Do you need water shoes on Castaway Cay? (2024)

Do you need water shoes on Castaway Cay?

just wondered if we might need water shoes for Castaway Cay or is the bottom smooth and sandy? Thanks! Yes, especially the adult area. It is a very rocky bottom that will shred your feet.

Do you need water shoes for Castaway Cay?

Water shoes might also come in handy when your family is ready to enjoy any of the Dining Venues at Castaway Cay. The roadways can get quite hot and you'll need to wear some type of foot wear to comfortably walk on the pathways.

Do you need water shoes in Bahamas?

Sandals or water shoes are strongly recommended - the Carribean sunshine heats-up our pathways. Aquaventure is one of the largest waterparks in the Eastern Hemisphere and is designed to be a multi-day experience.

Do you need swim shoes in the Caribbean?

Tevas are all you need. If you don't have a pair, then flip flops and beach shoes are fine too. The beach shoes are nice protection against scrapes and urchins when swimming, and are handy to walk along the road and cliffside paths. I would suggest them for staying @ Catcha if you plan on swimming in the sea there.

Do you need water shoes in Florida?

Florida's beaches are known for soft white sand; however, rocks and shells are a natural part of the beach environment. Watch where you step and avoid sharp rocks and shells. Wear sandals or water shoes to protect your feet on rocky or shelly surfaces. Water and wounds do not mix.

Do I need sea shoes?

Ocean footwear is worn in wet conditions to give you the correct amount of support and traction: ideal for water sports such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, rafting, hanging out on a boat or your local beach, etc.

Do you need beach towels for Castaway Cay?

While you don't need to pack a towel from home, I do recommend bringing a lightweight bag or beach tote for sunscreen and any towels you may wish to carry for the day. And while packing towels isn't necessary, you may wish to leave some room in your suitcase to bring some home!

What you Cannot bring to Bahamas?

Anything except fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products can be brought into The Bahamas. All meats must be canned or frozen.

Can you wear water shoes on Atlantis slides?

They are like a mesh shoe with a rubber sole and a slide on the laces. We wore it on every ride without any problems. DO NOT go without watershoes if you go to Atlantis!

How many outfits for 7 day cruise?

If you are wondering what to pack for a Caribbean cruise that lasts 7 days, here are a few guidelines: Swimwear: 3 swimsuits and at least 3 swim cover-ups. Casual Looks: Pack at least 4 pairs of shorts, 5 – 7 t-shirts, 3 pairs of pants, 3 skirts, and a couple of day dresses.

Can you wear sandals instead of water shoes?

Day Float Trips - For most day float trips (no overnight camping), water sandals are all that is needed. About the only reason to get a water shoe would be if you plan on doing extensive hiking. Simple Wade Fishing - Many people wade fish with sandals, at least in warmer water and where water flows are very slow.

How many shoes should I take on a cruise?

Most people scale things back to four to six pairs of footwear for seven to 14-night cruises. Some can get away with only three pairs if packing light. However, more options will give you flexibility and allow you to pair different styles with your outfits.

Can I wear water shoes in Disney?

Unlike flip flops, you can wear your water shoes on the slides and other attractions. You'll also be happy you're wearing your water shoes when it's time for a trip to the bathroom. Bare feet and public restrooms DO NOT mix!

What are the best shoes for Disney water parks?

Crocs. When it comes to great water shoes for the pool or the water parks, Crocs makes some of the best shoes for kids and adults. Flip-flops can be hard for little feet, and when my kids wore Crocs, they rarely complained. So we never went to Disney World or any theme park or beach vacation without our beloved Crocs.

Do I need shoes for water walking?

Walking in wet areas may involve contact with slippery surfaces, rocks, or even really sandy beaches. This means that you might have to choose a water shoe with a good grip and strong traction. A water shoe with a good grip may serve you well, especially when hiking.

Can I use Crocs as water shoes?

Crocs are the perfect water shoe due to their water resistant and easy to clean material. They are also buoyant and light, so they won't weigh you down in the water. The ventilation ports also add breathability that makes moving through water easy and drying them off quick.

Do you need water shoes for snorkeling?

Just a quick reminder: If you wear snorkel fins, you're already protecting your feet, which is great! Water shoes are probably not a necessity for you at this point, even though some fins support these shoes.

Are the life vests free on Castaway Cay?

Whenever my family of adventurers visits the island, we never want to leave! My favorite activity is spending time on the beach with my son. When his face lights up as the warm waves roll over his legs, I can't help but smile, too! I'm thrilled to share that complimentary life vests are available on Castaway Cay!

Do you need cash on Castaway Cay?

In fact, as you are leaving the ship, the first building on your right will be the post office, where you can purchase and mail yourself a postcard complete with a post stamp from Castaway Cay- the post office is the only place on the island that will accept (and requires) cash. Once past Olaf's, you're on the beach!

What happens when it rains at Castaway Cay?

At Castaway Cay, there are plenty of covered areas if a rain shower pops up, so don't worry about that. Quite often the showers are quick and passing, and before you know it, you'll be back out in the sun on the beach. If it gets really rainy, the ship is right there!

Do I need bug spray in Bahamas?

Several mosquito-borne illnesses are prevalent in the Bahamas, including Zika, dengue fever and chikungunya, so avoid getting bitten. Choose clothing with that covers your arms and legs and neck well, and always use a reliable insect repellent.

How strict is Bahamas Customs?


All valid receipts for declared items are required. All visitors to the Bahamas are entitled to an exemption of $100.00 on any dutiable article being brought into the Bahamas. Any value in excess of this, the necessary custom duties and taxes will be applicable.

Do I need to carry my passport in the Bahamas?

U.S. citizens are generally required to present a valid U.S. passport when traveling to The Bahamas, as well as proof of anticipated departure from The Bahamas. Those traveling to The Bahamas on a cruise may use another Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant document.

Do you wear shoes on water slides?

You can wear water shoes or sandals to walk around the park, but for your safety you will be asked to hold them when you go on the attractions. Water shoes or sandals can catch on the slide on your way down, causing possible injury.

Do you wear socks inside water shoes?

A: Yes, you can wear these with or without socks.


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