Anastasia Kvitko - Biography (2024)

The Instagram Model Anastasia Kvitko Is Known As Russian Kim Kardashian

Anastasia Kvitko is one more example of people finding fame because of social media. Kvitko, after joining Instagram, started getting a massive fan following because of her incredible 38-25-42 measurements.

Kvitko, after realizing that people love her curves, began to turn them into her trademark. She started posting more bikini pictures that showcased her toned body.

Anastasia Kvitko - Biography (1)Anastasia Kvitko is called Russian Kim Kardashian because of her curves. SOURCE: Anastasia Kvitko Instagram(@anastasiya_kvitko)

As Kvitko began to gain significant followers on Instagram by revealing more and more, people started criticizing her that she is following the path of reality star Kim Kardashian.

Critics began to point out that the brunette is also using her assets to be famous just like Kim Kardashian. As this criticism began to spread more, she gained the nickname, Russian Kim Kardashian.

Kvitko, in an interview, revealed that she likes Kim Kardashian, but she doesn't like being compared to her. She stated that the star of "Keeping Up with the Kardashian" is far behind her.

Anastasia Kvitko Earned Perfect Body Measurements Because of Cosmetic Surgery?

Kvitko, from the beginning, has faced criticism that she does heavy photoshop on her Instagram posts. Also, people has speculated that her curves are a result of multiple plastic surgeries.

The 25-year-old, however, has always insisted that she doesn't use Photoshop, and her curves are natural. Furthermore, she claims that she has done only one surgery in her life, which is the removal of her appendix.

Anastasia Kvitko - Biography (2)Anastasia Kvitko is accused of using plastic surgery to gain perfect body measurements. SOURCE: Anastasia Kvitko Instagram(@anastasiya_kvitko)

In addition to that, Kvitko states that her perfect body is the result of a strict diet and exercise regime.

"When I was a child I was into athletics, and now I just try to stay fit and go to the gym four times a week. I don't eat meat and chicken, I avoid fast food and choose a healthy diet."

People are, however, not convinced with the model reasoning. Infact, Russian plastic surgery site has refuted Anastasia's claims that her body is natural. On their website they wrote:

"We doubt the girl's statements that she achieved it only with the help of physical exercises: in the gym you can only improve the muscles, change the shape of your bottom but you can't dramatically increase its size."

Anastasia Kvitko - Biography (3)Anastasia Kvitko before and after surgery pictures. SOURCE: Pinterest

Though it is not clear whether Anastasia is telling the truth, the internet is filled with Kvitko's Before and After plastic surgery pictures. The pictures claim that she has done a nose job and lip augmentation surgeries.

Anastasia Kvitko Who Was Once Spotted with Lewis Hamilton Currently In A Relationship?

Anastasia is not hesitant to showcase her curves to the world, but when it comes to her personal life, she is very secretive. She does not talk about her romantic life on social media and the public. Furthermore, not many link-up rumors float about her in the press.

The only time Kvitko created romantic gossip was when she was spotted out at a restaurant in 2018 with British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. It was reported that the pair exited the restaurant together.

Anastasia Kvitko - Biography (4)Anastasia Kvitko was once spotted with Lewis Hamilton. SOURCE: Eng News 24h

Though neither Kvitko nor Hamilton confirmed the news of their hookup the news is not surprising given Hamilton's history of dating women with eye-popping curves. The Formula One World Champion previously dated Nicole Scherzinger and after the split was rumored to be dating rapper Nicki Minaj.

Past Affairs

Anastasia, before moving to the USA, was believed to be in a relationship with Russian businessman Arseny Sharov. The details of their romance are not known because of Kvitko's private nature.

Meanwhile, asides from wanting to know the man that could be romantically linked to this Russian beauty, her millions of fans and admirers also want to find out about one thing.

Well, Kvitko's followers are curious to learn if the plus-size model has OnlyFans. Does Anastasia have OnlyFans? As of December 2021, Kvitko hasn't mentioned anything about her OnlyFans. Thus, it's safe to say, Kvitko is yet to join the site or has no interest to make a page on OnlyFans.

Anastasia Kvitko Accumulated A Nice Net Worth

Anastasia Kvitko started her modeling career soon after she completed her schooling. However, at first, she struggled to get any modeling assignments as many agencies thought that she was too fat.

The brown-eyed beauty, instead of losing her curves, decided to showcase her assets on Instagram. Soon, she started getting recognition and modeling opportunities, especially from the USA. Thus, she decided to move to the USA, and the rest is history.

Anastasia Kvitko - Biography (5)Anastasia Kvitko earns thousands per promotional Instagram post. SOURCE: Anastasia Kvitko Instagram(@anastasiya_kvitko)

As of March 2020, Kvitko has over ten million followers on her Instagram and earns $21, 428-$35, 713 per promotional Instagram post. She is also regularly partnering with various brands such as fashionnova and Bang Energy.

In addition to that, Anastasia has invested in some business ventures. From her earnings as a model, and business, she is able to accumulate a total networth of $1 million.

Quick Facts: Anastasia Kvitko

  • Anastasia was born and raised in western Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast region.
  • She splits her time between Miami and Los Angeles.
  • She also has a Twitter account@Official_Kvitko, but she has not posted on it since 2017.
  • She has a subreddit and also available in discord.
  • Kvitko boasts a body measurement of 38-25-42

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Anastasia Kvitko - Biography (2024)


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