TV Schedule for CBS (KLAS) Las Vegas, NV (2024)

Saturday, May 25th TV listings for CBS (KLAS) Las Vegas, NV
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Paid Programming

Paid programming.

Cars.TV Super Motocross New

Motocross racers Aaron Plessinger, Justin Barcia and Haiden Deegan.

The American Athlete

Supercross racer Haiden Deegan; surfer Andrew Alexander King; water polo player Ryder Dodd.

Tails of Valor Work Like a Dog

A Labrador helps a woman; a service dog does more than its handler could ever ask for.

Recipe Rehab Vikki's Q & A

Chef Vikki answers questions and reveals tips, tricks and her go-to 10-minute meal.

CBS Saturday Morning New

Hosts Jeff Glor, Dana Jacobson and Michelle Miller provide original reporting, breaking news, and profiles of leading figures in culture and the arts from the Times Square studio on the Saturday edition of the CBS morning news family.

Lucky Dog Luna Reunion New

A sweet German shepherd's journey from the streets of Los Angeles to a home with a loving couple; a surprise reunion.

The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation Shipping Container Farms New

A family creating pet wheelchairs; growing produce in shipping containers; running at night with the brightest shoes; the historic testing of soybeans.

Mission Unstoppable Fitness, Fashion and Finding a Cure New

A sports physical therapist demonstrates how exercise can help heal injuries; Alice Ball's contributions to medicine; the science behind twinkling stars; a molecular biologist creates clothing.

Hope in the Wild Farm Festivities New

At the annual open house, Hope and Dr. Barry will do just about anything to help injured and orphaned wildlife.

Ocean Mysteries With Jeff Corwin The Secrets of Venom

Some of the most venomous sea snakes in the ocean live off the northeastern tip of Australia; saving deadly snakes in Tasmania.

Xploration Outer Space New

Looking back at the many missions that have been sent to Mars; what's been discovered along the way.

WNBA Basketball New York Liberty vs. Minnesota Lynx

From the Target Center in Minneapolis.

PGA Tour Golf

From Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas.

Teen Kids News New

Modern pressures facing teens; "Money Smarts 101."

MyDestination.TV Great Getaways: The Cotswolds

An invitation to look at the most exclusive vacation retreats around the world, including luxury hotels, hideaways and the best in spa escapes.

Renewal by Andersen

Lower Your Energy Bills with New, Affordable Replacement Windows.

Teen Kids News New

Teenage reporters relay relative information for younger audiences.

8 News Now Live at 5PM New

Early evening news.

CBS Weekend News New

The latest world and national news.

8 News Now Live at 6PM New

Early evening news.

Countdown to Indy

Countdown to the Indianapolis 500; exploring the history, culture and fashion surrounding the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and race day.


The Emmy-winning quiz show features a unique answer-and-question format.

Wheel of Fortune Veterans Week

In a classic game-show version of "Hangman," contestants solve word puzzles for cash and prizes.

The Equalizer All Bets Are Off

After Dante's old training partner is taken hostage while working undercover in an illegal casino, McCall hires J.J., a former gambling addict, to assist with the mission; Dee learns that some students have been bullying her on a social media page.

48 Hours The Circleville Letters

For nearly two decades, an anonymous letter writer terrorizes the small town of Circleville, Ohio, by sending threatening letters that expose alleged secrets about neighbors and friends.

48 Hours The Fenn Treasure

Exploring the passion that drove people to join the search for a treasure hidden in the Rocky Mountains by eccentric millionaire Forrest Fenn in 2010.

8 News Now Live at 11PM New

Local, national and international news.

Politics Now Las Vegas

Game Time With Boomer Esiason Corbin Carroll New

MLB All-Star and NL Rookie of the Year.

S.W.A.T. Armory

As the team works to de-escalate a hostage situation, the mission takes a dangerous turn, which impacts the team; Street tires of his complicated romantic entanglements and agrees to let Chris make over his online dating profile.

Fast: Home Rescue Lala's Land

Tre and Cierra Boston rebuild Mercedes Lala Cruz's house in Fort Myers, Fla., after it was damaged by Hurricane Ian; they transform the property into Lala's Land for her family.

8 News Now Overnight New

Late-night news coverage.

TV Schedule for CBS (KLAS) Las Vegas, NV (2024)


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