Weather claims first victim as person dies in mudslide (2024)

A person has died following a mudslide at Carlton-in-Cleveland, North Yorkshire Police said.

The incident occurred at around 1.15pm today, killing one person. Thankfully, no one else was injured.

A cordon is in place while emergency services manage the situation.

In a statement, North Yorkshire Police said: 'We can confirm that one person has sadly died as a result of the incident. Our thoughts are with their family and friends during this difficult time.

The Met Office has issued amber and yellow weather warnings across the UK throughout today

A pedestriannegotiates a partially flooded footpath amid heavy rain in Northwich today

'We ask the public to avoid the area to allow our teams to work efficiently and to respect the privacy of those affected.

'We are actively gathering information and will provide further updates as soon as we can. We would ask the public to refrain from speculation and spreading unverified information.'

The mudslide is believed to have happened on Carlton Bank on the edge of the North York Moors National Park.

The area was covered by a Met Office yellow weather warning which saw a month's worth of rain fall in 12 hours on Wednesday.

Britons have been rescued from flooded cars and deluged homes as downpours cancelled trains and blocked motorway lanes amid a series of weather warnings.

Meteorologists have warned the 'worst is yet to come' with up to a month's worth of rain already falling in one day - and another month's worth in the next 24 hours.

'But there is a lot of rain still to come in the next 12 to 24 hours, particularly in north Wales and north-west England.

'There could be some flooding in north Wales until midday on Thursday.'

A 24-hour amber warning for rain has been in place across parts of North Wales and north-west England, including Manchester and Liverpool, since midday on Wednesday.

A yellow warning for rain covers the north of England, the Midlands and north and central Wales until 6am on Thursday, while another is also in place for southern and eastern Scotland until 6pm on Thursday.

Much of the south coast is likely to see lightning, with a yellow warning for thunderstorms in place until 7pm on Wednesday.

The Met Office issued a 'danger to life' amber warning for parts of North Wales and North West England, including Liverpool and Manchester, for 24 hours from noon today – saying flooding, power cuts and disruption are likely amid heavy downpours.

Further yellow warnings were also in place across Britain after firefighters rescued six people from flooding around properties in the Essex village of Stapleford Abbots. And in Warwickshire, fire crews rescued one person from a car stuck in flood water.

Rail services in Bedfordshire and the West Midlands were also impacted by heavy rain, some London Underground trains could not stop at Victoria station due to the deluge. Northern also warned of weather-related disruption this afternoon.

Meanwhile drivers were impacted in Greater Manchester, with one lane closed on the M61 motorway between Farnworth and Westhoughton due to flooding.

Also today, a yellow warning for rain is in place for the North of England, the Midlands and North and Mid Wales until 6am tomorrow, with the southern edges of the affected area extended to run roughly from around Norwich to Bath.

Roads in the Romford area of East London become flooded today following heavy rainfall

People shelter under umbrellas in the rain at Newcastle's Quayside by the Tyne Bridge today

A woman uses her coat to shelter from the rain as she walks through Central London today

Heavy rain hits Cambridge this afternoon as much of the UK experiences downpours

A Jet2 aircraft lands in heavy rain at Leeds Bradford Airport in West Yorkshire this morning

A dog goes for a very wet walk in North Shields, North Tyneside, amid heavy rain this morning

Commuters attempt to shelter from the rain at Maze Hill station in South East London today

Roads in the Romford area of East London become flooded today following heavy rainfall

People walk through the rain in Leeds today amid heavy downpours across the UK

A motorist drives though floodwater on the road near Pershore in Worcestershire today

A pedestrian wraps up under a hooded coat at Tynemouth in North Tyneside this morning

Another yellow rain warning comes into place at noon today for Scotland, covering the south and east of the country, which runs until 6pm tomorrow. Some parts of Scotland could see about a month's worth of rainfall in just 12 hours.

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A further yellow warning for thunderstorms has been added along the south coast of England - from Hastings in the east to Dartmouth in the west - until 7pm this evening.

In addition, the Environment Agency issued 50 flood alerts and four warnings in England – mostly across the Midlands and South East.

Tom Morgan, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said that the 'worst is yet to come'.

He said: 'There was a lot of rainfall overnight in the north-west and southern Scotland, as well as in areas such as the Midlands, East Anglia and the Home Counties.

'The wettest area was Drayton Parslow in Buckinghamshire which saw 68.8mm in the last 24 hours. That's almost a month's rainfall in one day. For comparison, most other areas have seen an average of half a month's rain in the same amount of time.

The Met Office has issued an amber warning for rain running for 24 hours from noon today

The Environment Agency issued 50 flood alerts (in amber) and four warnings (in red) today

'But there is a lot of rain still to come in the next 12 to 24 hours, particularly in north Wales and north-west England. There could be some flooding in north Wales until midday on Thursday.'

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Conditions are then expected to improve as the low pressure responsible for the wet weather begins to ease off.

Mr Morgan said: 'The bank holiday weekend will likely see a mix of sunshine and showers, with temperatures expected to be back up to the low 20s.'

Rail services in parts of the West Midlands were impacted by heavy rain which flooded the line between Birmingham International and Coventry stations.

This saw trains run at a reduced speed – with services on Avanti West Coast, CrossCountry, London Northwestern and West Midlands Railway all affected.

Further south, Thameslink said heavy rain flooding the railway and a shortage of train crew between Bedford and Bletchley meant trains were being cancelled.

Vehicles negotiate a flooded road amid heavy rain in Northwich, Greater Manchester, today

Heavy rain hits Cambridge this afternoon as much of the UK experiences downpours

The Mersey Ferry Snowdrop on the River Mersey amid the severe weather today

People walk through the rain in Leeds today amid heavy downpours across the UK

Members of the public shelter under umbrellas at the Chelsea Flower Show in London today

A couple shelter under an umbrella during a walk along the coast at Tynemouth this morning

A woman uses a book to shelter from the rain as she walks through Central London today

Northern said stormy weather would affect routes between 4pm today until 12pm tomorrow and could lead to services being cancelled or delayed.

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Trains will face 50mph speed restrictions between York and Hebden Bridge; York to Leeds via Micklefield; Leeds and Todmorden; and Mirfield and Todmorden. And some services between Hull and Halifax will start or terminate at Bradford.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkill said: 'Some areas are really going to see a lot of heavy, persistent rain through a big chunk of Wednesday. It is going to be a pretty wet picture as we go through the rest of the week for many places.

'There is some uncertainty as to exactly where we are going to see the heaviest rain and where is most likely to be impacted.'

The forecast says heavy and, in places, prolonged rainfall is expected from an area of low pressure arriving from the east, which has brought downpours to parts of central Europe.

Vehicles negotiate a flooded road amid heavy rain in Northwich, Greater Manchester, today

A pedestrian shelters under an umbrella amid rain today in North Shields, North Tyneside

Heavy rain hits Cambridge this afternoon as much of the UK experiences downpours

An Aer Lingus aircraft has a bumpy landing in the heavy rain today at Leeds Bradford Airport

A woman shelters from rain beneath a newspaper as she walks through Central London today

A cyclist uses an umbrella to cross London Bridge amid torrential downpours this morning

People walk through the rain in Leeds today amid heavy downpours across the UK

A Jet2 aircraft takes off in the rain this morning at Leeds Bradford Airport in West Yorkshire

A woman uses a book to shelter from the rain as she walks through Central London today

A wet morning in South East London today as commuters wait for trains at Maze Hill station

Many places could see 30mm (1.2in) to 40mm (1.6in) of rain, while a few areas may receive 60mm (2.4in) to 80mm (3.1in) as heavy rain moves northwards throughout Wednesday. The Met Office said there is a small chance a few upland areas could see up to 150mm (5.9in).

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In addition to the thunderstorm warning, which also includes scattered showers and the threat of spray on the roads and sudden flooding, the south of England could see heavy, thundery showers which could bring 30mm (1.2in) to 40mm (1.6in) within three hours.

A Met Office spokeswoman said: 'The precise track of the low pressure which would determine where the rainfall comes is still uncertain and is something we are keeping an eye on.

'We would encourage people to keep an eye on the forecast over the next couple of days to see how that evolves.'

Chief meteorologist Andy Page said areas exposed to the strengthening northerly winds are most likely to see the highest rainfall.

Northern areas are expected to remain cloudy and wet on Thursday but drier further south with brighter conditions becoming more widespread by the end of the week.

Bank Holiday Monday is expected to be dry and fine for much of the country, feeling warm in the sunshine, although there remains the threat of showers ahead of more settled conditions.

Weather claims first victim as person dies in mudslide (2024)


What to do in the event of a mudslide? ›

Roads may become blocked or closed due to collapsed pavement or debris. If you see a landslide or mudslide starting, quickly move away from the path of the slide. Getting out of the path of a mudslide is your best protection. Move to the nearest high ground in a direction away from the path.

Are landslide and mudslide the same thing? ›

Landslides, mudslides and mudflow are considered different perils and require different insurance—separate from a homeowners or business policy. Landslides and mudslides are primarily earth movement, while a mudflow is caused by water picking up soil and turning into mud.

How long after rain do mudslides occur? ›

As a result, mudslides tend to occur during wetter seasons. On the Pacific coast of the United States, such as in California, they usually occur in winter or spring (December - April). They can happen up to an hour after a burst of intense rain stops.

Can floods cause mudslides? ›

Rainfall that would normally be absorbed by the soil will instead quickly run off. Consequently, much less precipitation is required to produce a flash flood, and the potential for mudslides and debris flows increases with the loss of organic material that holds the soil in place.

Where is the safest place to be during a mudslide? ›

After a landslide

Run to the nearest high ground in a direction away from the path. If rocks and other debris are approaching, run for the nearest shelter such as a group of trees or a building.

What is a mudslide short answer? ›

A mudslide is a large amount of mud sliding down a mountain, usually causing damage or destruction.

What are 5 facts about mudslides? ›

Here's everything you should know:
  • They can occur any time during the year.
  • Mudslides usually happen after water saturates the ground on a slope very quickly, such as after a heavy rainfall. ...
  • Wildfires can make mudslides much worse. ...
  • It's difficult to predict when and where a mudslide might occur.
Apr 23, 2020

Is mudslide a man made disaster? ›

Mudslides often occur in areas with steep slopes or at the bottom of slopes or canyons. Mountainous areas that have been altered to build homes and roads are often prone to mudslides. When human actions or natural events, such as wildfires, increase erosion in an area, mudslides can be a natural result.

What is the biggest landslide in history? ›

The largest subaerial (on land) landslide in Earth's recorded history was connected with the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens volcano in Washington state, USA.

How to survive a mudslide? ›

If you remain at home, move to a second story if possible. Staying out of the path of a landslide or debris flow saves lives. Listen for any unusual sounds that might indicate moving debris, such as trees cracking or boulders knocking together.

How bad are mudslides? ›

Because mudslides travel much faster than landslides, they can cause deaths, injuries and significant property damage. Wherever you live, work, or play, take the following actions to help reduce your risk of death, injury and property losses from landslides, mudslides and other types of ground failure.

Do humans cause mudslides? ›

They are commonly a result of building roads and structures without adequate grading of slopes, poorly planned alteration of drainage patterns, and disturbing old landslides. Detailed on-site investigation is required to determine the importance of human factors in causing any particular landslide.

How far can mudslides go? ›

Mudflows may be very small or very large; flowing rapidly down slopes or through channels, and can strike with little or no warning. A mudflow can travel several miles from its source, growing in size as it picks up trees, vehicles, and other materials along the way.

What triggers mudslides? ›

Water can trigger landslides and mudslides because it alters the pressure within the slope, which leads to slope instability. Consequently, the heavy water-laden slope materials (soil, rock, etc.) will succumb to the forces of gravity. Excessive water is thought to be one of the most common triggers for landslides.

What to do if caught in a mudslide? ›

If in the Vicinity of a Landslide, Immediately Evacuate

Even a slow moving landslide has an incredible amount of force behind it, moving boulders, trees, and buildings. If you are caught in a landslide and escape is not possible, curl into a tight ball and protect your head with your hands.

How to be safe in a mudslide? ›

Go higher. If you are unable to evacuate, move to an upper level of your home and stay alert while you listen to a NOAA weather radio or watch television for weather updates. Watch for flowing water. If you are in your vehicle, stay alert and watch for flowing water, which can be a precursor to a landslide.

How to save yourself in a mudslide? ›

During an event
  1. Move away from the threat — don't approach an active landslide.
  2. Escape vertically by moving upstairs or even on countertops to avoid being swept away.
  3. Identify and relocate to interior, ideally unfurnished, areas of a building that offer more protection.
  4. Open downhill doors and windows to let debris escape.
Oct 22, 2020


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