Celibacy in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism (2024)

Celibacy and Religious Traditions

Carl Olson (ed.)



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Celibacy and Religious Traditions


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John Powers

John Powers

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  • Published:

    November 2007


Powers, John, ' Celibacy in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism', in Carl Olson (ed.), Celibacy and Religious Traditions (New York, 2007; online edn, Oxford Academic, 1 Jan. 2008), https://doi.org/10.1093/acprof:oso/9780195306316.003.0011, accessed 7 June 2024.





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The historical Buddha insisted on celibacy for monks and nuns because suffering was caused by ignorant craving and because sexual relations encouraged attachment to the world. Both functioned as obstacles to mental concentration. Monastic rules helped one to comprehend the reason for the essential role of celibacy in the quest for liberation. Buddhist practice became more complex with later developments, such as Tibetan Buddhism, which witnessed some schools insisting on celibacy, while others allowed sexual intercourse within a ritualistic context for advanced practitioners, and other schools approved a married clergy.

Keywords: Buddha, monks, nuns, monastic rules, sexual intercourse, ritual


Religion and Education Comparative Religion Sociology and Anthropology of Religion Religious Issues and Debates

Collection: Oxford Scholarship Online

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Celibacy in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism (2024)


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