Jay Slater TikToker leaks texts from teen’s mum in row over GoFundMe cash (2024)

A TIKTOK star who travelled out to Tenerife to look for Jay Slater has leaked private texts with the teen's distraught mum.

Jay's family hit back at Callum Fahim on Thursday after he claimed to have quit the search after saying he's "never had any money" from the GoFundMe - leading to a row between them.





Callum voluntarily travelled toTenerife to help cops in the hunt but after returning home on Thursday he has been called out by Debbie Duncan for some of his comments.

The social media star has now posted screenshots from a conversation with Debbie from this week.

In the Facebook messages, Callum reveals he has been asked by several people to comment on the back and forth between the Slater family and himself.

Debbie replies in one of the private messages saying: "I told you not to speak to anyone as it has obviously backfired on you."

Callum flew over to the island after contacting Debbie, online, as reported bySky News.

But after helping out with the search for several days, he decided to return home yesterday.

He's a hiker. We don't need hikers, we need experts.

Debbie Duncan speaking on Callum Fahim

He said he left because he didn't receive any of the money from a GoFundMe for Jay which has now hit nearly £50,000.

Debbie previously said in a statement regarding the cash that it would be spent to fly over and look after people helping in the hunt for her son.

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Once Callum spoke about the supposed lack of cash he'd been given, Jay's family accused him of coming "over of his own accord" for a "free holiday".

As Debbie came out and said: "He's a hiker. We don't need hikers, we need experts."

Brit tourist who Jay Slater was with in Airbnb says he 'left alive''

They went on to say they gave him £740 of their own money for his accommodation - something he has since said was true.

In Callum's follow-up statement he confirmed that he wasn't given money for "essentials" which led to his comments.

Other people who helped out have voiced similar things in recent days.

The TikToker says he leaked the texts to prove Debbie hasn't spoken out against him after reports claimed she labelled him as "bitter".

Callum has since refuted this point saying Debbie never described him in that way after the two cleared the air online.

His post ended with him addressing the hate he has received since speaking on the GoFundMe - revealing he's been slammed with death threats from the public.

He said: "I'm an innocent individual who brought up the fact that part of the go fund me statement wasn't true and now have received hate for it."

The TikToker went on to speak about how the search has been overshadowed in his mind by the coverage of the situation.

Callum described the constant speculation around what has happened to Jay and who is responsible for it as a huge factor in why issues are continuing to come up in the case.

He wrote online: "The Jay Slater case has got well and truly out of hand."

As another message from the social media personality reads "it needs to stop".

The hunt for Jay

The mammoth search efforts ended after 14 days of looking for the 19-year-old last weekend.

The young Britvanished after a night outat the NRG festival at Papagayo nightclub in Playa de las Americas on June 17.

Spanish authorities say"there is no current evidence of criminality" in the case, with his family saying they will not give up hope of finding him.

Meanwhile, aprivate investigator revealed Jay "stole a Rolex"before he vanished.

Five questions still unanswered in Jay Slater's disappearance

ByJames Halpin

Missing Rolex after 'scuffle'

Police launched a new probe on Saturday morning over thetheft of a Rolex watch just hours before Jay disappeared.

It is unclear exactly how Jay's disappearance might be linked but one of Jay's pals told detectives the alleged theft may have led to Jay wandering off on his own to try and find the watch.

The Rolex disappeared when a fight broke out at the club Jay was partying at with investigators questioning taxi drivers and bar staff present on the strip.

It has now been said that Jay himself may have stolen the watch.

Police clear duo

Two mystery Brits who partied withJay Slateron the night of his disappearance were labelled "not relevant" by investigators.

InvestigatorMark Williams-Thomassaid the men stayed with Jay at anAirbnb cottageinTenerifebefore he vanished.

They are said to both be in their late 30s or early 40s and from Luton, Bedfordshire, with one going bythe nickname "Johnny Vegas".

The men were only briefly asked to speak with cops before being allowed to fly home to the UK.

Just six volunteers for 'massive' search

Yesterday, Tenerife cops launched what they called a "massive" new search with the help of specialist volunteers to find the19-year-old Brit.

However, just six volunteers reportedly turned up, claimed Tiktoker Paul Arnott, 29, who flew in to help with the search.

Jay's father Warren and older brother Zak were seen at the search site.

The area being searched is a 2000ft ravine that has a steep hiking trail traversing it down to the sea.

Mystery final phone calls

Jay's last phone call to his pal Lucy Law has been shrouded in mystery with it springing up several questions.

The 18-year-old woman told reporters Jay had called her in a panic at around 8.30am on Monday June 17.

She recalled him saying he wasn’t able to catch a bus and was going to start walking back to his flat.

Jay told her his phone was almost out of power, that he had cut his leg on a prickly cactus and he badly needed a drink.

Pinging phone

Search teams narrowed their efforts to a small group of buildings close to where Jay’s phone last pinged, but found nothing last week.

Jay took a 45 minutes car journey with two men to an Airbnb near Masco in the Rural de Teno, a national park in the island’s north.

He posted a Snapchat picture at the £40-a-night digs at around 7.30am appearing to show him holding a cigarette and walking down some stone steps.

After deciding to leave the cottage, Jay rang Lucy before his mobile went dead at 8.50am near a hiking trail in the park.

And, thefirst picture of the manwho rented the Airbnb where he spent his last night was revealed.

Jay was last seentravelling with the two mystery menin the north of the island in the Rural de Teno park.

The morning after, he made a finalfrantic phone call to pal Lucyto tell her he was stranded in the "middle of nowhere".

Panicked Jay, facing an 11-hour walk back to their hotel, told her he needed water and only had one per cent of battery left on his phone.

His other friendBrad Hargreavesrevealed a second callin which Jaytold him he had veered off the main path- leading to speculation he may have slid down rocks.

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Jay Slater TikToker leaks texts from teen’s mum in row over GoFundMe cash (10)
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Earlier today, Lucy shared a new picture of the missing teen.

Spanish cops have told Jay's family they can bring in their own search teams to find the missing teenager.




Jay Slater TikToker leaks texts from teen’s mum in row over GoFundMe cash (2024)


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