Are there umbrellas at Castaway Cay? (2024)

Are there umbrellas at Castaway Cay?

One of the best things at Castaway Cay are the pristine beaches. The expansive sandy shore has plenty of loungers and chairs with umbrellas to provide shade. hammocks scattered about for you to relax in. They are steps away from the restaurants that provide free soft drinks and ice cream.

What happens when it rains at Castaway Cay?

At Castaway Cay, there are plenty of covered areas if a rain shower pops up, so don't worry about that. Quite often the showers are quick and passing, and before you know it, you'll be back out in the sun on the beach. If it gets really rainy, the ship is right there!

Is there shade at Castaway Cay?

Castaway Family Beach has plenty of umbrellas, chairs and hammocks for a perfect day in the warm sun and comfortable shade, plus tube and float rentals for splashtacular fun in the swimming lagoon.

Are there chairs at Castaway Cay?

If you're unable to reserve a private cabana, no worries! Beach chairs and umbrellas are provided to Disney Cruise Line guests free of charge, and are plentiful. You'll see a rainbow of large beach umbrellas dotting the Family Beach when you arrive at Castaway Cay.

Do you need beach towels for Castaway Cay?

While you don't need to pack a towel from home, I do recommend bringing a lightweight bag or beach tote for sunscreen and any towels you may wish to carry for the day. And while packing towels isn't necessary, you may wish to leave some room in your suitcase to bring some home!

Do you need water shoes for Castaway Cay?

just wondered if we might need water shoes for Castaway Cay or is the bottom smooth and sandy? Thanks! Yes, especially the adult area. It is a very rocky bottom that will shred your feet.

How does Disney keep sharks away from Castaway Cay?

One of my favorite things about Castaway Cay is that the island is barricaded with reefs and netted to keep sharks and the larger fish out. The water is crystal clear and it's amazing how far out the shallow water goes.

What if it rains the whole time on cruise?

Don't Think You'll Get Your Money Back

Sorry, but there is no refund on a cruise for rainy days. Even if it pours during your entire trip, if the cruise still happens then you won't be refunded any money. (Trips entirely cancelled due to storms may be entitled to a refund.)

Is the water clear at Castaway Cay?

The picturesque island is home to crystal-clear waters and sparkling white-sand beaches — and only Disney Cruise Line guests can visit. There's plenty to do on the island beyond splashing around three swimmable beaches (including an adults-only beach).

Was Castaway Cay a drug island?

Gorda's airstrip (now Castaway Cay Airport) was once used as a stop in the 1930s for bootleggers and later, drug runners. Gorda Cay had also been used for filming.

What movie was filmed at Castaway Cay?

"Splash" wasn't the only movie filmed here. Part of "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" was filmed on the island too! Two submarine-ride vehicles from the now-closed 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Submarine Voyage ride at Walt Disney World lie underwater in the snorkeling area.

Do you need cash on Castaway Cay?

In fact, as you are leaving the ship, the first building on your right will be the post office, where you can purchase and mail yourself a postcard complete with a post stamp from Castaway Cay- the post office is the only place on the island that will accept (and requires) cash. Once past Olaf's, you're on the beach!

What time is lunch on Castaway Cay?

When You Get Hungry. Food on Castaway Cay is included for no additional charge. There are 3 BBQ buffet restaurants serving up mostly the same menu. Lunchtime runs from 11:30 AM until 2:00 PM.

What is the best side of the cruise ship for Castaway Cay?

The starboard side staterooms have the quintessential view of the full Guest side of Castaway Cay that you may have seen in photos on the Disney Cruise Line website or the image I selected for you at the top of this answer! Check out the map at the bottom of this page for an idea, too.

How do you pay for things on Castaway Cay?

You will use your Key to the World card for any purchases made on the island as cash is not accepted at Castaway Cay. Be certain you don't go back to the ship without stopping by one of the two gift shops on the island where you can find exclusive Castaway Cay merchandise!

How much is snorkel gear on Castaway Cay?

Snorkeling equipment is available for rent from 2 locations on the island. Gil's Fins and Boats and Flippers and Fins. Prices are $34 per adult ages 10 and up and $18 for children ages 5-9.

Can you drink at 18 on Castaway Cay?

The drinking age aboard Disney Cruise Line ships and Disney Castaway Cay is 21, with a valid photo I.D. There are some exceptions to this, depending on where the cruise originates and/or ends, and subject to parental/guardian consent.

Does Castaway Cay have an ATM?

Although Disney Cruise Line operates on a cash-free basis, you will need some cash for tipping porters, room service, Port Adventure tour operators and possibly souvenirs. There are not any ATMs on the ship or Castaway Cay, but Guest Services will be able to cash a check up to $100.00.

What's free at Castaway Cay?

From your ship, you will be able to walk or take a short tram ride to access everything on Castaway Cay. Towels are provided as you leave the ship to take with you to the beach, and beach chairs and umbrellas are already set up on the beaches when you arrive.

How many bags can I bring on a Disney cruise?

Two suitcases per person onboard: no more than 50 lbs (approx. 23 kg). This must be checked luggage. Disney Cruise carry-on luggage: one per guest which cannot exceed 22″ wide, 14″ high and 9″ deep (approx.

Can you meet Disney characters at Castaway Cay?

You'll see Characters around the ship, in stage shows and during kids' activities in our youth clubs. And if one of your ports of call is Castaway Cay, you'll have a chance to meet Disney Characters during an onshore Dance Party.

Why did Disney get rid of swimming with sharks?

Former Shark Reef

Without official statements from Disney Parks, analysts point to its uniquely high operating costs (animals and their care takers, water temperature regulation, water filtration, life guards, et al.)

Can you snorkel on Castaway Cay with your own gear?

You'll be pleased to hear that yes, you may bring your own snorkel gear onboard a Disney cruise ship and then onto the island for your special day at Castaway Cay! Swim fins, snorkels, full face snorkel masks, and swim masks may be brought onboard and are not considered prohibited items.

Can you smoke on Castaway Cay?

It is important to know that you cannot smoke in your stateroom or on your verandah. Smoking is also permitted in outdoor areas on Castaway Cay. If you smoke in common areas on the island, be considerate of those around you and place all litter in the appropriate receptacles, not on the ground.

Are cruises still fun if it rains?

Worried about being bored on the ship? Don't be. Passengers receive daily newsletters with a long list of onboard schedules and rain or shine activities. There are some fun things to do, from bingo to shows to games and don't forget the many food options.


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