! Come on Down and enjoy. Right now they have special pricing for adults with children. GOD Bless!!

Ernie Carrillo — Google review

Took an amazing tour today at The Palm Beach Zoo. Brittany, Mike, & Amy were absolutely delightful. Their energy was unlike any other! You can tell how passionate they all are about the animals. They made us feel truly blessed. Incredibly thankful for their endless knowledge & their excitement. This is the best behind the scenes tour I have ever done anywhere. They took their time & answered all our questions. They got to know us & made us feel extra special. It was enchanting to meet you all! Thank you so much!!!

Kaitlin PaulHus — Google review

This zoo is well maintained and clean! We got to see a lot of animals, even though some were taking their daily naps. They offer a bird feeding experience and lots of other interactions with certain animals (we didn't sign up for any since we came later in the day, and most of them were booked). Definitely buy your tickets ahead since it saves you a few extra bucks and helps you get in quicker! Would definitely come here again!

Courtney Vanwormer — Google review

So awesome! Definitely the best zoo we’ve been to in Florida thus far. Being New Yorkers, we visit Jupiter and Singer Island a couple times a year. We’re always up for new adventures that aren’t too far away. This was an excellent zoo! We had a blast :)

Toni Beobide — Google review

A great Zoo, easy to get too, plenty of great animals to see, and enough walking but not where you will be dead tired after seeing the full experience. Water area, play area, and carousel for kids as well. Cool experiences available too. We fed the lorikeets and had a lot of fun. An annual pass is worth the cost if you go at least twice

Bart Hartman — Google review

This was my very first time bringing my 2 kids to the Palm Beach Zoo. The weather was not great but it was not pouring rain luckily. We were able to see most of the animals and the kids were free admission, I have a 6 year old and 7 month old. We went on a Saturday around 11ish we got there and left around 2:00 p.m. Even though it was raining off and on, we still had a nice time and the kids enjoyed it. They had a carousel ride, nice gift shop, and splash pad for the kids. I would love to definitely go again I only paid admission for myself for one adult which was about $27 and they had a promotion for kids to get in free from June 1st to July 31st. I highly recommend this place and I would definitely love to go again!

Gianna — Google review

Had a good time here. Bring your snacks! Water was $6 for a 12oz. Fairly clean. Activities for the kids. A push available for pay for the little ones. The pathway was easy to maneuver. The water spray park was hood for the kids to cool off.There are bears, jaguars, alligators, turtles, flamingos. No giraffes or elephants or rhinos. But the kids had a good time.We were grateful for the kid free with paying adults.

Sonovia Pierre — Google review

Such a great day!! Didn’t know what to expect heading in and ended up spending hours there! Lots of unique animals like anteaters and capybara and koala. We lucked out seeing lots of activity too. Spur of the moment ended up doing the Tortoise Encounter!! Lots of time petting, learning and taking “shellfies”Appreciated the military discount too!

Kara Vautour — Google review

I grew up at a time when theme parks did not exist in Florida. Mom took us to many attractions on our summer vacations and school days off. I loved going to Miami Seaquarium, Crandon Park Zoo, Monkey Jungle, Parrot Jungle, Pirates World and many other popular attractions around the state at the time. I learned about many species of wildlife from these trips and grew up to respect the role they played in our fragile ecosystem. I visited Palm Beach Zoo when it was named Dreher Park Zoo back in the day. I took my son there many times. It was easy to get to off I95, reasonably priced, clean and had many wonderful, well maintained exhibits. I walked in with my son, daughter in law and 20 month old grandson hoping to enjoy the same experience. We went on an overcast Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m., the park closed at 5, plenty of time to see everything and not too hot or crowded. I pre purchased the tickets online: 2 adults and 1 senior came to $106.85. My grandson was 'free'. Wow! Sticker shock but somewhat expected given the economy. We checked in and it was a very easy process. We rented a safari wagon for our little one. It was a reasonable $3 but they didn't accept cash. We had to use a credit card to pay. A large splash pad is located at the entrance and many children were enjoying this water feature. We didn't have a change of clothes and/or towels for our waterbug and he was quite upset he couldn't frolic with them so we rolled quickly past to begin the zoo journey. (I did wonder if the recycled water shooting up in their innocent little faces was chlorinated. It looked like a superspreader event with many bulging diapers.) As we worked our way through each area, I noted many of the animal exhibits I remembered from back when were gone. The few animals they had looked cared for and healthy but the overall vibe was depressing. I saw only a few zoo staff members who looked busy but did not interact with the customers. Note: different animal encounters are available but you are charged extra $$$ and participants age is limited. We went to the lorikeet exhibit. They sold small cups of nectar ($2 for 1, $5 for 3) but when we got there they were feeding them big bowls of it. They warned us the birds wouldn't come to us and to save our $$. It was around 4 p.m. They were right. The birds could care less if we were holding their nectar treat. The carousel was nice and again, credit or debit card only. No cash is accepted in the park. We gradually made our way out. I left with new memories but also a greater appreciation of what we were so fortunate to have had experienced in better times.

Denise Smith — Google review

This is our 2nd year of membership. We love this zoo. It has a nice assortment of animals and offers fun interactive packages with some of the more popular animals. There is plenty of tree cover so even in the middle of the summer, it's never too hot. All the employees and volunteers are always pleasant and willing to share each animals special story. It's a great family activity or simply a nice place to take a walk.

Kelly Callahan — Google review

A nice little zoo to visit. The pricing is not really reasonable for the few amount of animals and exhibits. For 2 adults I paid 58 with tax, my toddler was free. Was not at all crowded. The restaurant was closed, the stands with concessions was also closed not sure if due to it not being busy or what the reason. Plenty of parking available.They have a nice splash area for kids right as you come in. The exhibits were nice but it seems like the animals also went on spring break 😅. It's worth a visit but there are betters zoos for the same or better pricing especially for going on a weekday and getting tickets online to save.

Maria Gomez — Google review

This is a beautiful zoo and the animals are well taken care of. It's now a $35 entrance but I'd rather pay more to ensure the animals are well cared for. Tried to get to the zoo on a cool day and you will see the animals active. I had an amazing visit on January 22nd.

Nicole Beckler — Google review

Finally made it to the Palm Beach Zoo! Had a truly fantastic time, saw all kinds of great animals, even my first koala bear! Be sure to sign up early for the koala experience they offer as it sells out every day its offered. Looking forward to going back soon!

Whit Breeden — Google review

Great zoo! My favorite animal was the eagle. Sometimes they have special events. When I visited I got to see a new born sloth. Got to see the tiger and the puma. However, I wish they had a lion. Overall , the zoo was a great activity for me and my family.

Denis Gomez — Google review

Really disappointed in the zoo for Palm Beach County. It needs intense investment to improve the grounds, the cleaning conditions, the bathrooms, the level of service, and the areas for the animals. You can’t even compare it to other zoos around the country (some of which are less expensive and even free of charge). We won’t be back. Sorry

Esteban — Google review


(6541)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (203)


(1162)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (204)

1301 Summit Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33405, USA

(561) 547-9453


Town Center at Boca Raton

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (205)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (206)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (207)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (208)

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Shopping mall


The Town Center at Boca Raton is a high-end indoor-outdoor shopping mall with over 220 stores and 25 restaurants. It is the largest mall in Palm Beach County and family friendly with stroller rentals, nearby parks and a variety of beaches close by.

Great mall. Lots of parking. Designer shops and more affordable ones too. Very beautiful inside.

A Bousi — Google review

Great mall! Love coming here when I'm down in Boca. You have yourself trendy stores, great food places and restaurants, furniture stores, department stores, and luxury stores. The mall is beautiful in and out. I always feel bougie, comfortable, and clean when I come here. Just wish they would have more designer stores in the mall area like Balenciaga, Fendi, Dior, Burberry, etc in the mall part by LV and not in Saks or the other department stores.

Anonymous — Google review

Nice mall, a lot of the displays were out when I went Christmas shopping so I had absolutely no idea where I was going, but overall nice selection of stores. I was able to get all my shopping but the cards done there. I liked the opinions in the food court, everything from pizza to pretzels. A lot of security so it made me feel safe, extremely clean, whoever the janitorial staff is they need a raise. Would recommend!

Thomas Kilkenny — Google review

Poor security!!! The door is very near the playground and there was a rock, holding the door open and two kids Were going around through there and around the other area throwing stuff at other kids and running away. Security was not available. I called the manager of securing a report of the issue, but also a rock in the area is it unsafe and it can be a weapon also the door even though I locked it the kids were able to open that again from the outside and that’s when the security guard happens to be coming to the door and caught then. No camera in that hallway… Hope this can help

Eduardo Lozano — Google review

This is a great mall! It is also really expensive!The mall has an Apple store that is wildly busy. The food court is usually busy and the Chick-fil-A is also usually slammed.They have a GameStop by the old Sears end of the mall.There are a lot of good restaurants. Capital Grill is the best amongst them. There is no inside mall entrance/ no mall access between capital grill and the mall. You can only get in from outside.This mall could really use some kids toy stores.I hope they put in a movie theatre where the Sears used to be. My wife says that it’s going to be more shopping though.

Derek Assaf — Google review

Its a wonderful time of the year to ge to be at Town Center.Lots of clients and sales, most especially in the shoe area. This place is rocking! Lines are long and could barely catch up with my group.While walking around. Saw (2) officers and (1) in Newman's.The place was clean and the interior was very festive.The parking lot is full and had to drive around 20 min. To find a good space.********Bocahhhhhh… Ooh lah lah.I have heard some say Town Center is second to Mizner Park. Oh well, in my humble “opinion”, I am updating my narrative of Town Center to 4 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟, (since I gave it 5 stars before) because I heard of an unfortunate incident at the*1.Parking Lot. Previously, I mentioned the need for safety for the clients with high end with purchases when exiting the mall. I see a police car which is a good start close to Sax 5th. This area is safe, in my opinion. However, I think the parking lot has to be beefed up further. I haven't been around the mall itself, but at least I found (1). Inside the mall, I saw a few security guards beside high end stores.I was impressed when I saw (1) "Loaded" imposig security on alert, which is a good move from Simon Properties. I hope they will add a few more of more imposing guards in the near future. This I believe is a good sign that they care for the shoppers. However, they must pay more attention outside.Safety is my #1 concern most especially when the holidays come around.2. I have been coming here for several years and have seen delightful changes, like the exquisite transformation of the floortreatments & whimsical decors (ie. butterflies looked so heavenly!) The color scheme is magnificent and pleasing to the eyes. It really complements the high end stores, so appealing and lovely. It makes me want to stay the whole day shopping along.3.Everywhere I went the scent was appealing. However, passing by "AS" & "VS", the area had an unusual scent?I may be wrong, but notice the air is turned off 30 min before the Mall closes?4.Some stores are in need of minor updates since they present very high end products. Do stores close at the same time. There were some that closed early?Lastly,5.Spending quality time with my parents makes it very memorable for us. We take a brisk walk at least for 30 minutes, clocking in at least 2 miles or less, and stroll down for hours. After that, we start shopping and have diner at the end.So for those who leave close by and are looking for something different, this place is the best place to be. Enjoy!

Elle L.G. — Google review

Great shopping for all the luxury brands. Spacious mall the customer service could be better in some stores. Great location and felt safe. Parking was fine for me.

Holly D. — Google review

Love this mall. It has everything I could ask for in a mall. I also love that there’s always new stores coming in and out along with food places, this mall is also very clean. I will complain tho about the size. I truly wished that Boca Raton would have a bigger mall or another mall. Compared tô other countries there’s usually 2-4 story malls with movie theaters inside up tô grocery stores. Town center tho has (mostly) LOTS OF rich people (luxury and high-end)stores and the occasional food. I also really wish that there was another Starbucks or if they made it bigger because the lines will literally extend tô like an entire corridor 😭😭. But I definitely love the mall in general and there’s cute bathrooms and good pretty restaurants. Like the hidden mariposa in macys 😀 and the California pizza kitchen so good. Recommend if you live in Boca Raton. Every girl needs a mall 💝💝💝

Audrey Maciel — Google review

Love shopping at Macy's. It's a great store. I was just there the other day just browsing and I found a really nice shirt that was on sale plus I had a coupon. The Staff is great; friendly, polite, helpful and accommodating. They have some great buys when their is a sale. They are handicapped accessible, parking lot is big.

Jeffrey Mandel — Google review

I live out of state and haven't been to a mall since prepandemic. Lovely and fun shopping experience.

Michele — Google review

Great mall, with amazing stores like Saks Fifth avenue, Bloomingdale's, Carolina Herrera, container store, etc.

JAMG — Google review

Nice shopping mall, all you need in a very comfortable ambiance

Walid Attia — Google review

Good sized mall, but not huge. Variety of popular stores. Well designed food court. Whether you're interested in shopping, eating or just being around others. This is a decent venue for everybody. Wifi could be better. More restroom facilities wouldn't hurt either. All in all, worth a look.

Humpfrey — Google review

I was waiting for a drink for more that half hour at Starbucks and the girl that was delivering the drinks today (11/24/23) was really rude when I asked for my drink and ignored me until I decided to confront her and showed her my receipt that proved I was waiting for half hour and then she throw it away it in front of my face while she asked to prepare my drink! What COSTUMER SERVICE means for this company? I don’t usually write reviews but this girl made my Black Friday MISERABLE…

Blanca Diez — Google review

My friend bought me a gift card for Victoria's secrets and I went to the store and I loved it I was in a dream world I got everything I wanted and I am so happy and I feel so special and sexy

Amber Peirce — Google review

Do not come to this mall. They allow unsupervised children children to run around like maniacs with carts that think it’s fine to hit elderly people. This mall will ignore your phone calls and say that they called you back have their insurance company not call you back and leave your elderly family member life ruined. Security, is a joke, and did nothing but lie about the situation. They were more interested in protecting their assets.

Ces diaz — Google review

Lovely mall. Excellent stores.

Firoz Ozman — Google review

One of my favorite malls in South Florida. I’ve been shopping here for two decades and I’ve always found what I’m looking for. They have stayed current by opening new and trendy stores as brands emerge. The layout is shopper friendly and the outdoor area is well manicured.

Megan — Google review

That place is gotten upscale and looks amazing. I worked there. I would say about twenty years ago, and i've been living not in florida for the last fifteen years, and being back at this mall wowed me. All the stores are high class and high-end, and I love it. We don't have stores like this where I live which is which is in NC.

Danielle Pike — Google review

The Town Center at Boca Raton is a great place to shop. They have every major brand here. Make sure that you reserve yourself a lot of time here because there are so many great shops so you will spend hours. The place is extremely clean and safe. It is definitely one of the best malls in Florida.They have EV and Tesla Parking in the garage area near Nordstom's. The Tesla is on the second floor and EV parking is on the first floor.There is an Apple Store, of course, that is extremely busy because the mall is so good. It is best to set up an appointment and if you have to wait then you are in a good place for that (SHOP!!!).I find the parking at the Nordstrom's/California Pizza entrance is the best and usually not busy. If the mall is real busy then the garage by Nordstrom's (with the EV and Tesla Chargers) always has space.There is actually a Police station in the mall in the Garage by the Tesla Chargers. This is place beyond safe.They have a great food court with a Chick-Fil-A and good vegetarian options.Security is nice and helpful.The place is really clean; including the bathrooms.

William Campbell — Google review


(9796)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (209)


(658)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (210)

6000 Glades Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33431, USA

(561) 368-6000


Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (211)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (212)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (213)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (214)

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Nature preserve

Nature & Parks

The Gumbo Limbo Nature Center preserves nature in Boca Raton, FL with a boardwalk leading to a lookout, plus a butterfly garden and tanks with sea turtles. It is an excellent place for conservation, research, and education relating to nature.

I walked on the Gumbo Limbo boardwalk that’s between Ocean Blvd. Parking which is to the south and attached to the Golf Course and the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. The boardwalk is almost half a mile with a couple of side trails. You can go into the Nature Center for free but they ask for donations. Suggested $5.00 donation per person. That’s a great deal. I’m sure it’s only a small part of what keeps this place running. There is also a gift shop off the main room that has very nice gifts. Everything is a bit expensive but you are helping to support Gumbo Limbo so it’s fine. My wife got a nice canvas shoulder bag with a turtle on it.Now that the Nature Center is reopened to the public I went there with my wife and my mother. I didn’t really know what to expect inside the Nature Center. Once inside there are a few exhibits to look at. The woman at the desk asked us if we needed a map and suggested that we go to see the Turtle talk downstairs. We just happened to arrive just before this talk was starting So we headed off down to the lower lever. There is a long ramp that switches back for wheelchair or walkers to easily use. There were about 20 people there listening to the talk. It was about the different turtles in the tanks there. She explained a little about each turtle and why it was there.Gumbo Limbo is made up of four different parts. Boardwalk, Turtle rescue, Fish, Butterfly garden. The butterfly garden is on the north end and it has a path called Ashley Trail that heads around and down to the intercoastal where there is a small beach and bench. It’s a good place to relax and look at the water. Entering the water is not allowed. The Outdoor Marine Aquariums are amazing. Two large tanks about three feet deep with windows so you can view the fish swimming from above or through the windows plus another two tanks over ten feet deep that you view through large windows. We spend a long time watching the fish, rays, turtles, eels moving around the tanks. Signs identify each of the different species.Gumbo Limbo is run by both paid employees and volunteers. Talking to one volunteer she said that they are made up of year round and some snow bird volunteers. Everyone is friendly and helpful. We will be back to both walk the boardwalk and to visit the Nature Center.

Bill — Google review

100% recommended! Perfect place to go and have a nice time with the kids. My kids ages 9 and 5 really enjoyed it. The fishes are appreciated very well and they look super happy. Interesting information displayed everywhere. The people who work and the volunteers are very friendly and they are always ready to answer the children's questions. We will come back every time we visit Florida. Thanks for such a good job!

Tereines Montano — Google review

This is a great place for any age to visit and learn more about the beloved Florida Sea Turtles. There is no admission fee. Actual research and rehabilitation happens on-site in cooperation with Florida Atlantic University. There is a beautiful walk that goes through a butterfly garden and stops along the Intracoastal waterway. It wasn't an overcrowded attraction but there was not a shortage of visitors. The Aquarium has a huge eel like I've never seen before. They even sell a stuffed version of this character in the gift shop. If you are local or visiting it's worth checking out on a beach day.

Scott Cohen — Google review

Amazing place to go on a day date. Very fun to explore! And it's free! You can spend a couple of hours there walking around and checking out the aquariums throughout the property. It has a nice smallish nature walk that leads to a small beach on the bay. Don't pass up on this place!

Damien Collins — Google review

The park is such an amazing place. Clean, organized and well maintained area! Signage and maps are available around the park plus paper copy by the entrance. Associates are very nice and friendly! Will definitely recommend to visit!

Katusha G — Google review

Definitely worth a visit! Learn a lot about native Florida and sea turtles. Not a lot of parking due to construction plus the weekend. Restrooms very clean. Staff extremely attentive, welcoming. We loved doing the scavenger hunt. Our little one left with a surprise gift after finishing. Overall we had a great time. We spent approx. 1 hour there - two adults and 7 year old.

Caro Ferrer — Google review

Visited Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton and loved it. The sea turtle rehab area is fantastic, and the fish tanks with colorful marine life are mesmerizing. Perfect for nature enthusiasts. Highly recommend!

Elif Erler — Google review

We can’t believe this place is free! So many fabulous learning opportunities for the kids. We enjoyed learning about so many sea creatures and seeing animals in rehabilitation. Great place to spend part of a day!

Arndts Aren?t Staying Put — Google review

Gumbo Limbo is such a beautiful nature center. I have two kids (2 & 4) and they love it here. Beautiful sightings of butterflies 🦋, turtles 🐢, lots of fish 🐠, and sting ray too!!! There is a variety of things to see here. I believe it’s free access, but they do accept donations. This is a great activity whether it’s summer time, after school or something to do on the weekend with family. I love that it is stroller friendly, a huge plus! Bring your sunscreen and enjoy nature’s beauty!

Courtney G. — Google review

Wonderful place for all ages to spend time in nature and visit marine life, butterflies 🦋 learn about marine life, the environment and the amazing array of turtles! 🐢 This is a great free resource for everyone in the lovely city of Boca Raton. It’s free to visit, spend an afternoon and learn much about turtle rehabilitation, humans effects on marine life and more!

Emily Standley (Socialbuzzhive Blog) — Google review

Such a beautiful park, with an incredibly informative and kind staff. Completely worth the visit if you have the chance. Tons of baby hatchlings to see, rescue tortoises, and beautiful aquarium displays.

Max M — Google review

Nice little Center. Easy to navigate around for about 60-90 minutes tops. Good selection of fish and 2 turtles. Nice outside Butterfly area with no nets to restrict their activity.Construction seems to be taking up some parking.Best Part….FREE.

Michael Margulis — Google review

Wonderful place to visit. No cost. Butterfly garden and outside areas have mosquitoes so off could be helpful for a leisurely walk. Haha. They love me. They have a great rescue and treatment program for the sea turtles there.

Rob Harrison — Google review

This was a great experience. The parking lot isn’t huge, so depending on how busy it is, it can be a little tricky with parking. It’s free to get in, but they have a box and a gift shop to collect donations so they can operate. Great opportunity for kids and animal lovers. They rehab turtles from the area. Too cool. The staff were polite and knowledgeable. Just be sure to check their hours before showing up. Some parts may close earlier in the day depending on the day.

Samuel Krausman — Google review

Absolutely superb experience at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center! Free admission (we weren’t sure when we first walked in, but the staff was incredibly attentive, patient, kind, and informative.This center not only provides education to visitors of all ages, but provides crucial services to help sea turtles survive and thrive! They have a hatching center that you can see down into; we came just before the expected hatching week; but can wait to go back so we can see FAU taking care of the turtles after they hatch.While this center is free, they encourage donations, we would highly recommend everyone donate at least some funds to help out their cause. If you don’t have cash, there are some convenient card donation machines in the gift shop.Lots to do and see, I would highly recommend a visit here.

Luke Elliott — Google review

Absolutely so much fun! Adults and children both can enjoy! They have huge, huge tanks with all sorts of fish that come straight up to the window and tanks with baby sea turtles that they are nursing and protecting. There's a cute little gift sho other I fell in love with. Everything from necklaces, bracelets, shark teeth, turtle trinkets, and more. I had an absolute ball coming here. Come support this place!

Momma Bear — Google review

I happened to come by while an observation tower was being revamped and the rescue turtles were off site so I missed a bit. Other than that, the grounds are pretty. There are walking trails. There are daily programs so I got to see the fish being fed. Highly recommended.

Mara Factor — Google review

Associates are very nice and friendly!The park is such an amazing Clean, organized and well-maintained area.The maps are available around the park.definitely recommend visiting!

Ping — Google review

Was a really nice place, lots of fish and animals to see, a nature walk with many plants. I will say it's hard to find a parking spot so you have to either get there early or drop off your crew and wait till one opens up. Staff are very knowledgeable and friendly!

Ben D — Google review

This was our 3rd visit here. The place is so beautiful! There’s so much nature and wildlife to see. We went early and were treated with several banana spiders, orb Weavers, crabs,woodpecker and a raccoon on the trail.The nature center itself is so well kept, beautiful sea life to enjoy.The staff are incredibly nice and helpful. We learn so much every time.

Jenny Trimble — Google review

Another great place to visit by the beach! For the kiddos and teens and adults! All about sea turtle conservation!! See all the Turtles being cared for and those that could not be returned to the wild! Also a Butterfly Garden and boardwalk nature trail. Free admission, accept donations. Gift shop on site.

Denise C — Google review

A wonderful place for exploration, learning and making friends with the fish! Love the giant aquariums, spotting butterflies, plants and turtles! Fascinating place to learn about the eco-system around!

Swati R — Google review

Great place to visit with kids, to learn about sea life and have fun for a couple of hours.The boardwalk is a great experience to get into the natural Floridian vegetation (don't know if you can call it a forest).The fish tanks are great because they have big windows where kids can enjoy the experience. I recommend to visit just before midday, because the feed the fishes at 12:30.The Florida Atlantic University have a lab there, where you can learn about the life circle of sea turtles.There is also a butterfly garden with a path where kids can run around (there are some mosquitos so be aware).

Juan Mendoza — Google review


(1301)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (215)


(1959)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (216)

1801 N Ocean Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33432, USA

(561) 544-8605


Sugar Sand Park

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (217)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (218)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (219)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (220)

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Nature & Parks

Sugar Sand Park is a 132-acre park located in Boca Raton, FL that caters to both locals and transient visitors alike. The park offers engaging family fun through venues such as the Children's Science Explorium and Field House which has its own indoor gymnasium.

excellent park, it is immense and for children of all ages. It has many activities, you can last for hours and your children will not get bored. It has a science museum where they will learn many things. remember to bring a swimsuit for your children

Oswaldo Torres — Google review

The best Ever!!! What an incredible facility! From the 3 story climbing maze to the butterfly garden with little hiking trails to the awesome science interactive room! Oh and the carousal! It was so much fun with my 6 year old grandson and great niece and nephew! The structure is nicely covered from the sun. Be prepared to run around climb and slide! Parking is ample

Jan C — Google review

Great park for kids!Huge outdoor play space with small sprinkler area. Cool indoor science area. Carousel was not working at the time. Shared covered picnic table (1) area to sit and take in a snack while beating the heat. Really lovely spot

Chauncell Wynn — Google review

Awesome playground for kids, it’s huge one way in one way out so don’t panic if you lose sight of your kid, it gets crowded but still plenty of room to run around, there’s a carousel for tokens next to playground $1 per token per ride, bathrooms real close and clean, def plenty to do with your kids or family in this park, one of the better spots I’ve been too. Playground is innovative, areas for toddlers, young and older kids. Museum and free parking. Plenty of space for parents to sit, bring food and water.

Krys “KFryc_Photography” Sicco — Google review

Great place to take kids! Great location. Easy access to 95. Very nice science activity center! They also have the biggest outdoor play area I've ever seen!

Katshot — Google review

Wow what a beautiful and peaceful park. Very nicely kept. This park has a bunch of activities for the little ones. Lots of science stuff to do. They even have a carousel which runs on weekends and a very nice three story playground. Baseball fields. Lots of places to walk. Staff is very friendly. Bathrooms are very clean. Basketball courts for adults and children. Picnic areas. NO SMOKING AT THIS PARK. NO PETS ALLOWED.Highly recommend. Will definitely visit again. Thank you very much for checking in. Have a blessed day.

Kako Nator — Google review

Love this place for my 3 year old. Swings. Climbing frames splash pad! They have a little science museum there too with fun things for kids to interact with. They have a trail park which I love for a nice walk amongst nature, and they have a horse carousel. It’s the best place to take your kid for a couple of hours, but bring five dollar or one dollar bills to get coins for the horse carousel. 1 coin/ $1 per ride per kid

Keren Gee — Google review

Sugar Sand Park is the perfect place for kids. The playground is massive and has cool interactive features. The park also has a splash pad, a carousel($1 per ride), and a science-themed play area. There’s something here for kids of all ages to enjoy, I highly recommend checking it out.

Alexis Cowdell — Google review

Best free park ever!There are two main play areas, so fun for little and bigger kids. The playground is stroller & wheel chair accessible but the playground equipment is not all accessible. There is a large maze type structure that kids and adults can navigate. There is a small water area in the center, just enough to cool off- not quite a splash bad. There are lots of areas to sit and tons of shade! There are bathrooms, which also have toddler size toilets/sinks.We stopped here on the way to Miami- since it’s right off of I-95. A great stop to break up a long road trip!!Honestly I would have paid to get in to this park! The only problem is keeping an eye on your kid since it’s so big and getting them to leave because it’s so much fun :)*editing to correct that there is an accessible way up the playground equipment, but you can’t get everywhere

Saige — Google review

TOP PLAYGROUND EVER!!!! Let’s cut to the chase…I have taken my now four-year-old to 175 different playgrounds, no joke. 175!!! This custom playground structure is THEE COOLEST, funnest, most amazing thing I have ever seen!!!! It’s like a three-story maze! You will lose your toddler in precisely 3.2 seconds! LoL There is a misting “splashpad” area in the center, a small kids train-themed area, a carousel, a kids museum, and much more on the playground grounds. This park is my NEW #1 playground ever. If you live within two hours of this park it is well worth the drive for you to spend the day here with your kids and family. Take a picnic, it’s an all day activity. BEST PLAYGROUND EVER!!!

Dan Thompson — Google review

Although my kids and I went during the early afternoon hours when the sun was burning bright, we all had a fun time. All of the slides and spinning activities were piping hot, but the fine mist and breeze at the splash pad made up for it. The carousel was down for maintenance while we were there and this park is free for all. The jungle gym area is designed for children up to 12.

Rosalee Lugo — Google review

We went to Sugar Sand Park for President’s Day weekend BBQ. They have Pavilion that you can reserved in advance for your event or you can go to the Picnic Area. That is first come first served. They are usually very clean. All those areas have trees around to provide good amount of shade. There are tables and benches. They also provided water hose for you to use. There are dumpsters for your garbage. We had a great time. They also have playgrounds for kids on the other side. That is a great park for friends and families gathering. We definitely recommend others.Atmosphere ———- (A)Clean / Organize —- (A)We gave them 9.8 out of 10 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

AK Digital / Wokzcooking — Google review

One of, if not the best, parks to visit. The place is huge. The playground is a child's dream come true. So many places to explore. Then when you're done, there's a science center with tons of experiences inside. All set up and ready for you to have fun. And learn. That is the best part. I brought some food and had a picnic on the ground with my family. They also have tables and chairs. It is a wonderful place to visit.

Momma Bear — Google review

One of the best kids and family parks for recreation. This huge park includes areas for bbq, explorium science saloon, walking and explore trails, playground for kids, water park and many other funny activities. 300% recommended.

Enrique Benalcazar — Google review

Sugar Sand is definitely one of the best kids playgrounds I have ever seen. It is so versatile and involving so you can easily loose couple of hours with your kid. The huge multi level structure is accomplished with swings, slides and many other tools I hardly can put names on.Another nice thing is a $1 carusell, which is incredibly atmospheric, love it and so my kid!

Yuriy Polyashko — Google review

Huge free playground with separated zones for toddlers and older kids, splash pad, carousel, museum!!! Kids fell in love. Bring food and water with you, there are plenty tables and seats. For carousel need cash to buy a token ($1 - one ride) or buy tokens at the reception inside of the building paying by cc. Free parking. There are a lot of kids and it’s super fun for all ages. Restrooms are inside the building.

Elena Taylor — Google review

Local park with plenty of activities for young and old. Children's section has many activities, playground and a wonderful merry-go-round.

Michael Bellomo — Google review

Absolutely amazing! The playground is the best we've ever seen and adding the science center next door just improves it.

Dennis Frye — Google review

Wow—this is an amazing venue. This “park” actually consists is several outdoor and indoor spaces: an interactive science exhibit, a garden, a nature trail, a few different playgrounds, a theater, courts/fields for your favorite sport, and a lovely carousel which costs just a token ($1) for adults to ride (but seeming free for 2 and under). Looking forward to returning. My favorite part was solving the H puzzle in the exhibit and being extremely impressed by the local high school artworks on display.

Areins Pelayo — Google review

Great outdoor park for the kids to play! Restrooms were clean, the grounds were well maintained, and my kids had a blast playing with exploring.

Hailey C. — Google review


(2877)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (221)


(931)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (222)

300 S Military Trail, Boca Raton, FL 33486, USA

(561) 347-3900


Mizner Park

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (223)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (224)

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (225)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (226)

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Shopping mall


Mizner Park offers upscale retailers, restaurants, a co*cktail bar & confectionery in a quaint open-air shopping plaza. It's a must-see for tourists and locals alike and is located right smackdab in Downtown Boca Raton at 327 Plaza Real.

Great place to walk around, go shopping or head out to eat at one of the many restaurants. Plus there is always entertainment and things to do. It's always been one of my favorite places to enjoy. This location has everything you need. Enjoy!!If you like my post, please give mea 👍 thumbs up and feel free to follow me. 😊

Lawrie Molle — Google review

This is one of my favorite places to spend some time with your loved ones or alone! There are many restaurants and stores, and the area looks beautiful! We ate at Max's Grille and the food was excellent, and the waiter was very polite and professional.

Cuba Libre XBL — Google review

Very pretty! Lost of shops and restaurants. The park in the middle is just beautiful! Perfect for a family outing. And a plus is Mizner Park Amphitheater right there! People actually take chairs and listen for a FREE concert outside!

Mayte G — Google review

We were told when visiting Florida we need to see Mizner Park. The Christmas decorations along the street were beautiful and the place was very lively. Parking was easy to find and there are lots of restaurants/shops to visit while you are there. Highly recommend seeing this place especially during the Christmas season.

Cosimo Fuda — Google review

Mizner is the perfect place to walk around with your family or to meet for a date. You can window shop, play lawn chess, enjoy coffee and people watch, and have a delicious meal.

Cheryl Martin — Google review

Our server was the nicest! Never rushed us and explained everything about the menu and drinks too. I tried both margaritas she suggested and I was blown away! Tasted real freshly made not too sweet and not too sower either just as I like them we will be back next time we visit that area. There are many restaurants and shops to browse and if it is raining there is a walk way protected / shaded 😁 plenty of free parking too.

Kay Kings — Google review

What a great place for an out door concert. The park itself offers restaurants for dining before and after a show. Easy parking. Saw 3 Doors Down and it was epic. Sound was great. Great places to hang out after the show walking distance from the stage.

Richard Hazen — Google review

A true shopping experience. Enjoy the Floridian sunshine & architecture. Choose from the many restaurants & coffee shops, visit speciality high end gift shops or simply enjoy the Mediterranean revival architecture.

Philip Segal — Google review

Nice peaceful place to visit. Liked the small shops there. Enjoyed the view and greenery. Even the gate with clock and sunset view from there was fabulous. Thanks

Neelima Rajawat — Google review

Beautiful place to walk and spend the evening with family or friends. Reminds me of the piazzas in Italy. Highly recommended if you are in the area.

Rob Russo — Google review

Nice place to spend the day or an evening. Shopping, food, desserts, and an overall beautiful ambiance.

Salik Ghaus — Google review

Mizner Park is in East Boca off of Federal hwy just north of Palmetto Park Rd between NE 3 and NE 5thIt's an open air shopping, dining, and entertainment venue in Boca Raton, Florida. It’s known for its upscale stores, restaurants, and an outdoor amphitheater for live performances and events. Nice place to take a stroll, do a little shopping and have a bite to eat. You can take a cooking class at Sur La Table or have a drink at the outside bar at Max’s Grill. There’s also a movie theater and a bowling alley. They also have concerts at the amphitheater and of course you could view an exhibit at the Boca Museum. Beautiful architecture, it’s one of the highlights in Boca and should not be missed.

A.L. Harris — Google review

What a beautiful place to walk around. There are numerous restaurants to choose from, shopping; very nice shops and boutique, a liquor store, coffee shop, which you can sit outside, go sit by the relaxing fountain, there is a Free Parking garage. It's just a beautiful place to spend the day with your friends and family

Jeffrey Mandel — Google review

It’s a nice place to walk around. If you want coffee, there ls a Starbucks. Different places to eat , mood for dessert ice cream shop, candies 🍭 store, & shopping stores. I personally have been going there as of recently to hangout at the American Social Bar-Restaurant for Music Events 12-5pm as I was there today ! I got to see Gucci Crew & Nyasia & DJ Johnny Quest 90’a day party 🎉

TinaGirl O. — Google review

I agree, there are many stores that have been there a long time. Some new ones which look interesting. And its a neat romantic area

Zach Martin — Google review

Mizner Park is a timeless gem reminiscent of Europe with fountains, cafes, outdoor dining, Boutiques. It is a great place to meet friends and bring a date with a large variety of restaurants. American, Asian, Italian, Seafood.IPIC movie theater is located in the south end of the plaza. Mizner Park is highly recommended. Definitely top notch. Metered parking and free parking in the parking garage.

Joanne Giovanna Nitti — Google review

Mizner Park is a delightful blend of outdoor shopping, cultural experiences, and fine dining. With its array of upscale shops and diverse dining options, it caters to a sophisticated crowd. On the cultural front, it boasts a lineup of arts venues, including an impressive art museum. A visit to Mizner Park is a must when exploring Boca Raton, offering a perfect balance of leisure and cultural enrichment.

Carlos Pardo — Google review

Honestly not sure why there’s hype around this place and shocked at the reviews. The energy and people that tend to come with Mizner is so uncomfortable, unwelcoming, and entitled.A basic shopping center with WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE.It doesn’t matter what time of day you go there’s NEVER ANY PARKING, you have to pay when you do finally find parking, and it’s a nightmare to get in and out of.The general crowd this attracts…inconsiderate entitled humans with money and a lack of self-awareness and a huge lack of spatial awareness.You can barely even walk on the sidewalks and people do not move out of the way. They walk right into you without any awareness of others around.This place has always left me in a worse mood than when I arrived. The few times I have gone.I will no longer go here.Overrated and not good for your nervous system if you value your time and space.

Krystalynn Kieché — Google review


(5059)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (227)


(1727)40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (228)

327 Plaza Real Suite 315, Boca Raton, FL 33432, USA

(561) 362-0606

40 Best Stops Between St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale (2024)


What is the halfway point between Fort Lauderdale and St. Augustine? ›

The city at the geographic halfway point from Saint Augustine, FL to Fort Lauderdale, FL is June Park, Florida.

When not to go to Fort Lauderdale? ›

Summer and fall are susceptible to rain and hurricanes, with the official hurricane season running from June 1 to Nov. 30.

How far of a drive is Fort Lauderdale to St. Augustine? ›

Yes, the driving distance between Fort Lauderdale to Saint Augustine is 285 miles. It takes approximately 4h 45m to drive from Fort Lauderdale to Saint Augustine.

What is the most beautiful road in St. Augustine? ›

Magnolia Avenue

Named one of the most beautiful streets in United States, Magnolia runs in front of the Fountain of Youth, intersecting with A1A just west of the Usina Bridge to Vilano Beach. Live oak trees line the street, and the resulting canopy gives beautiful light and shadows.

What is halfway between St. Augustine and Miami? ›

The city at the geographic halfway point from Saint Augustine, FL to Miami, FL is Fellsmere, Florida.

What is the name of the French fort near St. Augustine? ›

The French colony came into conflict with the Spanish, who established St. Augustine in September 1565, and Fort Caroline was sacked by Spanish troops under Pedro Menéndez de Avilés on 20 September.

Is it safe to walk in Fort Lauderdale at night? ›

Planning a safe trip to Fort Lauderdale

If traveling alone, avoid walking on your own at night.

What is the best month to visit Fort Lauderdale? ›

The best times to visit Fort Lauderdale are in spring (mid-April–early June) and autumn (October–mid-December). The weather is pleasant, though it's rainier in autumn. Beaches and attractions are less crowded and it's when you'll find the most affordable flight and hotel prices.

Is it better to stay in Miami or Fort Lauderdale? ›

While both Miami and Fort Lauderdale offer sunshine and Florida fun, Fort Lauderdale generally tends to be the more budget-friendly option. Accommodation, dining, and even entertainment often come with a smaller price tag in “The Venice of America” compared to its flashier neighbor.

What is special about St. Augustine in Florida? ›

Founded in 1565, St. Augustine is the oldest continuously occupied settlement of European and African-American origin in the United States. Forty-two years before the English colonized Jamestown and fifty-five years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, the Spanish established at St.

What is the prettiest street in the United States St. Augustine? ›

Magnolia Street in Saint Augustine, FL was named one of the most beautiful streets in America.

Is St. Augustine too touristy? ›

St. Augustine is a tourist town, so there is no shortage of places to eat and drink downtown. In high season restaurants can be very crowded, so call ahead for dinner reservations. Cheaper chain restaurants are north and south of the city center, but the best places are right in the historic district.

Why is St. Augustine so famous? ›

Augustine is perhaps the most significant Christian thinker after St. Paul. He adapted Classical thought to Christian teaching and created a powerful theological system of lasting influence. He also shaped the practice of biblical exegesis and helped lay the foundation for much of medieval and modern Christian thought.

What is the most photographed street in St. Augustine? ›

Named one of the most photographed streets in America by National Geographic, Magnolia Avenue is the epitome of old world beauty.

Is St. Augustine a party town? ›

St. Augustine nightlife includes a robust live music scene as well as dancing, comedy, co*cktails, and plenty of ghost tours. The city comes alive when the sun goes down with music coming out of everywhere from tiny bars to the award winning St. Augustine Amphitheatre.

Is St. Augustine close to Fort Lauderdale? ›

The distance between Saint Augustine and Fort Lauderdale is 302 miles. The road distance is 285.1 miles.

Is Fort Myers close to St. Augustine? ›

Yes, the driving distance between Fort Myers to Saint Augustine is 259 miles. It takes approximately 4h 57m to drive from Fort Myers to Saint Augustine. Where can I stay near Saint Augustine? There are 1403+ hotels available in Saint Augustine.

Is St. Augustine a walking town? ›

St. Augustine is extremely walkable with friendly and inviting spaces in the Old City.

How long does it take to do the fort in St. Augustine? ›

Allow 2.5 hours for a thorough tour of Castillo de San Marcos during the week, and another half hour on the weekend if you want to catch a weapons firing demonstration. This includes the walk to and from the St. Augustine city parking lot, which takes you through the historic area of St. Augustine.


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