Can 18 year olds drink at Castaway Cay? (2024)

Can 18 year olds drink at Castaway Cay?

The drinking age aboard Disney Cruise Line ships and Disney Castaway Cay is 21, with a valid photo I.D. There are some exceptions to this, depending on where the cruise originates and/or ends, and subject to parental/guardian consent.

Can you drink at 18 on a Disney cruise to the Bahamas?

Alcohol. The drinking age when onboard a Disney® ship is 21 years of age, except, when sailing from European countries or where the drinking age is under 21 years of age. Disney Cruise Line® does not prohibit guests from bringing alcohol on board.

Can you drink at 18 in Bahamas?

Drinking Laws -- Alcohol is sold in liquor stores and various convenience stores; it's readily available at all hours, though not for sale on Sundays. The legal drinking age in The Bahamas is 18.

Can an 18 year old drink on a cruise ship?

Drinking Alcoholic Beverages / Tobacco Products

Guests must be 21 years of age or older to be served alcohol on board. Proper I.D with birth date is required. In keeping with U.S. federal law, the age for the sale of tobacco products is 21. This policy is for U.S.-based itineraries/ships only.

Can you drink at 18 on Carnival cruise to Bahamas?

The legal drinking age in the Bahamas is 18, so provided guests are disembarking the ship and drinking at a private establishment, they are allowed to drink at 18 whilst on a cruise. Cruise line-owned destinations will apply the same drinking age as they would for drinks on the ship.

Can I drink at Castaway Cay?

Adult Beverages on Castaway Cay

Looking for a drink? There are bars almost anywhere you may be on the island. Close to Cookie's BBQ is the Conched Out Bar. Overlooking Pelican's Plunge is the Heads Up Bar on a pier with a great view of the beach and ship.

What do 18 year olds do on a Disney cruise?

Guests ages 18 and older have a number of adults-only activities and venues to choose from, including, state-of-the-art fitness centers, stylish nightclubs and lounges, indulgent spa and salon services, the secluded Quiet Cove Pool and elegant dining at Palo and, aboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, at Remy ...

Which cruises allow 18 year olds to drink?

A few lines (including Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Princess and Norwegian) allow 18- to 20-year-olds to drink alcohol in international waters if their parent or adult guardian signs a waiver form.

What happens if you get caught drinking underage on a cruise?

If you break ship rules by drinking underage you can expect a stern verbal and written warning to you and your parents upon your first offense. If you do it again, your entire party (you, your parents and any other siblings) will be put off the ship at the next stop.

Can you drink at 18 on Royal Caribbean?


The minimum age to consume alcohol on Royal Caribbean ships on sailings originating in North America or the Caribbean is twenty-one (21). The minimum age to consume alcohol on Royal Caribbean ships on sailings originating in South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand is eighteen (18).

What is the drinking age in CocoCay?

Drinking age in CocoCay (Royal Caribbean's private island) is 21. If you turn 21 during the trip, you may order bar beverages after verifying your age, on your birthday, at the Guest Services desk with your identification.

Can you drink at 18 in Mexico?

The minimum legal drinking age in Mexico is 18 years old. Mexico requires that young adults show photo identification, either a passport or driver's license, as proof of age when buying alcohol.

Do they ID on cruise ships?

Everyone will need to present an accepted form of identification to board the ship. We strongly recommend that all guests present a passport as their form of ID on boarding day. U.S Citizens Technically, yes – U.S. citizens can present a state-cert... What identification does a child need to cruise?

What is the legal drinking age on a cruise to the Bahamas?

Effective immediatly on all sailings, the minimum drinking age for all alcoholic beverages on all Royal Caribbean International is as follows. The minimum age to consume alcohol on Royal Caribbean International ships on sailings originating from North America or the Caribbean is twenty-one (21).

Can an 18 year old go on a Carnival cruise alone?

Guests are required to be 21 years of age (on embarkation day) to travel on their own. Guest ages will be verified at embarkation. Guests not conforming to this policy will result in denied boarding and no compensation will be provided at embarkation.

What is the drinking age in Turks and Caicos?

Drinking age is 18 and bartenders will check passports of those close in age. We have also created social communities on Facebook where past guests share their pictures and experiences on our resorts. You will find the group for this resort under the name of "Beaches Turks and Caicos Fans Official".

Can you smoke on Castaway Cay?

It is important to know that you cannot smoke in your stateroom or on your verandah. Smoking is also permitted in outdoor areas on Castaway Cay. If you smoke in common areas on the island, be considerate of those around you and place all litter in the appropriate receptacles, not on the ground.

How strict is Disney cruise with alcohol?

Disney Cruise Line Guests 21 years and older may bring a maximum of 2 bottles of unopened wine or champagne (no larger than 750 ml) or 6 beers (no larger than 12 ounces) on board at the beginning of the voyage and at each port of call. These beverages must be packed in carry-on (not checked) bags or luggage.

Can you buy beer at Castaway Cay?

Can you buy alcohol in Castaway Cay? Guests can purchase alcoholic drinks at several bars on Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. The island's four beach bars – Conched Out Bar, Heads Up Bar, Sand Bar, and Castaway Air Bar – serve beer, co*cktails, and frozen drinks.

Can you drink under 21 on a Disney cruise?

Q: What age must a Guest be to drink alcoholic beverages on the ship? A: The drinking age on board is 21, and a valid photo I.D. is required.

Can an 18 year old go on a cruise without parents?

This question depends on the cruise line in question. Generally, 18 year olds can cruise alone provided they are traveling with an individual 25 or older. However, each cruise line can have their own policy. For example, Carnival Cruise Line requires a signed parental consent form if the 18 year old is traveling alone.

Can a 13 year old get into vibe on Disney cruise?

There is a teen only area on both the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream called Vibe. This is teen only for those ages 14 to 17, no adults.

Can you drink at 18 on a Norwegian cruise?

The minimum drinking age for all alcoholic beverages on Norwegian Cruise Line ships is 21. Guests who are 18 - 20 years of age can purchase and consume beer or wine when the ship is in international waters (3 miles out of US territorial waters). The age modification does not apply for Alaska and Hawaii sailings.

What can you do on a cruise at 18?

Activities can include music challenges, karaoke, basketball free-throws, dodge ball and ice cream socials. Likewise, Celebrity Cruises realizes young adults want their own fun.

Can a 20 year old drink alcohol on a cruise?

All passengers must be 21 years old to drink alcohol, with the exception of Europe, South America and Australia cruises if parents cruising with their children sign a waiver allowing their 18 to 20 year olds consume alcohol. Passengers must be 18 to gamble in the casino (and 21 on Alaska cruises).


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