What not to do with LVP flooring? (2024)

What not to do with LVP flooring?

Vinyl Flooring “Don'ts”

What should you not clean LVP floors with?

Pro Tip: Avoid using wax polishes, abrasive cleaners, and harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia-based cleaners, as they can strip off the floor's protective layer over time. We also advise against using vinegar to clean your luxury vinyl floors.

What destroys vinyl plank flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring offers many options

These floors can resist scratches, scuffs, stains, and even a certain amount of gouging in their durability. However, extreme heat can damage the luxury vinyl plank.

What can you not do with vinyl flooring?

Do not do this with a vinyl floor
  • Don't lay a foam backed sheet vinyl over the top.
  • Don't use rubber-based mats/accessories/furniture.
  • Don't leave wet mats on the bathroom floor.
  • Don't leave water spills.
  • Don't leave food spills.
  • Don't forget to seal the edges in the bathroom.
Apr 15, 2021

Can I use a Swiffer on vinyl plank flooring?

You can use a dry Swiffer mop pad on vinyl plank flooring products. The dry Swiffer is an excellent way to capture dust and pet hair for a thorough clean. If you use a Swiffer WetJet, you'll need to refer to your product's directions and make sure that the product is waterproof.

Can I use Swiffer Wet Jet on LVP?

Swiffer wet cloths are designed to be used on most floor surfaces, such as: vinyl.

Does vinegar damage LVP flooring?

Clean off general surface dirt with vinegar. White vinegar or apple cider vinegar (without the mother) cuts through grime. It's an excellent option to spiff up your vinyl floor without chemicals. Vinegar is also great for removing any floor stickiness.

Can you put a refrigerator on vinyl plank flooring?

Since most furniture will not go under just one plank, it is perfectly safe for bulky furniture and refrigerators to go on vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl plank flooring will not be damaged or cracked by home appliances' weight due to its strong durability.

Can you put heavy furniture on floating vinyl plank flooring?

Click-lock Vinyl Plank Flooring

Heavy furniture on the other hand, is perfectly fine to place on top of this type of vinyl. Just make sure you fit your furniture with protective padding (floor protectors), which helps distribute the weight of heavier items and prevents dents.

Can mold grow under vinyl plank flooring?

Yes, mold can grow under vinyl flooring if moisture becomes trapped underneath the flooring material. Vinyl flooring is not a breathable material, which means that moisture cannot escape through the flooring.

Can you put rugs on vinyl plank flooring?

Yes, you can place rugs on vinyl flooring—but some make better choices than others. For instance, rugs with rubber backing can stain vinyl, and abrasive material also risks scuffing your floor.

Why do people not like vinyl flooring?

Cheap Vinyl flooring can release toxic chemicals, is prone to scratching and denting, and may not add much resale value to your home.

Can you put rubber backed rugs on luxury vinyl plank flooring?

If you've just laid some luxury vinyl plank flooring the last thing you want to do is damage it. Luckily, rugs are completely fine to place on vinyl plank floors – and a great way to add a pop of color and pattern to a space. Just make sure to avoid rugs with a rubber backing, as this could damage your floor.

Is Bona good for LVP?

Bona Pro Series Luxury Vinyl Floor Cleaner is a professional, environmentally responsible, pH neutral cleaner that is specially formulated to clean luxury vinyl tile (LVT), luxury vinyl plank (LVP), and wood plastic composite (WPC) floors.

What is the best way to clean LVP flooring?

Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove dirt & grit that can scratch the floor and wipe up all spills promptly and thoroughly with a damp cloth or mop, washing with a mild detergent when needed. You can restore your floor's original gloss by vacuuming, washing & applying 2-3 coats of floor restoring polish.

What is the best thing to clean vinyl floors with?

The Best Vinyl Floor Cleaner
  • Baking soda.
  • Putty knife.
  • Rags.
  • Commercial cleaner or vinegar.
  • Dish soap.
  • Bucket.
  • Microfiber mop.
  • Water.

Why does Swiffer WetJet make floors sticky?

“And the floor can end up sticky and even dirtier because their cleaning solvent tends to dry very fast, leaving a sticky residue if not cleaned fast and well.”

Is Bona or Swiffer better for hardwood floors?

One thing that the Swiffer mop can provide you with that the Bona mop does not is flexibility in flooring type. The Bona mop is recommended for cleaning only hardwood floors, but the Swiffer spray mop was designed to be compatible with a variety of surfaces, like laminate, hardwood, vinyl, and ceramic tile flooring.

Can I use Dawn to clean luxury vinyl plank flooring?

A dishwashing soap like Dawn is the best way to clean vinyl plank flooring because it will cut grime and grease without stripping your floors or damaging the wear layer. Mix about an ounce of Dawn dish detergent with a gallon of warm (not hot) water for the best results in loosening filth from your floors.

Can you use Pine-Sol to clean LVP flooring?

If vinegar isn't enough to remove built-up dirt and grime, go with a pH-neutral cleaning solution like Bona, ZEP, or Armstrong. Usually, you can use these cleaners to mop the floor as you normally would, but follow the instructions on the product label. Pine-Sol is also a suitable option for LVP.

Is Fabuloso good for vinyl floors?

DO NOT use All-Purpose or Multi-Purpose cleaners, detergents, abrasive cleaners or “mop and shine” type products (such as Bleach, Pine-Sol, Clorox Soft Scrub, Fabuloso, Rejuvenate, Mop & Glo, Mr. Clean, Murphy's Oil Soap and similar, unapproved cleaners), as they will dull the finish and sheen of the flooring material.

Can you put heavy furniture on LVP?

Today we're going to answer the important question, can you put heavy furniture on vinyl plank flooring? Yes, although vinyl isn't as durable as timber, our vinyl floors are well-designed and durable enough to be able to handle heavy furniture placed upon them.

Does furniture leave dents in LVP?

However, you do need to be mindful of the damage that heavy furniture can create. Luxury vinyl can easily dent when too much pressure is put on it. If the pressure is put onto a joint of click-lock flooring, it can cause the flooring to buckle in some areas.

Can you put furniture on LVP right away?

How you install your luxury vinyl plank determines how quickly you can move your furniture back into place. If it's glued down, most manufacturers will suggest waiting 48 hours to allow the glue to dry thoroughly. If it's click and lock technology, you can move back in the same day.

Do you put LVP under appliances?

It is generally not recommended to install an LVP (luxury vinyl plank) floating floor under cabinets and appliances.


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