The Ultimate Guide: 25 Essential Apps for Every Tech Enthusiast (2024)

The Ultimate Guide: 25 Essential Apps for Every Tech Enthusiast (1)

There are certain essential apps for every tech enthusiast that you just couldn’t do without – but there are a lot more that you’ve probably never heard of or considered.

Apps are essential to most areas of our lives today, from governmental verification to ordering takeaways. And while some people see them as a necessary evil, there are those who love mobile tech – not just for its added value but for the concepts themselves.

Tech enthusiasts make up a large, varied market. Many people are passionate about technology and use dozens of apps every day for different purposes. This guide is for them and for individuals who could benefit from a little inside knowledge – we’ve worked hard to put together a list of 25 essential apps for every tech enthusiast.

These apps can increase your productivity, ensure you stay on top of tech news, give you an opportunity to relax and connect with like-minded people, and add value to your life in other ways. Let’s take a closer look at these apps.

Top Apps for Every Tech Enthusiast

For this list, we tested 25 mobile apps, which fall in the following five categories:

  • Productivity
  • News
  • Gaming & Relaxing
  • Social & Community
  • Utilities & Security

You can find out what we thought of them in our reviews below.


These apps will help you work smarter and get more done for your career and in your personal life, whether you need to manage tasks, send video messages, or get advice on coding.


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Source: Statista

The Notion app is one of the most popular productivity tools out there for founders and tech experts. Created by Notion Labs, Inc., the app is available on iOS and Android platforms on a freemium basis, as well as on desktop. In 2022, Notion was the most visited startup website.

Known as an all-in-one workspace, Notion is a collaboration and note-taking platform with project management features that allows you to keep all your work in one place. It can also help you organize your personal life and stay on top of everything.

If you’re a founder, Notion can help you keep track of all stages of your app development and launch, from the first line of code to the Product Hunt posting. You can also use Notion to create templates to later be sold on Gumtree – something that’s becoming popular with tech influencers.


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Trello is a project management app. Owned by Atlassian, the app is popular among project managers in tech companies and is also commonly used for freelancer-client relationships in the tech industry.

Unlike Notion, which is equally suitable for business and personal planning, Trello is more popular in the workplace than for personal projects.

The product is available as a freemium service, and users can make use of its iOS and Android apps, and it can also be accessed from a browser. If you have a project with stakeholders and several stages, you can use Trello so everyone can see the progress via the platform’s intuitive drag-and-drop task interface.

And with due date and assignment features, you can focus on development rather than resolving misunderstandings about each party’s responsibilities and deadlines.


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Source: Todoist Press Kit

Among dozens of to-do list apps, we like Todoist the most for tech lovers. It’s a platform-agnostic app with a very intuitive interface. Created by Doist Inc., the application is available for free, and there’s also a paid version.

AI lovers will be excited by Todoist’s built-in NLP capabilities. They make it seamless to add tasks and sort them into categories.

For example, if you’re balancing your day job with several side hustles, Todoist can help you keep track of what needs to be done for each of them without leaving loose ends. If you use Zapier in your work, you can use Zap with Todoist, which will automatically create tasks based on data from other apps.


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Source: Loom press kit

In a world where video is king, the Loom app is a must for productivity. It was developed by Loom, Inc., and its main function is screen recording for video communication. It’s a hugely popular tool for workplace engagement, but solo creators and developers also love it. Loom is available on iOS and Android.

Whether you’re making software tutorials for your YouTube channel, showing new hires how to use your company’s in-house system, or looking for a tool to reduce unnecessary meetings, Loom is invaluable.

With the first 25 videos being free, you can invite your entire team to extend your allowance. You can share the videos with your team in the cloud, edit them, and receive real-time comments and reactions.

Stack for Stack Overflow

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Source: Google Play

Many programmers use Stack Overflow to get answers to their burning questions. But the website itself doesn’t have a mobile app – which is where Stack for Stack Overflow comes in.

Stack for Stack Overflow is only available on Android devices. Tech fans can use it to search for info on Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange websites.

Developed by Tyler Wong, it allows users to ask questions, access information on the go, and bookmark questions to be read and answered later. Stack for Stack Overflow is a free app, but it allows in-app purchases.


Our selection of news apps includes invaluable tools for following the news and keeping up to date with breaking coverage across the web.


The Feedly app is branded as the “Smart News Reader,” making it perfect for tech enthusiasts to stay on top of their favorite topics in a smart way without overwhelming themselves.

Developed by DevHD – now Feedly, Inc. – the Feedly iOS and Android app offers summaries of content rather than full-length articles, which makes it ideal if you’re a techie on the go who’s looking for a conversation starter or a quick news snippet.

Whether you’re after the latest TechReport statistics, Elon Musk’s latest X updates, or want to stay abreast of the niche news in your industry, you can save time and energy with Feedly, which keeps all these updates – and more – in one place.

You can tailor your feed to your liking and include articles, YouTube subscriptions, X feeds, podcast alerts, and other content to stay on top of it all.

Google News

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Source: Google News

Google News is Google’s news aggregator service. It’s available on Android for free with ads, although Apple does have an equivalent called Apple News.

Unlike Feedly, Google News pulls together news articles from across the internet. However, it’s not without personalization features. The For You” and “Followingtabs can help you tailor content to your interests and preferences.

For instance, if you want to follow the news on app development, you can add the topic to your feed, and if you want multiple points of view on a specific tech issue, Google News’ Full Coverage feature will present that for you.

Appy Geek

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Source: Google Play

Unlike other news aggregators on the list, the Appy Geek news reader is specifically tailored towards a tech-minded audience and only aggregates tech news and updates. The aggregator, developed by Symphony Ltd, is available for free on Android.

Privacy-conscious techies will appreciate that Appy Geek doesn’t require you to create an account to use the service. Whether you’re interested in the latest gadgets, EVs, crypto, software, video games, or other tech topics, Appy Geek has something for every tech lover.

Its interface allows you to read, skim, save, and share content, and users can personalize what they want to read about. So, if you’re looking for a tech-specific news reader to stay on top of your favorite subjects, Appy Geek is a great contender.


With the Flipboard social magazine app, tech enthusiasts can get access to the latest stories and updates from large publishers as well as independent creators. Indie creators can use Flipboard to share their content, which other users can then access.

Flipboard allows you to create your own magazineof stories you like and share them with your community. This way, it serves as a source of info, a springboard for your content, and a chance to connect with people with similar interests. The iOS and Android apps are free, but the ad-free versions are charged for.


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Source: Pocket Press Kit

Mozilla’s Pocket allows you to bookmark and save the content you like and add it to your library to read later. Originally a browser extension, Pocket has evolved into free iOS and Android apps.

If you get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tech stories and content out there, Pocket might be the answer. It’s source-agnostic, so all you have to do is pocket the latest TechReport story to enjoy it later on any device.

You can also use Pocket to discover new content in your favorite niches. And if you prefer to give your eyes a rest after a long day of coding, Pocket can read the stories aloud to you using AI.

Gaming & Relaxing

If you need some time to take it easy, these apps are ideal, offering music, games, and a world of relaxation – from Spotify to Steppy Pants.


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Source: Statista

The huge variety of content available on Spotify allows tech enthusiasts to switch off withSleep and Relax ASMR or learn about tech with podcasts like Code Story” and “This Week in Tech.”

There are thousands of podcasts on Spotify that you can tune in to – whether on the go or while coding, to help you get in the zone. There’s a free, ad-supported version and a premium version, and the app is available on iOS and Android.

Tech and music lovers will also love the personalized music recommendations provided by the service. If you’re a fan of gadgets like smart speakers, Smart TV, or PlayStation, you can connect Spotify to those devices to broadcast your favorite content to your entire home.

Picross Luna

This series of whimsical, relaxing games is a must for every techie. Picross Luna, or Luna Story, is a game available for free on Android and iOS. Created by Kwang Yeoul Yoo, based in Japan, the game is a nonogram brain teaser that’s all about finding a hidden picture by coloring in squares according to numbers.

There are three Luna game apps – Luna Story, Luna Story II, and Luna Story 3.There’s also a prologue. Each game conceals a magical story, revealed to the player as they color in.

The beautiful visuals and music will appeal to any techie who loves design and storytelling. The instructions take a while to get used to as the translations aren’t ideal, but that can be a fun “debugging” exercise as well.

Steppy Pants

As a techie, have you ever been told to go outside and take a walk?With Steppy Pants, you can do just that – without leaving the house.

Branded as a walking simulator,Steppy Pants is a freemium iOS and Android game where you have to bypass all the dangers and obstacles of walking outside without actually having to go outside.

These dangers include sidewalk cracks, reckless drivers, and even exploding sidewalks. Arguably, though, the biggest challenge is your character, who most likely has two left feet and isn’t capable of taking a step without stumbling.

Steppy Pants is a hilarious game that allows you to relax and unwind after a long day,whether you’ve spent it inside or outdoors.


The Ultimate Guide: 25 Essential Apps for Every Tech Enthusiast (11)

Source: Statista

Even the most hard-working techies have to unwind sometimes – and luckily, there’s an app that can help them do that. The Calm app is one of the most popular relaxation and meditation apps and is available on iOS and Android. The app is paid, but it offers a 14-day free trial.

If you’ve been coding for eight hours straight, you might struggle to fall asleep. What’s more, constant exposure to screens and the 24-hour news cycle can have significant mental health impacts for techies and non-techies alike.

Calm’s comprehensive suite of mental health tools addresses these issues through guided meditations, breathing exercises, sleep stories, calming music and sounds, and a health tracker, to name just a few features. If you make good use of your Calm subscription, your mind won’t be racing all the time, and you’ll be able to better concentrate on your projects.

I Love Hue & I Love Hue 2

Another popular app for winding down is I Love Hue. Described as “a gentle journey to color and perception,” it’s a puzzle game where the player reorders colored tiles into spectrums. The puzzles in the game relate to perception, where the user learns to see the smallest differences between shades of colors.

I Love Hue, and I Love Hue Too were developed by Zut Games and are available for free on iOS and Android. The apps allow techies to lose themselves in a tranquil, colorful world and take a break from their logic-driven lives.

The relaxing music and whimsical perception puzzles, where your eyes can take a break from chaotic lines of code, are what make these games ideal for techies.

Social & Community

Technology can also bring us together, and these apps allow you to connect with enormous online communities, create your own groups, and meet people in real life.


The Ultimate Guide: 25 Essential Apps for Every Tech Enthusiast (12)

Source: Statista

The tech and gaming communities on Discord are very popular. In fact, its most popular server, Midjourney, is dedicated to artificial intelligence. Discord is available for free on desktop, iOS, and Android.

Discord’s chat and VoIP features are what make it an ideal app for creating tech communities and engaging with your fellow tech enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a space to discuss the latest innovations you’re working on or to be part of a local developers’ community, then Discord is an excellent platform.

In addition to that, Discord has a developers’ portal where you can customize your community server to your liking – whether you want to add branding features, custom avatars, or games.

Product Hunt

Although not necessarily a social media app, Product Hunt is an awesome tool for discovering the latest and the most niche tech innovations and connecting with makers and fellow founders.

In short, it’s a community for everyone interested in tech and discovering new products. The application is available on desktop, but if you’re browsing on the go, its iOS and Android apps also offer a great experience.

Many popular tech products, including Loom, which we featured earlier in this guide, were launched on Product Hunt. Tech fans and angel investors use it to browse product launches in various industries and provide feedback for early-stage founders. They can also upvote the products they like to give them more exposure.

If you’re a founder looking for a launch pad for your product or someone who loves innovation, Product Hunt will be perfect for you.


If you’re a tech specialist who’s just moved to a new city or country, you might struggle to find new friends or build a network. That’s where the Meetup app comes in. Available for free on iOS and Android, Meetup allows users to discover local events related to their areas of interest.

Particularly popular with tech communities, Meetup helps you meet people – both online and offline – through events shared on the platform. For example, if you’re an AI developer who just moved to London, you might be interested in an AI Connector Meetup.

The app allows you to select your interests and find local events related to them, whether you want to go to a pub quiz, a webinar, or a pizza party. And if you can’t find an event that suits you, you can always create your own.

Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is a platform where creators can build communities, host virtual events and courses, and run live streams as well as charging for memberships and monetizing their communities. It’s a white-label platform, which means tech founders can create communities and content with their own branding and culture.

It’s a paid app, although it does have a free trial, available on Android and iOS. The key value the tool adds is increasing brand awareness and community engagement. It’s an excellent tool for experts and founders looking to become thought leaders and influencers in their field.


The Ultimate Guide: 25 Essential Apps for Every Tech Enthusiast (13)

Source: Google Play

Like Mighty Networks, Circle is a platform to help creators make the most of their community. It’s a paid service with a free trial, and creators can make use of its iOS and Android apps.

Circle is simpler than Mighty Networks, and it limits your community’s size. However, if you’re operating in a specific tech niche, this can be a good thing.

If you’re a founder with limited community management experience and you’re looking to host a community with a focus on members and content rather than brand, then Circle could be ideal for you.

Utilities & Security

Our final category rounds up some super-useful apps to help you solve problems – keeping your passwords safe and your system secure, locating your lost device, and helping you manage your apps.


The Ultimate Guide: 25 Essential Apps for Every Tech Enthusiast (14)

Source: 1Password press kit

Most tech enthusiasts are aware of the security risks of going online without taking sufficient precautions – but a password manager like 1Password can mitigate the risks.

1Password is a paid service, but you can try it for free on desktop, iOS, and Android, as well as with web browsers. With family/group plans, you can save money – for example, if your working group needs a single place to store developer portal authentication info.

The PW manager can store all your passwords, 2FA (two-factor authentication) codes, and other authentication information for you, holding them behind a secure password known only to you.

Authentication info can be sorted within the app into categories such as finance, identification, developer portal logins, and so on. Once this data is saved, you can use 1Password to auto-fill login info on websites and apps when you need it.

Find My

Apple’s Find My,and Google’s Find My Device asset tracking services are a must for every techie who’s ever lost or misplaced their device. Both services are available for free in their respective app marketplaces.

With these apps activated on your devices, you can immediately track their location if you forget them somewhere or if they’ve been stolen – even if they’re offline.

Both apps allow you to see your phone or tablet on a map – both indoors, such as in shopping malls and outdoors. And with Apple’s Find My, you can also configure the app’s Lost Mode to leave a message on the screen for someone who finds your device.

Authenticator Apps

The Ultimate Guide: 25 Essential Apps for Every Tech Enthusiast (15)

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Today, many cloud-based services, such as developer portals, require 2FA authentication to log in. One popular 2FA method is generating temporary codes via an authenticator app. Given this, having one of these authenticator apps is a must for every developer and tech enthusiast today.

Most authenticator apps are free and available on all app marketplaces. The choice of an authenticator app therefore depends on your preferences and the services you require.

For instance, Microsoft and Google have developed their own authenticator apps for accessing their cloud services. Other popular authenticator apps are 2Stable’s Authenticator App, Team2Swift’s Authenticator App, and Mobile Security Lab’s Authenticator.

Clear Spaces

Do you ever feel like your iPhone screen is cluttered with apps?You’re not the only one. Apps are necessary for pretty much every aspect of modern life – and even more so if you’re a diehard early adopter. To avoid getting overwhelmed and cluttering your screen, install the Clear Spaces app.

Created by Eden Software Limited, the app is available on iOS for $2.99. With it, you get a range of widget customization options for your iPhone screen, allowing you to group apps together and space them out. You can also customize different sections of your wallpaper to be displayed on specific widgets.

For more tips on how to get the most out of Clear Spaces, check out their Reddit page.


The Ultimate Guide: 25 Essential Apps for Every Tech Enthusiast (16)

Source: Ookla Press Kit

Many tech enthusiasts use VPN services for safe and secure browsing. However, VPNs can slow down your internet speed. To make sure you’re choosing a VPN that doesn’t impact your user experience, download a speed test app– such as Speedtest by Ookla.

The free iOS and Android Speedtest by Ookla app allows you to test your ping, download speed, and upload speed with one click. You can view the results of all tests in the app to compare and choose the VPN provider that gives you the best speed and the lowest ping.

The latter figure is particularly important if you’re a gamer – the lower the ping, the better your latency while playing online games like Fortnite or GTA.


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The Ultimate Guide: 25 Essential Apps for Every Tech Enthusiast (2024)


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Answer: TikTok has been the most downloaded app, and it is indeed the most used app so far, closely followed by Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Q #3) How many users are on TikTok? Answer: TikTok has over 1 billion active users worldwide.


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